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    What's for Supper?

    I saw this thread on another forum that had like 5000 replies. So I thought it would be interesting to see what different kinds of foods different 'tempers eat around the Globe. :D

    It's simple. Just come into this thread everyday and post a small description of what you are eating for Supper that night.

    I'll start it off.

    We are having Hot dogs and Hamburgers tonight with Potato chips and Dip. :)

    Lets see what cuisine tempers have on their plates!
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    Whats up with Today's Cartoons?

    Is random really that popular? :unsure: I swear, I watched some new show Cartoon Network has been showing for a few minutes. Its called "Adventure Time".
    I just flipped the show on and here is some yellow dude all mangled up in a hospital bed with the sign "You smell like Dog buns" beside him. WTF are they feeding kids these days? :wtf: Theres is even a show called "The Random Show". And guess what? Its just a bunch of random nonsense. Who would have guessed that??? The fact that kids enjoy this stuff sickens me. Anyone else agree that stuff kids watch these days is garbage? :sleep: