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    So long Artifical Intelligence!

    First, I really appreciate the fact that this forum is an English forum and don't have censor enabled in this particular area (blog)

    After one fucking year I'm finally away from Artificial Intelligence. Not that I'm not going to stop playing DotA Allstars 6.67 AI, but I no longer have to study AI. I can literally say FUCK YOU AI!

    For this year, I got AI as one of my subjects. I was happy, I thought I'll finally code a program to play chess or tic-tac-toe or something, and it has 4 credits, that's a fuckton if I can get A

    I thought that I'll have a load of fun, I've never had any problems with practical stuff, for all my lab subjects I got A, now and then and with 4 credits I was ready to roll.

    Turns out the whole damn AI thing is about fucking theory. I have to learn the theories of AI, chances, trees, parsers, and whatever the fuck that fucking lecturer said.

    He's an old bastard, and the way I see it, barely knows anything about the subject either, probably because of the "bastard" part in "old bastard", or maybe the "old" part. At any rate, the damn guy spoke in a very monotonous tone, and everytime we meet him, he'll say "I'll instantly fail you if you do blah blah blah" at least once, EVERYTIME. It really lessens your spirit, especially because he said "I'll instantly fail you if you write the question in your answer sheet" (he displayed the question on the whiteboard with a projector), even if it means to make sure you don't have to raise your head to look at the damn question every few seconds to cross check

    Long story short, I hate him and his subject. I pulled out my NDS everytime I began to teach, and I don't even try to hear him or see what's displayed on the whiteboard. I'VE HAD ENOUGH

    And finally, today, just an hour ago, I WAS FREED. That's the final exam for AI and tomorrow is the exam for Multimedia Systems that I know and love. The problem being for some reason the subjects that I love always have low credits attached to them (2 credits for English, 2 credits for Multimedia Systems, fucking policymakers)

    And now, to have some fun with DotA, PROTOTYPE and Oblivion :moogle:
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    Should I continue?

    Let me cut this straight: I've registered and translated 5 pages of DotA Allstars. Yes, the very same one that you proud boys played over Battle.net, I did it around 2 weeks ago

    Of course, to Indonesian. I have to admit, the first time I asked IceFrog to sign up to "translate" I thought it's just to translate the webpage getdota.com (it has a few languages selectable, so I thought he meant to add another language to it) turns out he meant translate the whole shebang

    When I signed up for the job, I saw at least 7 other subscriber already doing their part of the job, although sloppy at best (who would've thought they'd think that Magina's the one who explodes instead of his enemy? read Magina's story if you want to check what I mean), and what looked like to be a respectable leader for the job. He responded in 2 days after I said "I'm in"

    Since that, in around 2 weeks I've translated 5 pages of it, with high quality translation if I do say so (I translated them logically, not literal, as in translating "kick the bucket" as "dead" not "kicking a bucket so that the water inside it flows out". Resulting in high-quality, easy to understand, and logical translation)

    But in the past week, the leader isn't around anymore. He told me the very day I signed in that "There's only two of us left, the others have either left or disappeared, so you need great confidence and endurance, are you up for it?"

    From 7 members in a proud team, only one left, the leader. With me as the new main translator and proofreader (such as that Magina incident). I'm actually up for it, provided he would give me feedback and support me along the way. I'm not the so-called 'leader' type, I'm a worker, and I need a leader and commander in order to do stuffs.

    He did gave me feedback in form of 'kthx' after I proofread the first 2 pages, but after 3 pages more, he's not around. I posted, asking where the hell is he, which I did around 3 days ago, but he hasn't responded.

    I thought at first "Maybe he's busy with stuff" but really, if the leader isn't around, I can't continue. It's as if I'm doing something that won't be finished even after I've done it. Something futile, and that thought lowered my spirit

    The translation project consists of no less than 58 pages for the heroes and skills alone, each containing 2 heroes (for some pages, it's one and a half heroes, meaning one hero and half-part of another hero), and there's still the the items (buffs section is already done, and I've proofread them). The thought of doing ALL of them alone is already depressing, but doing all of them alone literally is an entirely different matter

    I know I'm usually just a proof reader, but since they translated them literally (which, in most cases, is not a viable option), I need to reword their translation, resulting in me doing the translation again.

