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    I was just having some random thoughts recently and started thinking about how whenever something I use gives me the option for a custom profile picture or character skin or so I always use one that I've made myself, like I don't think I've ever used just a picture of a character or so for my pfp or even my Minecraft skin, I don't even really consider myself to be good at art or anything, but its always felt really weird to me to just use something created by someone else to identify myself by...

    The two main pfps I've used throughout my time on the internet have been my old Pk11 (previously with Epicpkmn11 before I switched to mostly using Pk11 when possible and even more previously with an ugly font) logo with red and black and lines and I dunno I guess I thought it looked cool in 2012 or so :P and more recently a drawing I made that sorta looks like me but like with cat ears because I dunno that I made in the Colors! DS homebrew app, both of which while not looking very good were made fully by me.
    upload_2020-1-8_9-31-53.png upload_2020-1-8_9-32-11.png

    If anyone actually reads this I'm curious how y'all pick your pfps since I've always found if pretty weird to use one that you didn't make, but yet like most people don't seem to care and just use something from a game or show they like or so.

    Also is this how blogs are supposed to go? I've never written any kinda blog thing before but this seemed kinda fun. ;P
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