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    I'm going FULL RETRO!

    Gaming has always been what I considered a private guilty pleasure. I play single-player games. To me, multiplayer means a friend sitting next to me with controller 2 in his/her hand. I pay cash for my games. My name is not tagged to the purchase by a credit card.
    I have yet to buy "just a download" and I don't plan to start. Being that I'm a PC gamer, that pretty much means I already don't play most new PC games, unless I decide to use "alternate methods" to acquire them. And to be honest, I haven't even bothered with that for quite a while now. I just don't care for modern games enough to even pirate them anymore. But the strange thing is, if I see a game I may like "in a box, on a shelf, in a store", I actually feel enticed to buy it and give it a go.

    As best as I can figure, I'm still under the lingering effects of "Gamer's Brainwash 1.0" which was the initial "must buy new game" impulse. Ever since Pong systems were new, I've been an avid gamer, but I never fell into "Gamer's Brainwash 2.0" (which, in part, entails; gamers tolerating buying "just a download" and being personally tagged to the purchase of each game, tolerating half-games and paying extra for the rest of it through DLC, and bla-bla other fees and restrictions and hoops and hurdles and crap and stuff and etc. just to play the freaking game)

    Since I have never bought "just a download" Gamer's Brainwash 2.0 never got a chance to get installed. Sounds reasonable enough to get my point across anyway, I hope. Unfortunately, very few PC games are still sold in stores. Less and less all the time. And even they now FORCE you to login to some internet location before you can play a boxed game, personally tagging you to that game. Geez....

    OK fine! That's fine with me! If they want to alienate gamers like me, I can alienate them too. I really don't care for the way games are marketed these days anyway. How they sell you half a game, then make you buy a bunch of DLC for the FULL game. I don't like how they make you login to some internet location just to play the game, even in single-player mode. (even boxed copies make you do this now) I don't like my gaming habits and stats being collected and/or made public. And I don't like digital distribution. Nope. Sorry. Homie don't play dat!

    One might say that I'm "done" with gaming, but that's not exactly true. I'm done with "new" games and systems. I don't appreciate all the hoops they make you jump through just to play a stinking game these days and I've decided to speak with my wallet. Even if I'm the only one who will do it, I'm standing on my principles as a gamer who has lived the entire history of video games.

    I have a 40 year backlog of games (now emulated, of course) that I can play at any time, and I don't have to login and verify my game to anyone. No one instantly knows I'm playing the game and my "achievements" aren't reported to anyone unless I tell them myself. They are FULL games, not half-games. No hoops, no hurdles. Just games. They way it USED to be. My private guilty pleasure.

    And I'm now old enough to be satisfied with that. I'm actively ignoring the effects of Gamer's Brainwash 1.0. No more NEW games. I'm going FULL RETRO!
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    Casual, hardcore, shovelware and the Brainwashed.

    This thread was inspired by THIS thread. It started out as just a reply, but I felt it became so long (and kinda off-topic enough) that I should make it a blog instead. Actually, many of my blogs have started out as replies to other threads. It's just my writing style, I guess you could say. So anyway, here it goes......

    Ninty has brought the shovelware tsunami upon themselves by catering to the cutesy-game loving crowd and ignoring the "hardcore" gamers for far too long. I'm not sure that Ninty even knows what "hardcore" means anymore. You can site a few games here-and-there which, by today's standards, MIGHT be considered hardcore, but they are of an infinitesimal percent compared to the garbage being spewed forth on Ninty systems, and by no means match the "hardcore" games of MY past, when a walk-through was NOT just a click away and you had to figure shit out for yourself. 3rd-party companies have pounced on Nintendo system owners and have singled them out as suckers who will buy almost anything, as long as it's cutesy, kid-safe, flower-and-bunny, or just re-branded copies of other popular games. The number of DS/DSi's (and Wii's) sold is so high that even the crappiest game has a chance of making money if the boxart is alluring enough and the BS on the back of the box SOUNDS enticing enough. Sad but true. Only by sheer number of releases do we have anything worth playing at all. Previews and reviews have little bearing on the non-net-savvy who never seen those review/previews or the brainwashed fool who liked a game just because it's a certain genre, no matter how many times it's been done before.