    Now my spirit has declined to almost none. I wanted to help, but if the one I helped is not there, I can do nothing.

    Should I really continue or just be a hypocrite and walk away?
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    Feeling things slower?

    Have you ever heard that should someone expertised in something s/he could see things slower in that part?

    In my ordinary life, too ordinary that it's odd, I found my Taiko no Tatsujin DS somehow moves slower than before, it feels like the notes move at 60% speed that I can see it clearly, as opposed to can't even see what that was before.

    Sometimes I can even go faster than the notes that I missed, and while the song seems playing at the same speed, somehow the notes doesn't follow the rythm the way I remember, it's just too slow by 10% and I have to slow myself down

    LoL at last I can call myself an expert in something. FYI I have gold in all easy and medium(but of course?), 89% hard, and 14 gold out of 35 songs in insane (around 30%?). I have 100% silver for all but insane (which has a good reason why it's named that). Boy I almost got bored of playing GO MY WAY! for 2 consecutive months (I got a gold, but the highscore prefers the silver, which makes me have to do it again)

    If only I can do this well with my subjects....
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    I'm screwed....

    So, my exam results are out.

    Indonesian Language: 81 points, B
    English Language: 89 points, A
    Algorithm and Programming: 66 points, C
    Linear Algebra: 75 points, B
    Introduction to Information Technology: 82 points, B
    Discrete Mathematics: 75 points, B

    Final points: 2.8/4

    What makes me hurt is the fact that I'm majoring in IT, which focuses in programming skills.

    Practically, my score is good, 100 for the mid-semester exam, and 74 for the final exam (forgot how to use global variables and failed to read an opened file, although it is read partially. mind you I didn't study at all for the final exam, underestimated it)

    But theoretically, I'm really finished: 49 for the mid-semester exam, and 58 for the final exam. I really can't believe it. I mean, practically I'm good enough to socre 100 in mid-exam. how come theoretically I scored just 49? For the final written exam I swear I can do it very well. So well in fact that it's so easy for me. I read each of the questions carefully and used the most pratical way to solve it-albeit bugs can be found, I know about this myself-and in every sense of the sentence, IT HAS MET THE CONDITIONS ASKED BY THE GODDAMNED QUESTION!

    I mean, come and look at this simple question:
    "Create a program to count votes for 60 partys fighting for the president's seat, and then show the winning party's name and the number of votes it has attained"

    So, what kind of program did I wrote for this silly question?

    1. I created an array, which holds 60 units.
    2. I created a module to enter a vote, by entering a party's number. That way if, for example you entered number 5, the 5th slot in the array I mentioned above will have its value increased by 1.
    3. Once you're finished with voting, you're out of the function, and the program simply searches for the largest number in the array with Bubble method.
    4. the program simply prints out the number of the slot which contains the largest number, and the number beside it.

    Bug: I forgot the first slot in an array is 0, not one. So if party no. 35 won, party no 34 will be printed instead, with party no.35's vote count

    Why did I use this method?
    1. The question didn't mention about the presence of a file the program should read, nor at least how the program should read it if one exists, thus getting data from outer source is impossible, if not vaguely possible. Thus I didn't use any data reading module at all. Attempting to read something form something that vaguely exists, without knowing how you should read it, is what I call INSANELY STUPID

    2. The question didn't say where does the data come from, be it from the user or a file, thus using the user-prompted method is legit

    3. The question didn't mention what kind of searching method the program should use. thus using Bubble method is legit.

    As you can see, my program (except the bug) has met the vague conditions of the question, and it was worth 20 points. With that small mistake (can be fixed in merely 7 secs), I expect the point to be
    On top of it all, almost all of the question is a piece of cake, it's just simple stuff like "what kind of sort method is this code?( a line of code is shown, which clearly is Bubble method)". FUCK!!

