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    Quantumcat About to go in for a job interview, wish me luck! Will advise of outcome
    Quantumcat Remind me never to live in the USA, where a 15-year-old child, who was not even carrying a weapon, can be convicted of a murder that was actually committed by a police officer.

    Not only was he just an impressionable child, so should just go to a juvenile justice facility and be rehabilitated, but he didn't even commit the crime he was sentenced for and wasn't even carrying a gun, so didn't contribute to it!! This sort of thing makes me sick to my stomach.
    Quantumcat Lost my job, so going to take a break from the Temp for a little while while I sort myself out. I might poke my head in now and again but not be as active as I have been.
    Quantumcat Probably no one here plays it but oh well. I had a 149 day old portal that I had been recharging. It was on a ski slope which I visited in winter and I thought if it survived that winter surely it would last a year (had a bunch of other ones that for taken within a month but not this one). Who would want to go to the mountains in the middle of spring or summer? But no, he went all the way down there (four hour drive plus having to pay national park entrance fees) just to kill it. If it had been 100 or 120 days old I would have thought nothing of it, just someone going down for some non winter activities like hiking or fishing or something who happened to be going through there. But no, he goes down there a few hours before it is about to give me a black guardian badge. Probably using illegal scraper software to be able to know its age so precisely. I don't even play much, probably once a week only in my local area, I don't do any big missions or anything (there's people that spend hours a day driving all over the place to play who tend to get targeted by the other team). He had no reason to target me. Makes me sooooo maaaad. And also a bit sorry for him that he seems to spend all his waking hours playing this dumb game. Anyway rant over. Now I will gain 1 or 2 hours a week to do something more productive :-p
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    Quantumcat No one gave me official permission to not be at work today, but there's nobody around. I came in extra early because on Fridays the café does a really nice cooked breakfast which I was looking forward to. But they're closed :( I have coffee making supplies, and lucky I brought my Switch, I guess I'll hang out in the café seating all day and play breath of the wild. I wish I had brought my computer, then I could do something useful!! I am glad I finish at 1 on Fridays otherwise I think I'd go crazy. If anyone wants to talk to me on discord I'll be available for.... the next 5 hours or so
    Quantumcat Chelsea was born 5.20am in my sister's shower (all happened too fast to get to the hospital) with the help of her best friend, husband, and two paramedics. Labour was less than three hours. 53cm, 4kg. Everyone healthy :-)
    I'm now an aunty for the first time! So exciting. And the other sister is due in February. I hope she has just as hassle-free an experience.
    Quantumcat Some photos from our spring festival.
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    Quantumcat My best friend committed suicide on Friday. So.......:-(

    I was such a bad friend, I didn't talk to her on the weekend cause I was a little mad she didn't come to my birthday lunch. And I hadn't visited her in a couple of weeks (she couldn't drive and she lived in the other side of town so I always visited her instead of her coming to see me as it takes like 2 hours on the bus). I don't know if it would have made any difference if I had visited her more recently - I mean she didn't try to call me or anything. But I can't help but wish I had called her on the weekend :-(
    I really didn't think she was in any danger - she had been doing really well lately, got a high distinction in the one uni subject she did last semester and doing fine this semester. She moved out of the group home because she didn't need the support as much (she had severe depression and bipolar). She got a distinction in her grade 6 piano exam. And the few other times she felt like she might do something silly, she got herself checked into hospital. So I don't really know what happened this time. I hope to find out more at the funeral on Monday.
    Quantumcat Just wanted to share. Things are going great for me at the moment.

    Did three uni subjects last semester and got a credit and two distinctions (Olmectron helped me with one of them!). Have two more coming up, and if I pass those, I'll graduate! This is fantastic news as I have been studying on and off different degrees for over ten years. Next year, since I'll have graduated, I will be bumped up two levels at work so I'll be making more of a normal wage instead of a low one.

    And this is while working 4-5 days a week and spending as much time on here as I do and tutoring maths one or two nights a week. So I am proud of myself.

    I just passed a tough Java exam to get certified as an Oracle Java professional.

    I made two new friends last year and am making an effort to spend time with each even though it's hard work (I'd rather curl up with a book or my 3DS in my time off, or visit family). I know it's good for me though so I am making an effort.

    I'm about to buy a house. It's a townhouse with three bedrooms, free-standing far away from all the others in the complex so no common walls, nice sized yard with covered entertaining area surrounded by brick walls & colourbond fencing, garage converted to a big room. Cycling distance to work, backs onto a park and cycle path. Hopefully nothing falls over! There are tenants in it and the lease ends in October so I can't wait to move in then.

    I finally learned to drive a few months ago. After putting it off for.... what is it, 12 or 13 years now? This was because my motorcycle broke down so I had no choice - but still proud of myself, even if I was forced into it :-)

    BOTH my sisters are pregnant, so I am going to have either two nieces or a niece and a nephew (one is not far along enough to tell which sex). One due in October the other in February. It's good that I learned to drive so I can help them with the babies (you can't really strap a baby into the back of a motorcycle).

