If I'm ever in a mood to write something this is probably where I'll put it.
I'm going to try to write here fairly often to try help get over anxiety or whatever about expressing my feelings and thoughts, so don't be surprised to find a lot of 3:00 ramblings about dumb things ;P

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    I beat Run 2!

    So the Adobe Flash Player installer popped up on my computer yelling at be to just get rid of Flash already since their killing it soon, and that got me thinking about how soon its going to be a lot harder to play old flash games... So I decided to finally actually get around to beating for real 100% Run 2, since that was the game I always played the most way back in elementary school and I've never truly beaten it before, I've done all the main levels as Runner, but I don't think I ever made it through the bonuses even, much less complete Skater. I played on coolmath-games.com for the full nostalgia as that was the one games site with real games that was ever allowed in elementary school, iirc the teachers kept going back and forth on allowing the site since like 70% of the games really aren't math at all like this, but then someone would show them like the one math game on the site and they'd allow it lol. Sadly they have ads now so the site is a lot laggier than it used to be, Run 2 is also on the developer's site at https://player03.com/run/2/ if anyone wants to play it, it's honestly a pretty fun game imo.

    Here's my level select screens as runner and skater respectively as proof:
    スクリーンショット 2020-10-13 19.22.24.png スクリーンショット 2020-10-13 22.10.09.png

    And I couldn't not include this, I just found it too funny that this is all it says for fully beating the game 100% lol
    スクリーンショット 2020-10-13 22.03.17.png

    I just wanted to write about this since it's a pretty fun game and like a nostalgic thing from elementary school for me, so I made a blog post ;P
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    Felt like writing a blog entry again ;p

    I've been reading books again a lot more recently after several years of just not really reading any sort of books at all, and I just started using my Kindle to do so since I've got one so why not use it and in doing so I remembered how much I used to read on it which really got me thinking about why I just kinda stopped for a few years... And what I think it is is just English classes (as in like essays and reading and such class, not foreign language). I used to read quite a lot and now that I've found stuff I like to read again I've been reading a lot recently too, so you might think I'd like English classes as I liked reading and even used to like writing a bit (in elementary school me and a couple friends wrote Warriors fan fics I've sadly luckily lost to time), but I've always hated English classes in middle / high school... I dunno, I really enjoy just getting into a book and enjoying the story, but tell me to find the theme and track the story progression and all that and I hit one of two outcomes, I manage to find something resembling a theme at the cost of hating the book and my time reading it or I get too caught up in enjoying the book to keep track of that... Same thing for movies, I could never for the life of me take notes during a movie in class, but I guess I was just so bad at taking notes school never ruined movies for me. So because of this I think I just kinda slowly lost interest in reading throughout middle and high school as it turned from a fun way to experience a world to a task of finding quotes and working them into a theme...

    As a kid the series I read the most was the Warriors cats series, also Harry Potter some, but that's about it. I probably read through the entire series of both of those at least a few times... I've just always kinda enjoyed experiencing the same few things repeatedly, is that weird? I've just got a few albums I mostly listen too, basically the only games I play are like Minecraft, Pokémon, and Mario Kart, there's a few YouTubers who I'll basically just stick their whole channels on shuffle every few months, etc... That's kinda getting off topic though :ha:

    Recently I've been reading mostly trans / lesbian books online. Some of them probably do have enough theme and stuff to work well for English class book reviews or what not, but also just fun trans fluff and the like. I think I was really able to start getting into reading these again since their just stories on websites, not like actual paper books like you'd always read in English class so I was able to get into them without the mindset of reading a book for English class and was able to just enjoy reading them again... Side note but I always feel weird calling online stories books... Like their effectively the same, usually a decent book length when finished, their stories that are written... with words... made of letters... their just published to websites for free and released chapter by chapter as their written instead of dumped out onto paper all at once... I dunno, novels? webnovels? books?