    And 58 it is....

    Really, I'm not exaggerating or proud of my coding skill, but I DO know my limits, and my competence, and the score really shouldn't be like this.

    To add the pressure to it, they never let us know where were our mistakes located at. Which question? What was my answer? What is the right answer?

    I'm in rage, but I can't do anything.

    I mean, I know a martial artist can't describe just how the hell did he do that awesome backflip to us commoners, but programs are written, so practical skill and theoretical knowledge shouldn't be far off, but..... oh just... SHIT!

    I asked my mom about GeForce 9600 GT for my birthday present, and she was worried I'd play even more. At this rate, even a TV can be a no-no (I have a PS2 stationed under my desk). I expected to have 3 for my final score, but thanks to this, the plan was screwed, and along with it, me
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    Crazy bastards in our political society

    So, I got an e-mail full of laughter today, it's about political campaign for election in a few months

    It's full of laughter yet irony, showing how destroyed and funny Indonesia's political life is.

    You want proof? Here's the inside of the e-mail (note: it's bets to see this if you understand Indonesian)


    Proof 1: I'm a Father
    As a note, that Cynthia is an actress. And do you know the advertisement used for that guy there? He's Rafflyn Lamusu, Cynthia's father, and is a candidate for local government's office, and he use dthe fact that he's an actress' father to advertise himself! A fucking moron!

    Proof 2: Eat With Your Right Hand

    The words' translation:
    Recover the national identity! Eat with your right hand!

    LoL, then what about the left handed?

    Proof 3: Look at Me
    translation for the words to the left of that bastard:
    Look at my photo, and I like it. Remember it, and I'm even happier. Choose me (number 3), you've made the right choice, for this is the way to our dreams. I'll work hard to ensure your welfare. I, we, and all of us 'coz (this is intended) our heart may have been born the same. Take note of my telephone no. (.....) to take my words. (Note: Stuck up jerk)

    Under his pic: Can'date (intended- it was "calon legeslatif" candidate)

    This bastard can't even write "karena"-because (he wrote it "karna"-coz) and legislatif-legislative (he wrote it legeslatif) the right way, and I'm going to entrust Indonesia to him? How about: Look at my photo and I remember I haven't shaved my beard, how about that sir?

    Proof 4: Don't Forget Me

    this one is pretty good, except the fact that a deceased person (that "Almarhum" means "deceased") is still there, add to that the fact that the photo is black-white, and the face is gone, with no name. Moreover, there's a banana tree behind it (Indonesians believe banana tree is where ghosts appear, thailand-style ghosts), what pops You wanna make a film titled "Candidate Ghost"??

    Proof 5: Being Democrate is Where The Similarity Begins

    Translation: -In America the Democrates gave birth to Barack Obama, and he won
    -In Situbondo, the Democrate (the party's name) gave birth to Gatot Adi Wibowo S.Sos (a.k.a. Bambang), let's hope he wins too

    this bastard even took Barack Obama's photo and usd it to advertise himself. I can't believe such a bastard exists. Also, his name is Gatot Adi Wibowo (an example for American name would be Mike) and his alias is Bambang? (American equivalent might be David or something common) Just how different are the names?

    Proof 6: Beckham's Lucky Number

    When you thought Indonesians took American figure for ads, you might think we'll take British figure as America's ally, you can't be wrong 'bout that

    The text under beckham is:
    "Beckham: 7 is my lucky number"

    beside him is: I choose Mr.Yudha, no.7, because: he's young, smart, polite, works for the people

    can you believe those jackasses? What if Beckham lawsuits them? LoL

    Proof 7: Ambiguity of The Name


    Yeah, nothing wrong with that woman, but take a look at his name:
    Dwi Nur Narsis
    Narsis is indonesian word for "being too proud of one's self, to the extent one believes s/he is VERY cool/beautiful/handsome, and likes to photograph his/her face"

    LoL, can't believe a mother would name her daughter with that name

    Proof 8: As Fierce as A Tiger

    One fateful day...

    Clerk: So, sir, tell us who would you like to be beside you in your ads
    Candidate: I want something fierce! Powerful! Strong! So that my image is strong and is not someone to play with
    Clerk: Oooh... how about the candidate for president?
    Candidate: No, it's boring
    Clerk: how about the other man of the people?
    Candidate: No, I don't want to be compared to someone
    Clerk: how about an actor? (remember Beckham?)
    Candidate: No, it's too common....

    The next morning....
    Clerk: Sir, your ads is done!
    Candidate: lemme see!


    LoL that's Sumatran Tiger if I'm not wrong

    Proof 9: Thrash Metal 4ever

    Candidate: I like thrash metals like Napalm Death, Black Sabbath, Danzig, Prong, can you make my character fits them?

    Printworks: Of course sir!


    Proof 10: Beckham Strikes Again
    you think Beckham's copyright infringement ends up there? No, here comes another bastard who used beckham:

    the text reads: Even Beckham Chose No. 23 (the candidate's no., this relates to that shirt with no 23, maybe Beckham didn't protest or something when his shirt number's 23)

    More proofs in the next post soon
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    Broke the limit

    So, yeah, yesterday, I broke the limit.. registry hacks that is...

    In my attempt to personalize my computer: I did the following to my system files;

    1. replaced explorer.exe
    2. replaced shell32.dll
    3. replaced authui.dll
    4. replaced SndVol32.dll
    5. replaced pnidui.dll
    6. added "Take Ownership" registry info
    7. added "Folder BG" registry info

    everything ended up in failure, although at first it works fine, a day after I added the registry info about "Take Ownership" something went wrong. My taskbar context menu didn't work anymore. Everything that I chose is treated as something that triggers the said registry to act. the same thing happened with QuickLaunch items.

    Since I know what went wrong, I simply uninstalled the registry info (they provided the installer and uninstaller, too much work to find it myself), and there... everything went "KAPUT!"

    1. QuickLaunch items simply stopped working, you can click them, but nothing happens

    2. Items in startmenu (yes, EVERYTHING, including the shutdown buttons) won't work, you can click them, but that's all, they won't launch anything, as if it's merely a selection click

    3. Volume icon in system tray lost its association to run32.dll. As the result, opening volume control panel from there is impossible

    4. Startup items won't load. And I mean, everything, ranging from KIS to Sidebar and YM, nothing starts, nor will they strat from "Run" command

    Any program that I want to start can be started only from "Run" command (which is a pain, since startmenu simply stopeed working, glad I know the "Windows+R" combo), including Windows Explorer

    So, in my attempt to recover it, I ran System Recovery, up to 5 days before (before I started tweaking), the modifications are gone, but the problem persists
    , so I ran sfc /scannow, but it fixes only some last modifications, the problem still persists, maybe sine it's related to registry.

    So I have no other choice to re-install my Vista. Just did it yesterday, and I have to re-install my aplications and re-download Windows Updates (around 400MB)

    Just finished the Update today. Glad I made copies of my installer in my Master folder, especially KIS update distribution, it saved me lots of time.

    I'm going to do it again now, just no registry hacks again... it pains me alot, should i installed my games in C:\ drive, my Hitman would be lost (I lost the installation CD a few months ago)

    Well, I lost my CS:Source, but I can ask my friend for it again.

    The good thing is that my WCIII Battle.net function somehow works again, before there's this fatal error everytime I clicked "battle.net" button

    Well, other than those things, my PC is still fine, which is the only thing I need to worry about ;)
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    My first successful project!

    No one in this temporary life can argue that PSP is so fucking elegant :yaypsp: , including-of course-me, myself, and I. So, I created a few pics with the aid of Photoshop with PSP as its main concept. For Bootscren, Vista Orb, and Logon screen.

    The bootscreen: B-)

    The logon screen: :) (look at this one in full size to grasp the elegance)

    I can't capture the proper screen, so I took one from interwebz, cut it and pasted it on the actual logon screen background. The actual screen is just like that, except the tealish area around the PSP user picture is better(more transparent, and kinda tealish. And of course, its shape is way better), and there's Windows Vista Ultimate logo on the bottom of the screen. And yes, my usr picture is that circled PSP logo over there, I cut it straight from SONY's official PSP pic

    for the Vista Orb screen:


    I took this gif here, and use the first 5 frames (with the white gradient part photoshopped of course).

    I used the PSP introboot sound (the one that plays along with that gif above in the real PSP) to play along the screen, and the gameboot sound (which plays when you choose a game/homebrew in the actual PSP) for the Windows logon sound.

    for logoff and Exit windows, I use the PS2 sound, the sound that plays when the "PlayStation 2" logo forms

    The result? Works like a charm! :D I'm so proud of it (still need to resize the Vista orb replacement part, but whatever), it looks so elegant in my eyes, and it's made with my own hands! :grog:

    Oh, and I might need to give a credit to someone nicknamed alexandergre form deviantART, he made the PSP waves (well, his was bluish, all I did was change color in Outer/Inner Glow and the shading color in Inner Bevel style to white, and remove the background) I made this for personal use alexander, so let me go this time, will ya? :wink:
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    Which one?

    Basically it's to choose which one you'll get: a $120 GeForce 9600GT or a $320 PSP-2000?

    I have $100, which I get from my parents as New Year's gift. I'm planning on buying a gfx card, GeForce 7200 GS is horrible. At the same time, I want to get a PSP. The [email protected] SP is coming this year, and I wanna play it, what with many other games I wanna try too.

    Here's the condition:
    1. I'm getting one of them as my birthday present, and only one of them, can't both
    2. I have $100, which means I can lift the burden of my mother up to $100
    3. My PC's armed with Intel Core2 Due E4600 2.4 @GHz. Which might make GeForce 9600 GT a bit less powerful

    Here's the considerations:
    1. In a PC mag I read on the other day, an article said GeForce 9600 GT won't be fitting to play the next-gen games in the next 5 years, which might make me hesitate to get it

    2. In the same mag, in another article, PSP2 will follow-up PSP-3000 in 2009, which makes me hesitate

    3. Getting a PSP-2000 for $350 is around the same with getting a pack of Intel Q6600 and GeForce 9600 GT, which comes out at $380. $30 difference, yet so much difference in result

    Which one shoud I take?
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    Am I normal?

    What makes me wonder?

    Let me explain who I am..

    I am Raestloz(not the real name), an 18 years old college student (my birthday was 15th this month), and is quite healthy.

    I'm skinny, not like what women consider skinny, but skinny at the point I can see my veins and the shape of my bones pretty clearly.

    I'm quite intelligent, but not to the point women will stick around me, I'm average at best, average as in "medium-high" in security measurements

    I'm not good with arts, although I respect it a lot

    I like military things.

    My face is not that good, thanks to being skinny, although naturally, I'm kinda good-looking, if I'm not skinny

    I'm not a muscle guy

    I know no fighting skills

    I'm not cool, I'm "cold", not to the extent ignoring people, but I don't like starting useless conversation, and I don't like starting conv. with somebody I don't know, even if they know me.

    I'm a straightforward guy usually, If I do go somewhere, I actually have something to do there, once I do what I have to, I leave that place at once. Still about that, I usually blurt everything that comes to mind, rash or not, however, there're several cases where I actually think before talking

    I slouch, although I don't usually realize it, but somehow my mom said it's improving, and I do feel I'm an inch taller, 2 inches when I actually straighten my body

    I'm not somebody who would like to threaten somebody else, in other words, a peace-loving person, don't like starting fights, don't like involved in fights, don't want to go near people who likes to fight

    I'v got self-consciousness fo most things, tahnks to being raised in a normal family with normal economy for the past 7 years, another 11 years? kinda por but we managed somehow

    I dont like vegetables and seafood, in other words, I'm a carnivore literally

    I'm not funny at all, thanks to being emotionless most of the time

    I'm a God-fearing person, and believes in 4 religions....

    I'm not a social person, however, I trust my best friends with my heart, never will I betray, never will I be betrayed

    I've never been in an outstanding situation

    I do like ecchi stuff

    I'm not from a rich family

    I do like games, like it VERY MUCH even

    I like mangas just recently, and is crazy about it right now

    I'm wearing glasses, and they're not clear anymore

    I'm not a fashionista

    I have no athletic ability

    I'm tall, almost 2 metres high (190 cm) and skiny, which makes me TOO tall...

    I like Japan culture very much, and adore Americans, especially their monotonic and regular lifestyle

    I've got little, if not no, female friends

    So, what is it that I'm ranting about?
    Why do I ask I'm normal or not?

    My friend asked: "Hey, do you like girls at all?"

    "What makes you say that?" I asked back, and he said "Well, it's just that you have no reaction at all towards girls... and I never actually see you hanging out with a girl"

    "True..." I said, deep in my heart
    I've never felt any feelings towards girls, no matter how beautiful they are. I do adore them, at the point of saying "Look, that girl's a beauty", but nothing more, I don't lust for them, neither do I fantasize about seeing them naked, or staring at their chest of thighs, or thinking about me going out with them

    Sure, sometimes I think about "what if I'm popular?" But I never actually think about "popular with who?" and when I think about it, it's blank......

    I've looked at many beautiful girls, yet I don't feel like "oh, if only I can reach them" the only thought that crossed my mind is a process of identifying the creature that is in my line of vision, and then with the GPU attached to my brain visualize its shape, what it is wearing, the face, and that's that, no ecchi thoughts come and spend some time

    Sure, I got aroused when I saw those xxx vidoes, but that's that, should the video over, so does the xxx mind inside my brain

    I've got some male friends, and I gotta say this to you: I'm NOT a gay.

    And I think again... if have no affection towards girls, am I normal? Am I a male? Or just a being with male physique but neutral heart?

    What will become of my family's line? Will it end on me just like Leonardo da Vinci or Michaelangelo?

    Really... what am I??

    All my friends, no matter who, AT LEAST went crazy about girls, but when they talk about topics like that, I'm not really interested. And most of them has at least got a girlfriend, once... only I being the last one left behind... I wonder why?

    What happened?

    If any of you guys or gals got annoyed by this rant, then sorry for ranting.....
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    GBATemp is getting bland for me?

    SO, two weeks ago I'm back to my hometown, away from high-end PC and internet access, thus I can't visit GBATemp.

    After two weeks I got back, and well.... after i logged in, somehow the NDS-Games section remains as bland as it was 2 weeks ago

    WTF?? No new topic? How come?

    As of late, somehow GBATemp is getting bland to me, back then in GBATemp hot topics are around, quality members old and newlyjoined stir the fun, posting one after another, one refresh and an answer is there

    But for some reason, starting December, no, starting November GBATemp feels so bland, quick topics everywhere, topics worthy of 3 posts and the purpose of the topic is lost. While new topics feels the same, old topics were already answered

    I fervently look, NDS section, Games, Helps, Hardwares, Flashing Devices, Translations... no hot topics worthy of my time

    Sony PSP section... not really useful for me.....

    The Edge of the Forum, Blog Articles, General Off-Topics..... nothing caught my interest....

    Why? What happened to me?

    Is this the end for me with GBATemp? I sure hope not.

    Maybe I'll try next week, or next month, I hope I can feel the fun of posting one after another again, been months since the last time
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    Thinking about birthday present

    For more than 100 years, people's been celebrating birthdays, that is, the very day and month when someone's born (of course, the year is different for obvious reason)

    For more than 100 years, billions of parents, that is, mommies and daddies, give their children present, and so do other relatives and friends that were invited to the party, and that someone will be happy (again, for obvious reason)

    But then, a friend of mine said something to me:

    "On that very day, your mom's struggling with pain, to give you life
    On that very day, your dad's working to his finger to pay the fee for your birth
    Yet, on that very day, you expect them to give you a present
    Shouldn't it be the opposite?"

    "Shouldn't it be on that very day you give a present to your mommy and daddy?
    For letting you grow in her womb
    For paying all your life's need
    And for making it possible to you to stand here, talking to me"

    I been wondering and this guy's hit the mark actually

    Will you ask your parents a present for your birthday?

    EdiT: Damn typos!
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    The best LOLZ today!

    Carefully watch Eisuke, Sonoko, Ran, Takagi, and Megure's facial expressions in this image below: (read it from left-to-right, top-to-bottom)


    Really, that's one hell of a comedy! This picture itself made me ROFLZ and LOLZ for 5 minutes full and 30 minutes extra grinning and smiling to myself

    Look carefully at the facial expression that comes up with the words, and take note of their eyes too, they really FITS! LOL

    This one makes me full of energy again! Um... no, make it full of laugh again!
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    Mangas are fuckin' great!

    So, somehow for the past week, I'm overwhelmed by mangas, all are scanlations, and I ended up buying 11 volumes of Mahou Sensei Negima in one trip to a bookstore, I mean, there's 30% discount for all tems and all, but yeah, mangas sure are great.

    The past week reading scanlations, starting with Mahou Sensei Negima first, my friend told me it's pretty good, Ken Akamatsu's project, what else can you ask for? Moar mangas that is! Yep, after I got my hands on Negima (until the latest chapter) I started reading Love Hina, Ken Akamatsu's other project. After I got that however I'm starting to think: What other mangas can be as great as these? So I started using the search engine, with those options ticked:

    1. Comedy
    2. Shounen[
    3. Romance
    4. School-life
    5. Ecchi (yes, ecchi. What? I'm already 17, and it's 18 in one month, it's normal, besides, it's ecchi like and Love Hina, not "mature".....)

    And I ended up reading a whole pile of mangas, all of them are made of pure fun, seriously, maybe because the "Comedy" option is ticked. (for most of them)

    I read those mangas after read the above 2:
    1. Bleach (actually doesn't really attract me, it's just I think I wanna give it one more chance, started off from Ichigo went to some place with French names)

    2. Naruto (I forgot when is the last time I read this one, I started off from Naruto finally mastered the Senjutsu)

    3. DearS (the comedy isn't that great)

    4. Hanaukyo Maid Team (the scanlators stopped, seeing it's licensed by Tokyopop or Dark Horse or something like that, the comedy is powerful at a point, and is bland at some points)

    5. Happy World (finished it today, romance ecchi and school life joint forces, heh with some action mixed in too)

    6. Until Death Do Us Part (kinda like Neo in the Matrix world, the guy sees everything in grids, supported by some geek with the craziest technology in hand, and the girl can see the future, best of all? The guy kicks ALOT of ass! What with I saw a "SQUARE ENIX" logo in the few first pages.... Also, this one was found not qwith search engine, but via "top viewed mangas" list)

    7. Midori no Hibi (LoL ALL THE TIME, both in Anime and Manga, well I've read the first volume and a few episodes since my friend downloaded them, not only online read, didn't finish it though, save the laughter for the last)

    8. Forbidden Weddings (kinda... too fast and too ero ecchi?)

    9. Kanokon (reading it right now, with that Until Death stuff, linear and straightforward, looks like fun)

    10. Kage Kara Mamoru (unfinished, licensed, bleah, but the comdey sure are decent)

    11. Fate/Stay Night (till the last chapter, I'm surprised this one is actually Visual Novel made into game and manga, and to find out the original is a hentai one, I mean, how can there be hentai in this full of battle stuff? Also, I'm reading the visual novel right now at my DS, but maybe I'll skip it, manga is much faster and easier to understand)

    12. Toradora! (sometimes I smirked but then nothing happened)

    13. Watching TV All the Time makes you Stupid (looks like things from 1985, though, and is kinda confusing.... 20 pages, my God)

    I'm pretty sure I've read moar, but boy, that's a lot of stuff now that I've compiled it... heh =D

    I even almost gonna skip a class, turns out there actually is no class that day, I'm saved.. heh >.<

    I can't believe there're works of art these days, I'm gonna buy the whole set of Love Hina and Negima and someday tell my kids "You gotta read these stuff" :D after they're 15 of course...