    My aunt and uncle have moved back to Australia after living in the US for most of my life. I met my 13 year old cousin for the first time recently as she is visiting for her summer holidays. And they invited me cross country skiing with them in two weeks. My uncle finally got a good job after being unemployed for a long time. And my cousin is considering doing university here in a few years which is really great. It's a bit hard to say no to (basically) free uni, plus a student allowance to live on from the government :-)

    My grandparents just bought a house nearby after living in the Gold Coast for many years, so they'll be moving here soon.

    And everyone is healthy and happy. It would be really tough for me to find something to complain about right now!
    Quantumcat Just finished rounding up the random consoles around the house to organise them. There's still some I haven't found. I need to stop buying these darn things!! :-p
    Quantumcat I'm currently renting a little cottage on a farm and got informed that the council is thinking about deciding that my landlord is not allowed to have so many houses on his land (3 - there's me, there's a small family, and him, about 100m apart from each other). So I'm thinking where to move to if my lease doesn't get renewed because the council will make him tear down my house. The places around here are stupidly expensive (hobby farms with massive mansions on them within 30 minutes of the city, my landlord is one of the last true farmers), so I couldn't afford to stay, but I don't want to move into the city either. I like having no neighbours except horses, cows, sheep, echidnas, rabbits and kangaroos. I found 2 blocks of land near each other 20 minutes further away that are quite affordable. I could probably get a demountable or kit house & the block and be able to afford it. One is 4 or 5 acres, but it is narrow and mostly covered in scraggly trees that I imagine would be a pain to remove. The ground is full of lumps and bumps and rises and falls. The other is quite little (bit over half an acre) and flat and clear and there is no risk of getting any close neighbours because it is an island in the middle of about 4 acres of Crown land. The big one only costs 50% more than the little one but has 8 times as much space. But kind of useless space. And there's the possibility of leasing the Crown land anyway, which would be almost as good as owning it. Both properties back onto a disused railway line which is kind of cool (the reason they are narrow I guess, no one can own the land around the railway line so that makes an automatic boundary) and when I visited the area on Wednesday I'm sure I saw one of those lever tram things lying by the side of it! But I couldn't get there to have a closer look because of the barbed wire fence that ran along the length of the line about 50m away from it. I almost want to definitely buy one of these blocks if only so I can explore the tracks properly!
    Anyway, not that you guys probably care at all but do you have any opinion?
    Quantumcat Vita fans might be happy to know my Vita has replaced my 3DS as the console I carry around with me. Ran out of games to play on my 3DS ages ago, only carried it around for Streetpass. I bought Spyro and Abe's Oddysee from PSN after failing to get Adrenaline working and am quite enjoying playing them on my lunch break :-) Meanwhile my poor 3DS now lives in the odds and ends drawer.
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    Quantumcat Uni has started back for the year, and I have a full time load as well as working 4 days a week. So I don't have time for gbatemp for the next few months. If someone wants to take over AGFD let me know. Everything should all work fine, it is only the logic for saving the files in the right directories that needs work! I can point out the sections that need to be looked at so you don't need to analyse it or anything. You don't even really need to know Java, just have a logical mind, really.
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    Quantumcat Tried to use my own program to download the files for an a9lh installation. Didn't get 1 minute in before I saw two big problems lol. 1. messages are being written to the status window when the file doesn't match the selected region/type/firmware (easy fix), 2. starter.zip had its contents extracted to my C drive instead of the folder the program was being run from (even though the zip itself gets saved to the right place). I already fixed a similar problem, but I have soooo much file saving and extracting code everywhere that is similar but not exactly the same, it's hard to keep track of (torrents have different code for extracting zip and 7z files, and so do normal file downloads, plus the saving of non-archived files). It has grown terribly by the bad practice of just fixing things as they come up, manually adding or subtracting slashes or whatever just to make it work, so now it's really hard to follow and work out what's going on so issues can be fixed o_o I should scrap it all and write something proper but that's such a daunting prospect...
    Definitely not release time yet lol
    Quantumcat I think my program finally works --- just need jlibtorrent.dll at the same level. I am pretty sure it would never ever have worked as a jar by itself, so the two friends who told me it worked for them must never have actually tried it >.< which set me on the wrong path. Well now I understand a little bit about classpaths and manifest files and stuff which I didn't before so it's not entirely a bad thing.

    @3than_H @Olmectron
    Please test http://quantumc.at/AGFD.zip (contains jlibtorrent.dll as well as the jar)!

    If this works it will be release 1.0!!!!!!!!!
    Quantumcat I have got torrents downloading along with direct files! Users don't need to have a torrent client anymore!

    It might be buggy --- any testing will be welcome.