    All I know is that I won't even consider getting a 3DS until it is hacked. Shovelware, me-too and cutesy games for the brainwashed masses can be ignored with the prospect of free games, a few of which might actually be good. Region-locking the 3DS was another nail in the coffin. I don't get so angry if I download some game and it turns out to suck....I just delete it and forget about it, but if I have to pay for it to find out it sucks, or if it's good and not in my region, then I get pissed. To be honest, the DS has soured me on ever truly considering another Nintendo system for purchase as an early adopter, they will have to prove themselves first. I site the lack of KEY franchises that are inexplicably missing on the DS as my reasoning: 2D Metroid, F-Zero, Gradius, proper fighting games such as Tekken or Street Fighter...the list goes on. It started out decent enough at first, but ended in disgust. I feel the 3DS will go the same route in the long run.

    While the rampant piracy on the DS/DSi MIGHT have contributed to the lack of decent titles being released on those systems, I'll bet piracy caused a LOT more DS/DSi's to be sold than would have sold if they were never hacked at all. 3rd-party companies know the install base of those systems are in the millions, and quite a high percentage of that install base are little kids who have no (or very little) say in what games they get to play on it. Clueless parents (who know nothing of piracy or good gaming) buy the system and games based on the extreme numbers of systems sold and buy games they THINK would be best for their kids, and the poor kids end up not knowing any better and play the shovelware their parents bought for them. Those kids end up loving the shovelware for lack of knowing about the better games to play they could have played. Case in point; Imagine games actually sell fairly well.

    Even if the kids DON'T like the games their parents bought for them, it's too late, the game is already bought and opened. Ain't it such a great little scam video game companies have set up to not allow returns on open games? Yeah, you buy that game, it sucks, and you're stuck with it, like it or not. Oh sure, you can trade it in....for pennies on the dollar. Yeah, what a deal. Oh, but they still expect you to BUY the next crappy, regurgitated game instead of slurping it up for free on the internet, when possible. My ass! Click, click, mother f-er!

    A system being hacked doesn't increase the amount of shovelware, units sold does. The only thing hacking does is possibly decrease the amount of GOOD games being produced for it, making it LOOK as if shovelware is the result of hacking. Piracy is an excuse used by the industry to continually con people into settling for mediocre games and shovelware so they don't have to try so hard to make good games. If you think otherwise, you are a brainwashed fool.

    Don't be deceived. Don't let the industry brainwash you. Unfortunately, for many people (by the praise I see heaped upon some, in my opinion, really crappy and/or regurgitated games) it is too late for some of you and you have already been brainwashed to the point of no return. But I KNOW there are SOME people out there who know what I mean, who see the same trends I see in the video game world, and especially when it comes to Nintendo, it's not good.

    You know what's REALLY sad? There are people who are going to argue just about everything I said. Many of you won't even read (or retain long enough to properly reply to) everything I wrote either. You'll say you read it all (and maybe you did), but you likely didn't comprehend (or remember) most of it and will pick-and-choose small sections to refute. Those are the people who don't even realize how brainwashed they actually are, which shows you just how successful Ninty (and the industry as a whole) has been at fleecing their sheep and how you've been programmed to argue against that brainwashing.

    No, I won't mention any specific games that you guys seem to love and I think suck. Why? I don't want to incite a flame-fest by arguing with brainwashed suckers who have been programmed to love mediocrity. Arguing with a brainwashed person is like arguing atheism with a religious zealot, which is to say, impossible and pointless. But I will say that there is a very high percentage of brainwashed sheep here at GBAtemp and it saddens me to see just how many such members there are here. I can only hang my head in pity at how many of you have been suckered into believing crap is good and will never see how it REALLY is in today's video-game world.

    I've been gaming for 30+ years. I've lived through the video game crash and experienced the resurgence of video games. I see what is going on now and so very little of it impresses me in the least. Sure, graphics have gotten prettier, but the games are mostly the same stuff I've played years ago.

    Anti-hackers are just one sect of the many brainwashed fools that exist in the video game realm. So many of you have been herded into the corral of mediocrity and you don't even realize what cud the games you play actually are.....been there, done that, bored.....as my sig says.

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    So here's what's going on with me right now....

    Successfully changed the contact pads under the buttons of my black DSlite that I bought when they first launched the black ones in America. Dpad-right and the A button were shot. I was a little worried that since the unit was so old I would damage a ribbon cable or some other internal something by opening it. But after changing the pads, I tested it with DiagnoSe and everything checks out. All seems to have went well and I don't have to use the backup DSlite anymore. I kinda hated that backup DSlite anyway because the top screen is a little dimmer and has a slightly bluish tinge compared to the bottom screen. My primary DSlite has perfect screens and I've missed them for months until I finally got around to fixing it today. So yay for that. Charging up the old DSlite now....and running down the battery in the backup unit for storage until I need it again. The backup unit has served its purpose well and is also still working fine. So now I have two fully working DSlite's again.

    I'm gonna be on GBAtemp a lot less during the weekdays now. I got a new job 7AM to 3PM....not sure what it is I'll be doing exactly, but it's less than 5 miles from home and is pretty much a straight shot from my house to get there. Supposedly, it's going to be something about unpacking boxes and setting parts on a conveyor, but I've worked temp jobs before and many times what they SAY you'll be doing and what you ACTUALLY end up doing are two different things. I'll find out tomorrow I guess. But a job is a job right? Certainly beats the hell out of working at some fast-food grease-pit, that's for sure. $10/hour and 40 hours per week is much better than $7.50/hour and roughly 20 hours per week.....well, you know, except for the time you have to be at work and not browsing around online and generally goofing off. ;)

    Been playing Golden Sun DS lately. It's the first RPG I've been able to get into in a LONG time. I like the summons and stuff, but the game is kinda easy, ain't it? I mean, some of the puzzles take a few minutes to figure out, but so far, not so tough. I'm about 22 hours in.....let's see if I ever manage to finish it.

    Anxiously waiting for luckwii to finish his Super Metroid Bros. hack. That looks like it will be fun. Kinda surprised more people don't seem that interested. Must be because he just keeps on adding stuff to it every time he gets close to finishing it. I know I don't want to start playing the latest beta and then find out he changed something and it will need to be gone through again. I'm gonna wait until he IS actually done with it. But still, it looks like it will be better than the last remnants of official DS releases left to come, from what I can see anyway.

    OK, I've rambled on long enough......gotta crash to be fresh for the new job.
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    So sales are down for Nintendo, are they?

    (I know Ninty reps lurk here, so it's time to rant)

    I see games like the Imagine games, the recent iCarly and various other shovelware (which seem to make up AT LEAST 80% of the DS library) as the reason the 3DS isn't doing so well. Many "true gamers" (that is, the hardcore/mainstream gamer and Ninty fans, not causal gamers) figure the 3DS library will just be full of 3D versions of the same shovelware games we've been getting on the DS/DSi. Sure, there will be SOME good games, but more and more people all the time are realizing the shovelware-to-decent-game ratio will still be outrageously sad on the 3DS. Sad enough to make people think twice before slapping down any cash on another Ninty shovelware-infested system anyway.

    People can get all the casual/shovelware games they can stand for a buck on their cell phones now, they don't need to pay $20-$50 for it anymore. When you make a system that is ONLY for gaming, it has to have EPIC games on it, not $1 cell phone games for $20-$50. Anyone with half-a-brain isn't going to waste money like that.

    I'm sure there are many people with the feeling, "I won't be fooled again" and the 3DS is suffering because of shovelware continuing to get released on a massive scale. Just because we Temper's know the difference between a DS, a DSi and 3DS doesn't mean everyone does. All most people see is shelves full of shovelware-after-kiddie-game-after-remake being made for Ninty systems and it's starting to bite Ninty in the ass, regardless of what Ninty system any particular game is on.