    Welp now I've gone and written an essay on why I don't like the class that taught me how to write essays, haven't I? Guess its conclusion time so... I guess I just got this thought in my head and wanted to write about it since it just struck me as kinda odd how the class that always pushed to read books really just turned me away from them for several years... Heck I even despised writing essays in English class yet this is almost a standard 5 paragraph essay right here, I think English classes just never really worked for me... I like reading, I like writing, but I don't like reading to find something, I just like to read for the experience... I also never liked the whole moving on to "high school books" because "kids books" are too low level or something... Like what really makes reading a Shakespeare book all that much better than reading a "kids" book about clans of wild cats besides the language being so old its kinda hard to read, there's plenty of people (or cats) killing each other in both lol. Huh, you actually read through this? Thanks? Sorry? I dunno, I'm just trying to write more so have some thoughts ;P

    Just wanted to give a few stories I've liked recently, their all free to read on Scribble Hub so why not :ha:
    So here's just a few that come to mind:
    If any of the authors actually use GBAtemp sorry if I didn't specifically list your story, I didn't want to make too big a list ;P

    Edit: Wow, I wrote this without JS on so I had to write it all in BBCode and I only made one mistake ;P
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    iBook G4s are fun

    I'm not really sure what I want to write right now but I want to try just writing my thoughts out more as I don't do that enough and the blogging here seems like as good a place as any for that. Sorry that this is probably just a massive amount of words for little reason, I'm not coming into this with a plan and just want to write things in a public place to help get more comfortable with expressing myself and such... Its also 3:00 (AM)... :ha:

    I'm on my iBook G4 (Late '05 12", 1.33 GHz PPC G4, 1.5 GB DDR RAM, Mac OS X 10.5.8) as I'm writing this so that's what I'm going to write about :ha: This computer is basically what I use when I'm just feeling too stressed out and want to get off the computer, if I just stop I'll probably end up back on in 5 minutes though so instead I take out this computer and it feels like I'm back in elementary school or something (this is what we had in the class back in like 2010 still). I've got it all set up so it can do just about everything I do, YouTube, GBAtemp, Discord, iTunes, git, a decent text editor, just not all at once (I said its from 2005 ;P).

    On my main computer (Mid '13 MacBook Air) no matter what I try to block myself I can always just go around myself and defeat the point - I've blocked access to https://discordapp.com on that computer then preceded to turn on my proxy so that I can access it - this one is simply physically not able to run iTunes, YouTube, Discord, and VS Code all at once and me end up overwhelming myself. Something about having YouTube on playing songs from 2012 while browsing GBAtemp and having the page stutter a bit while scrolling and the song cut out for 5 - 10 seconds every time I click a link and having a legitimate way to stop myself from just leaving Discord open in the background just really helps me calm down... Its very nostalgic feeling despite the fact that this wasn't what I would've been doing 10 years ago... It still has that feeling in a way that's hard to capture without actually using old hardware like this...

    Also I've got some good memories with this laptop, I've only had it since 20... 17 I think, not all the way since back in elementary school, but in high school my school had school issued iPads, but none of my teachers were ever very strict about using the iPad if you wanted to bring a laptop and it could do everything the iPads could, for my entire 11th grade year and part of 12th I used this laptop (which was about 17 years). I found it pretty fun using such an outdated laptop but it often performed better than the school iPads, none of the websites we needed were usually very intensive and since everything was online and PowerPC Macs have some good backported browsers the only things that ever really made this struggle were Google Slides and videos.

    The iBook G4 is still one of my favorite laptops to this day, the keyboard is really comfortable to use (good size keys, good travel, responsive feel), the screen has a pretty good resolution of 1024x768 (4:3) it does get tablet sizes sometimes due to that being the iPad's resolution, but the 4:3 aspect ratio really beats out the 16:9 of the 11" MacBook Airs and most other netbooks, and its got a matte finish that makes it easy to see the screen even in brightly lit places, the final 2005 models even have a multi touch trackpad that has better 2 finger scrolling than just about any Windows laptop I've used older than the Surface Pro 3 (and even a lot of modern cheaper laptops, if you hate trackpads you probably just haven't used an Apple one from 2005 or newer).

