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    QuazaRayy Hello, I am QuazaRayy. I represent the Grande Stylus Hospital and Grande Stylus Area Police. We have many cases of styluses snapped in half, chewed up and abused coming into the Hospital and Police stations every day. We have to deal with styluses produced new from the factory coming in few days later abused, some are put out of their misery faster than they can report it but some are left to suffer. We are opening up a Youth Center in the Grande Stylus area for styluses abused and with disabilities from all consoles and other devices to rest and play games with others with the same issues.

    We will be investigating all cases of abused styluses and will take action.

    Remember folks, don't chew styluses.

    Chief of Grande Stylus Area Police
    CEO of Grande Stylus Hospital

    Warning: Spoilers inside!
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    QuazaRayy Obligatory Warning: This webcomic may show violence or vulgar language used in small quantities but it isn't targeted at any group of people or anything like that remember this is just a comic and nothing here happens in the real world unless i say so because this is the Brain Farts universe.

    Warning: Spoilers inside!
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    Look at that stylus. How could somebody use that? My black DSi stylus is in PRISTINE condition. Not chewed or anything.but this comes with a charger and box so it's worth £30? replace the stylus and i'll think about it. no seriously. If you have a chewed up stylus and it is annoying you can easily replace it on eBay but I bought a DSi to play games. not to buy a new stylus. I got a free DSi (my glossy red one), battery dead and even worse. chewed. up. stylus. this is worse that scraping your fork on a plate it's literally so annoying and disgusting.

    People fighting for the lives of styluses,
    QuazaRayy This is my opinion and also spoilers obviously

    Warning: Spoilers inside!