    Now, I'm sure there are some 8-year-old kids who like games like iCarly, Imagine: Baby Diapers or some of the other shovelware tripe that constantly gets released, but the majority of gamers are NOT 8-year-old kids. Certainly, shovelware, remakes, casual games and RPG's can't carry a system alone, as Ninty HAS to be discovering. Just look at their recent sales figures. The smattering of other genres that get released that ARE good games are too far and few between. Ninty needs to even up those ratios if they hope to regain any brand loyalty because they are rapidly losing fans. Oh, the fans are still there, but they are waiting for some GOOD games to be released, not this shovelware tripe and endless remakes we keep seeing released.

    Yes, I know Ninty themselves didn't make iCarly or Imagine: or most of the other shovelware games, but they ARE responsible for what gets approved for release on their systems. They need to rethink their approval methodology for games because it's starting to fail them and recent sales figures are reflecting that, not to mention emerging markets where shovelware/casual games are now $1 on a cell phone. Games like those on a pure gaming system for $20-$50 aren't helping their image, or their sales figures because "true gamers" aren't falling for it anymore.

    Ninty did well to tap into the non-gamer market and make gamers out of people who previously balked at games, like Grandma and Grandpa. But previous non-gamer and casual gamers sucked in by their casual games eventually stop being non-gamers or casual gamers any longer and want more immersive games as their gamer mentality matures. Little kids grow up and start wanting more than shovelware and kiddie games. Nintendo has to grow with the new gamers they've created, not just keep trying to suck more in with the same games that are now just old-hat. After 7 years of collecting the non-gamers, the well has run dry. Time to get back to making REAL games now, mmkay? Casual games aren't really profitable anymore, the cell phone market has taken that over, and they're doing it cheaper too.

    You can spout that "family friendly" mantra until you're blue in the face, but money talks and BS walks. Well Ninty, people are starting to call BS and are walking. Time to grow up and feed the ravenous crowd of new gamers you've created that are no longer non/casual/kiddie gamers, as well as your long-time fans who are starting to feel ignored.

    What'cha gonna do Nintendo?
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    E-books vs. real books.

    I guess I'm just old-fashioned. I prefer to read an actual book than to burn electricity doing the same thing. I'm just not a fan of e-books. I don't like the idea of a battery dictating how long I have to read the book, nor do I want to be tethered to an outlet when that battery starts to die.

    I'll agree that books have gotten expensive, especially compared to e-books, but I don't know, I like having a bookshelf full of books to show what all I've read. It certainly seems more impressive than holding up some i-device and saying, "See my list of books?" You know what I mean?

    Perusing the web for a book to read just isn't the same. It just seems cold and sterile in comparison. I used to like to go into a book store and look around for a new book to read. I could page through a book to see if it looked interesting, easily judge how long a book was by just seeing how thick it is, enjoy that unique smell of all the books in the store. Talk to other book store browsers to get their opinions. Jump from looking at fantasy books to non-fiction with a simple turn of the head. Stuff like that. The mall by my house used to have 2 bookstores; Borders and B. Dalton Bookseller....both are gone now.

    I liked having the book the same day I payed the money for it, as opposed to waiting for an online book shop order to show up in the mail. For me, e-books lack the charm of reading a REAL book, not to mention the fact that I don't need electricity to read a regular book, just a bit of daylight. Also, I tend to like to read while soaking in the tub. Not exactly practical with an e-book.

    At 43, I guess I'm just showing my age, but I like the traditional method of obtaining and reading books. Because of the way bookstores are drying up in my area, I actually read books quite a lot less now than I used to. Now I just putz around on forums, which is, needless to say, not the same thing.

    There are some aspects of the electronic age that are NOT better. Books are just one of those things.
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    We are GBAtemp!

    We were all newbs once. We might poke fun at them sometimes, but we ALL KNOW what it was like to be a newb. Anyone with half-a-brain doesn't stay a newb for long.

    Personally, I have a different definition for a NOOB and a NEWB. I consider them very different types of people. A newb is someone new, but learns quickly......I'd like to think I was a NEWB when I first got here, as well as most of you guys. A NOOB, on the other hand, is someone who seems to be incapable of learning. You have to tell them the same things over and over again. No matter how many times someone tries to explain something to them, they just don't understand, or refuse to learn. That is a NOOB. Sometimes, they are even considered trolls for their lack of comprehension.

