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    PuNKeMoN Here I am. A human being on the planet Earth in the year 2,018 as far as recorded history is concerned. I live in the self-proclaimed greatest nation on the planet during what people have stated is the greatest time to exist. I am about to share what seems to be an unpopular opinion while I still have the freedom to do so.

    As I have been on this rock in space for over 3 decades, I have witnessed a significant amount of social change, although the significance of some of these changes is negligible. I won't point out any specific group, because it isn't my intention to start a huge flame war. Normally I am a very insensitive person, however the point of this topic is to highlight the merits and importance of insensitivity and how it is a necessary evil if mankind is to continue to flourish.

    Civil, economic, and social unrest are all the results of one group being overly insensitive towards another. That unrest leads to outrage, which then eventually leads to cultural change. The majority of cultural change is good, and humanity as a whole benefits. However, not all cultural change is good.

    I have never subscribed to the notion of being "politically correct" because first and foremost it hampers my right to freedom of expression, but also because it is an unnecessary byproduct of oversensitivity. Sheltering people from negativity creates weakness.

    Overcoming the adversity of uncomfortable situations is what helps humanity advance. If any notable humans of influence who have come before us hid in a "safe space" during times of great distress, chances are I wouldn't be writing this, you wouldn't be reading it, and recorded history would not exist because that one person did not have the courage to follow a dream that others mocked.

    Fuck sensitivity. Get over it. Greatness isn't achieved easily.