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  • ProtoKun7

    I made Twitch Affiliate!

    Well the main news is in the title. When I had some free time in May (these days it feels like a rarity) I got the chance to do a week of streams and I qualified for the Affiliate program. Email never came though, at least not until three days ago (after a couple of support tickets), so now I'm all set up.

    Now I just need to think of what emotes to put in...

    Streams can be somewhat sporadic at the moment, but I'll try to fit some in when I get the time. I've been playing a fresh Breath of the Wild run (only four parts as of writing; they'll be highlighted to keep them online) and I've been streaming Tetris 99 too, which I'm continuing to get better at.

    Also my channel name changed since the last blog entry; my channel is here:
  • ProtoKun7

    Starting up some Twitch and YouTube streaming.

    Almost five years since the last entry here. In relative time, anyway. And I just so happen to be writing it when the local clocks shift forwards an hour. I just wanted to advertise the fact that I'm going to try out streaming on Twitch at twitch.tv/ProtoKun7 and potentially on YouTube Gaming here. It's very early days and I don't have a mic or camera set up but depending on how it goes that could change. I want to see if it will go anywhere, so if you're interested at all or know people who might be then do subscribe or follow the channels. I don't have a schedule or anything set up just yet but I'll probably be on in late evenings or some afternoons, British time. On the off-chance that it does go somewhere then I could try to hammer out a proper schedule but it's early days.

    For an introductory stream I played a bit of Rocket League earlier, though other games will be played, including but not limited to: Garry's Mod, Elite Dangerous, Formula One, Star Wars Battlefront and possibly suggestions that you might put forward. I know it might be a little lonely without commentary but perhaps I might look into that in time. In fact, the YouTube channel already has two Battlefront 2015 videos uploaded last year.


    YouTube Gaming
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  • ProtoKun7


    So, I've got a big laser now.

    And a slightly smaller one too.

    Also, this is the third anniversary of my TARDIS exploding. And Amy and Rory's third anniversary. I still miss them sometimes. Oh well.
  • ProtoKun7

    My sonic screwdriver has been upgraded.

    It's still based on the same model, so it isn't a radical upgrade yet.


    I've also taken to using my Chameleon Arch as an actual watch, when it isn't storing my consciousness.

    And y u no read my last blog?
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    Gravity Rush et al.

    Well, the EU release date of Gravity Rush was officially today according to Sony's website, although the places nearby are only selling after the 15th for some infantile reason, so I had to jump forward and buy it on the 16th (could've done the 15th but I like Saturdays). To be fair, you'd think release dates wouldn't mean as much to me, but it's nice to have a sense of suspense now and again.

    Plus, WipEout 2048 got its HD + Fury DLC a couple of days from now, so I got that too and I've started playing that once I managed to get away from Gravity Rush for long enough. Looks like I've got plenty to keep myself occupied Vita-related for the time being.

    Also, thanks to recent events I'm very pleased to find myself in possession of two more sets of braces, a bow tie and a Stetson. I haven't worn bow ties or braces for over ten years.

    And Stetsons are cool.
  • ProtoKun7

    I'm back!

    Alright, I've decided I'd let you know again that I'm back, but from the proper position in time so it lines up with your way of doing things.
    Well, I'm back, anyway. :creep:

    Edit from future me: http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=293182 includes more information, including the fact I bought a 3DS when I was away. :ninja:
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    Relative period of linear absence

    Starting from tomorrow I've been away for a while. It was good, actually. I don't always look forward to the occasion until it happens (or backward, after/before it happens, whatever) and I do enjoy it while I'm there. It's illogical not to enjoy something if you have little option anyway. Not to say that I had a limited option. From a linear perspective I'll be away for...about the next 10 days or so, save for the occasional login to the shoutbox when I had the time and opportunity.
    So...you'll see me in about 10 days from now.

    Enjoy my absence. :yay:
    I did end up getting a 3DS on the 19th, though. GAME had Cosmos Black models for only £148.99 (Blue models were still higher), so I bought one along with Ridge Racer 3D, then I got Steel Diver on Sunday.
  • ProtoKun7

    I went to Bournemouth yesterday.

    I went to Bournemouth yesterday.

  • ProtoKun7

    5,000 posts!

    Hit two blue pips already. :mellow: Seems quick.
    (ProtoKun7 levels up from GBAtemp Psycho! to GBAtemp Guru)

    I got to 4,000 before Rydian did, and he kind of...overtook me. :unsure:
    In the other Valentine's Day thread I said that I don't actually observe Valentine's Day, but I thought I should point out that if I spent some of my day getting to 5,000 and Valentine's Day was something that actually mattered to me then that probably says something about my social life. :creep:

    (By the way, this is actually more to do with record-keeping than a bragging attempt, so no need to go pointing that out.)

    Also, I noticed the other day that the blog header has turned white with the exceptions of the actual "GBAtemp Blogs" line. Who did that? :unsure:
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    My GBAtemp DSTWO has now arrived!

    It arrived today; the package was on the table as I got back. :D
    From 0ShippingZone, by the way.
    Thumbnail for hugeness.


    Incidentally, this also marks 2 years and 2 days of being registered here. ;)

    Also, probably going to the cinema later. Either watching TRON: Legacy or Megamind. Maybe both.
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    It's 2011.

    So, um, it's 2011 now.
    Here, anyway.
    That is all.

  • ProtoKun7

    4,000 post get!

    I was genuinely surprised that I got there before Rydian did. :unsure:

    Veho, raulpica, I'm catching up. :angry:
  • ProtoKun7

    Binary blog.

    Well, uh, yeah. That's all I wanted to do.

    Have fun, y'all.

    10th October 2010, 10:10.10.

    I'm so interesting.

  • ProtoKun7

    Picture time!

    But not of me just yet. :creep:

    But yeah, I said I'd upload pictures of my sonic screwdriver at some point, and I'm just getting around to it now.



    Also, I think these are the first photos I've taken and uploaded here...
  • ProtoKun7

    I have returned!

    My computer has returned, exactly one month after it ceased functioning; I can now return to full power here and everywhere else! :hrth:
    Unfortunately, I've missed the first part of the noobflood (exactly the opposite thought to what some are probably thinking that have been here). So what else have I missed?

    Alright, in the month that has passed: My sonic screwdriver from the Celestial Toymaker arrived (it arrived on the same day this broke, as it happened, though I was out during the delivery so I had it picked up the following morning), I've been in the shoutbox annoying all of the other regulars...and pining...

    On Monday I ordered an Xperia X10 on eBay; received it on Friday and I must say it's very nice. If there isn't one already I may make an Essentials thread focusing on Android apps.

    That's probably the majority of my news, and I'll be interested in knowing what I missed here.

    If needed, you now have a new soldier reporting in to handle the noobflood alongside TrolleyDave (amongst others ;))