    So, a NEWB can grow into a productive member of the community, but a NOOB....well, they end up to be the useless ones who we try to tolerate until they finally go away or get banned.....or they end up making their mark in the EoF.

    Sounds cold, but that's usually how it works out by what I've seen, in MOST cases.

    Then we have the middle ground, the members. The majority, the average, the ones who know how to get what they want but aren't talented enough to create anything significant themselves. They pay attention and learn. They get the things they want through patience and study. They don't know how to program anything, but they know how to follow instructions. They rely on the "elite" to help and guide them. The bona-fide average member.
    You are the bulk of GBAtemp. You are here to talk about the games you love. You are here to learn how to do the things you need to learn about so you can enjoy your games the best you can. You are the heart of this community. The greatest number of people registered here fall into this category.

    Of course, that is not all-encompassing and there are "stars" who are neither NEWBS or NOOBS or just regular members. Similarly, there are members who THINK they are "stars" who ARE NOOBS, and they don't even care (or know) that they are looked upon in that way. But there are also the stars who are humble and don't see themselves for the remarkable people they really are. Stars are members who have made their mark in the community either by dumb-luck, persistence of attitude or one single thing (or minor compilations of things) they did that got popular and made them the stars they are.

    Then there are the truly great ones. These are the people who create great homebrews, crack the ROM dumps so we can play them on our flashcarts, create the cheats we yearn for, give something meaningful to the community that we all can all be proud of. The ones who dump the games we play, the ones who infuse the release lists with new games. All of us are indebted to those few. They are the elite, the golden, the people we all wish we could be, the ones that make life interesting for the rest of us. Every once in a while, us regular members may touch into this group, but we never truly attain the "elite" status that the few achieve on a regular basis.

    Needless to say, we are a very diverse group of people, here at GBAtemp. I have left out many variations, I'm sure. Things change everyday. It's just the evolution of life. I see the changes and I don't like it a lot of times, but that's how it goes with different generations of people in one forum. Every generation tends to hate the stuff that the next generation likes. It's the cycle of life. Change is constant, inevitable, unavoidable and irreversible. Previous generations will just HAVE to deal with it, whether we like it or not. Sometimes, us old farts will rant about the things that annoy us, we just can't help it.

    I consider myself an unwitting star of sorts simply because I initially created the GBAtemp cheat dats and later became a mod. But really, I'm just a regular member who had a few decent ideas and implemented them and it made me gain a fair amount of popularity that I didn't actually want. There are a lot of you guys who have more potential than me, if you would just use the potential you have, you could achieve what I did in humility. I KNOW you guys are out there, I browse these forums everyday and can see it. A little effort goes a long way. many of you show MUCH unused potential.

    Regardless, we are ALL gamers and that should be the main reason we are here, be it NEWB, NOOB, regular member, star or elite or even troll. We welcome the NEWBS, tolerate the NOOBS (as best we can), fraternize with the regulars, love or hate the stars, worship the ELITE and ban the trolls. That's just how it goes. It is life on the internet. The best we can do is try not to be a troll.

    Nobody likes a troll.

    We are GBAtemp! Our voice be heard!
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    Changing email adresses sucks!

    OK, so I changed ISP's a while back and I went around to all the sites I care about and changed my email address for them all after my old email address died completely. Most went fine, but 2 sites never sent me a confirmation email about the change; Team Cyclops forums and Pocket Heaven. My accounts are considered invalid at both places now. I know TC will not allow certain email domains to be used, but the one I used is my official ISP email at both places, not my spammy secondary, so that shouldn't be a problem. As for Pocket Heaven, well.....I've never gotten any emails from them for watched topics and such in the first place. I think that module might be broken on their site. I've tried contacting the admin at both of those places, but never received any reply.....sigh......