    But really, mangas are the best, no more comics for me, especially Indonesian comics, bastards never knew what it needs to actually "sell", always about "pray to God" "God help us" and stuff, dude, I'm trying to have fun, don't shove Tragedy (required to give you moral and "God help us" element) to me, give me comedy!

    American comics? Not my taste, thanks.....

    Heh, I'll be sure to hunt for more scanlations, mangas are great, but being in English gives it 90/100, the last 10 is 5 for story 3 for graphics, 2 for being funny, other than that won't bother me :)

    So, folks, it's Manga for this year's Christmas!
  • Raestloz


    For the last 3 days, I've been doing things for my PSP, well, actually, my bro's PSP. I am one of those who like it "official" or at least "looks like official"

    So, he's got this FFIX on his PSP, but just a bunch of poor icons displayed, PSX logo for the icon, SONY Entertainment logo for the background, a bunch of crap I say!

    So, I tried to create custom files for this por FFIX, well, custom pics, videos, and sound. I managed to create the pics with ease, sound is okay, but the video is the hard part.

    I need this program named "SONY UMD Tools" to create videos compatible with PSP, .pmf files, since my internet is so [email protected]#king slow, I can't download one, thank God my friend managed to get one of those :P

    after I got one, creating the vidoe is no easy task, I ripped the intro from the CD, and the result was somewhat discouraging, somehow when I playback it, there's some lag, fortunatley, it's just temporary glitch with my WMP, now it works fine.

    After that, I fired up a few applications, edit the video, convert this to that, edit settings here and there, and I managed to create a video. What luck, when I put it in the PSP, the video is messy, lRGB lines evrywhere and a few mini version of what-supposed-to-be the video is in the box, what's more, no sound is played

    Then I look for things on the internet, turns out the video AND the sound together should be under 500kb (what lunatic want us to get quality video and audio under 500kb?) and I need another encoder, since my video encoder is not suietd to create the file I need (it's for something else, still video apparently)

    After cutting the video evrywhere and encode it, calculate the resulting total filesize, I managed to get out alive with 498kb, 332 kb for the sound (looped FFIX Menu) and the video (quick video showing the word "SQUARESOFT" zoom in and shows that small cargo ship, and Hilda Garde 3, Final Fantasy IX logo, and back to squaresoft logo again, for the sake of looping, and it's only 6 secs long, imagine how fast it is)

    The result? Pretty good, not what I expected(the video somehow is not fullscreen, although I've set it as the instruction on the internet says, maybe because the filesize is too small?) but still, it's good to have the video AND the sound running at the same time :D

    Now I expect my bro to say "bloody hell! What have you done?" :P

    Alright, onto Castlevania SOTN then.....
  • Raestloz

    A question about the future

    A straight question ;)

    As a child, there's nothing better but playing video games :yayds: I still remember the days I begged my mother for a PSX, now I realize it's not the best action

    Now, that we children has grown up and will soon become parents, I started to wonder: Will I do the same thing like my mother did: buy my child a PlayStation?

    I never realized Indonesian economy was so badly struck by Monetary Crisis back in 1998, yet I still beg for PSX in 2000, now I know what it means to "keep spare money for emergency use" and PSX was no emergency item at all.

    I know how it feels to be a child and beg for video game consoles, but really, while I'll gladly give myself a PS4 or XBOX 720? :P I'm still thinking about will my child get them.....

    Your thoughts?