    I just tried to send another email to them today.....maybe if I post my issues here, someone from those sites will see it here and fix me up at those places. I'm hoping anyway. I may not be as active as I once was, but that doesn't mean I want to log off permanently, you know?

    I'm Rayder at both of those sites too, just in case that's important. So if someone here can help get me re-validated at those sites, please do so. I can't post or reply at either place right now.

    For obvious reasons, I'm not mentioning my new email address, but it IS valid.

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    Ranting Rayder and his warped views on DS gaming...

    Welcome to my very first blog that I've written anywhere in the history of the internet. I should probably tell you to prepare to be offended. I wrote this to vent, not to offend anyone directly. If Nintendo is god to you, you probably won't like this blog and should just skip it. I'm probably doing it wrong as far a blogs go, but here we go anyway.....

    I have to say, I avoided Nintendo systems for many years because I don't care for all the cutesy games that tend to exist on their systems. I went the other way with gaming, I was into my C64 or Sega Genesis or PS1 or 3D0, and then PC. You know, the systems with (at least the choice of) a variety of "cool" games to play that a more serious-minded person could get into that isn't all flower-and-bunnies all the time. I did play some decent games on the NES and SNES at friend's houses, but there was never enough different games that interested me (not to mention my interest in the "other" systems at the time) to actually convince me to purchase either of those Nintendo systems. When Nintendo started sanitizing games on the SNES, I just stopped bothering to even pay attention to what they were doing after that. I totally skipped over the N64 and Gamecube altogether and have never seen more than just fragmented snippets of gameplay from a few games in real life on either of them. I don't own a Wii either, and likely never will. I just don't care about them. The few good games I may have missed are nothing compared to the slew of pure crap I'd have to sift through to find the games I might actually like. Besides, I can just emulate most of it on my PC if I want to play any of that stuff now anyway.

    I finally broke down and bought a GBA SP because I wanted a portable gaming unit that I could be sure would be around awhile. Unbeknown to me at the time, that was about a year before the DS released. I liked the GBA more-or-less, it had some actual cool games for it. There was a lot of fluffy-foo-foo I had to sift through to find them, but the cool games were there in much greater abundance than the DS has ever managed. And even though GBA isn't supported anymore and DS has a few times more games out for it, the GBA still has at least twice as many "cool" games compared to the DS, IMO.

    When the DS released, I bought one within a month of release, stupidly thinking there would be some more cool games made for it too, like there was for the GBA. I was wrong. While there is the occasional game I like on the DS, they are VERY far and few between, and none that are like, "OMG F'ing SWEET!" at all. I stuck to mostly playing GBA games on it for a long time before any games I really liked (and flashcarts) came out for the DS.

    The DS has been a very....meh...system to me. Every game I play on the DS has to be played with lowered expectations to be enjoyable. That feeling happens to a much larger extent on the DS compared to any previous gaming system I've ever owned before. I keep waiting for a good shmup, or cool platformer like Turrican to appear (don't tell about about MegaMan). I keep waiting for games that used to be considered staples of Nintendo like F-Zero and 2D Metroid and 3rd-party's like Street Fighter, Tekken or Gradius, etc. to be announced. But all I see is shovelware and RPG's and cutesy crap and movie-games and none of the no-brainer-type games that should have been released for the DS years ago and should still be a part of what gets released now. About the only thing that IS impressive to me about the DS is the flashcarts and how robust they are. That's pretty sad.

    I expected to have to sift through a lot of games I don't like to get to the good games, especially on a Nintendo system. But my goodness! This 1 good game in 50+ ratio is really pathetic. And of those 49 games I detest and hate, about half of them are the very same games that actually sell? WTF?!? I mean, all you guys are going ga-ga over some game, and I boot it up to see what the hype is all about.....I play it......one eyebrows raises.....I play some more.....I start to make a face like I smelled something foul....I play some more....I shake my head and turn it off. I honestly don't get what you guys see in some of these games that's so damn interesting. To me, many of them are just.....Gah! Just boring with very little real action to them. Seriously, what's so great about them? (question is rhetorical, BTW) Too many games on the DS I play simply to have something to do, not because they were actually fun.

    Now I remember why I always avoided Nintendo products for all those years. They like to say they cater to ALL gamers, but they don't. They cater to the fanboys they have carefully created and trained, the little kids who don't know any better and casual gamers who just seem to like crappy games....apparently, that's really about it. They only release a few token games for the mature gamer, usually by a 3rd-party. And by mature, I don't mean nudity and swearing and gore, I mean games that are cool and not full of cutesy talking animals and overly bubbly music. RPG's haven't really evolved any further than the graphics (especially on the DS) in decades. I've "been there, done that" way too many times (decades ago) to care about playing another cookie-cutter RPG again.....and I TRIED to like quite a few of them on DS, I really did, but I just don't. I'm burnt-out on RPG's, that's all there is to it I guess. And that's quite a large chunk of the DS's so-called "good game" library right there. If it wasn't for 3rd-party support and flashcarts, homebrew and emulators, I'd have tossed my DS in the trash years ago.

    Now, I know that being a 42 year-old introverted heterosexual male, I'm not exactly the target demographic for any game system, especially since I apparently have drastically different tastes in games than almost anyone else that talks about games, even others my age......but they could at least make an attempt to appease us older gamers who were responsible for gaming being the phenomenon it is today. Not every person my age wants to play an FPS or MMO all the time, and most people my age certainly don't want to play a flower-and-bunny cutesy game with annoying music either. @Nintendo: There are other genres of games, you need to release some games for those lost genres too. And don't half-ass them like you've been doing when you do finally occasionally release one.

    The games that people seem to think are so great these days just amaze me at how badly they actually suck. You guys have been corralled to a "null zone" where they tell you the game is great and that you are supposed to like it, and so then you guys suck them up like candy from a pinata. I can think of no other explanation than you guys have been brain-washed. It was a subtle mind-manipulation over the years, guiding the gamers into this insane "null zone" where a few certain genres of games are the ONLY games that people want to play anymore and all other genres are forgotten. It must have taken place during the N64 and Gamecube days, because I seem to be unaffected by this mass-euphoria that causes people to like crappy/cutesy/unoriginal/gimmicky/boring/tedious games.

    Nintendo themselves have admitted they have lost touch with "core" gamers and that's been quite obvious to me for a long time. Notice they rarely ever say "hardcore", just "core" They cater to the casual crowd that will play almost any old shovelware tripe they slap together, not to true gamers anymore. They have somehow managed to lull people into thinking that boring unoriginal (or overly cute and gimmicky) games are innovative and special and worth bothering with. They have succeeded gloriously in fleecing the sheep they have flocked together and trained so carefully to like the bile they belch forth and are very rich for it.

    I know there are many people who feel as I do. But most of the people like me don't hang out on gaming forums. Most of them have just given up on gaming or just stick to their emulators, wishing they could have more new games that they would actually like. Many of them don't have time for games anymore because of real-life. So we aren't a very vocal bunch, but we do exist.
    Companies have spent so much time trying to direct what games people get to play and control their tastes to make them like such a narrow genre of games so much that they don't even listen to what gamers actually want anymore, nor do they care. They just keep fleecing their flock and to hell with the "black sheep" gamers who want something else besides the big dollar guaranteed seller game that actually sucks, but everyone else seems to be trained to like. Over the years, that has apparently taken a toll on a gamer's mentality to the point where they no longer have the ability to see that the games they are playing are crap.

    I'm actually envious of you guys who are getting so much enjoyment out of the DS library. Where can I be brain-washed into liking all these crappy games that get released on the DS all the time? I want to have some games to play too.

    I have purposely NOT named any games that I may consider total crap (there's just too many of them to list anyway). A flame war is NOT the point of this post. If this blog offends you severely, then I'm sorry to inform you that you obviously didn't read the whole thing, or you just didn't comprehend the message being conveyed. Either that, or you're one of the brain-washed millions who are trained to take offense to my opinions and this blog was not meant for you to take lightly. There are a lot of vague points and references made in this blog. I could clarify, but do you really want to read even more text? I doubt it. I'm sure this was more to read than you bargained for as it is.