    Welp, the moral of this story is... I like outdated tech? Not a surprise, I make DS homebrew in 2020 :ha:
    I'm intentionally not proofreading this before posting as I'd probably end up deleting it so have a rambling about the iBook G4 :P

    PS: Some recommended software for the iBook G4 on Leopard in 2020:
    - Leopard WebKit (Backport of 2018 WebKit to Safari 5, runs really well for most sites)
    - TenFourFox (Backport of near current (and still maintained) FireFox to a backport of FireFox 45 ESR, slower than Leopard WebKit but better compatibility)
    - Tigerbrew (A fork of Homebrew for PPC, you can install some really new versions of things like git and ssh with it, but usually have to build from source which can take a few hours or even days if you don't have a good computer, I built most of them on my G5 Quad)
    - Mail (The default app, just noting it still works great for me, also can be patched with Leopard WebKit if needed)
    - TextWrangler (3.5.3) (A pretty good text editor, version 3.5.3 is the last for Leopard PowerPC)
    - The Unarchiver (3.9) (If you've used a mac you've probably got this, it can extract just about anything)
    - CoRD (0.5.5) (A client for window's RDP)
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    Some kinda rant about Mario Kart 8's rankings

    I dunno why I really feel the need to write this but I've been playing some Mario Kart 8 since ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and I gotta say I really don't like the ranking system... There's something about it that just puts be in a really bad mood.

    In Mario Kart DS I'm basically at best a one star player, I've gotten a couple twos and threes at 50cc and maybe 100cc, but in 150cc+ even getting a star is tough for me. I've got no clue - and I don't want to know tbh - how the rankings are determined in MKDS, but it somehow or other actually cares about *how* you play, not just the place you finish in, you can get 1st place every lap and still get not even get a star, in MK7 and newer (I think? I don't remember how Wii ranks work) the ranking is based purely on what place you finish in each race, get 1st four times, get three stars. And stars are the only ranks, no F - A or whatever DS had.

    I'm not really sure why but when I play DS if I'm in a casual mood then I don't even tend to care if I get 2nd once or twice, I just find it fun to play, but when I play 7 and newer even if I try not to care unless I'm playing with someone else I'll just quit the grand prix early if I don't get 1st every race. In DS its like so you got 2nd, who cares, who knows what the rank would be anyways. In MK8 if I get second I already know I've failed three stars while if I'd just played that little bit better I wouldn't have... Sure I may still get one or two stars, but I know exactly what I missed that prevented three stars and its just really demoralizing...

    And since its relatively so easy to get the best rank if I do feel more like trying to get a better rank in DS I can usually get first every time so its worth playing the whole cup to see if I can improve, some cups I've still only got an A on so there's usually several opportunities to improve, in MK8 I've either already got the best rank, or I'm just a slightly above averge luck grand prix away, once you get four 1st's in a row you've done it, no need to try optimize your time. Sure other modes like time trials exist, but I've never into that, I play Mario Kart for the items and the chaos, not just to drive a loop three times, but I still like the rewarding feeling DS gives when you do well, in MK8 I just feel like I'm done, on to the next one. There's a reason I haven't come back to MK8 Deluxe after I three stared every course about a week after getting it while MKDS is still one of my favorite games to come back to, MKDS offers me a challenge that I can't overcome in a week by simply beating out the AI, when I play MKDS I feel I can still improve myself, and when I do it feels rewarding, In MK8 I just feel like I've already done all it wants.

    Sorry about a random rant about Mario Kart 8 :ha:
    I don't mean to say and Mario Kart is bad, I find them all fun, but I just really miss the old ranking system and have been finding the new one not just less satisfying but to be stressing me out whenever I play MK8 so I just wanted to let that out I guess, I don't want to create an argument ;P
    Also just gonna say I don't particularly enjoy online play all that much so sure that's a way to keep playing against difficult opponents, but its just not how I like to play it.
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    Profile pictures

    I was just having some random thoughts recently and started thinking about how whenever something I use gives me the option for a custom profile picture or character skin or so I always use one that I've made myself, like I don't think I've ever used just a picture of a character or so for my pfp or even my Minecraft skin, I don't even really consider myself to be good at art or anything, but its always felt really weird to me to just use something created by someone else to identify myself by...

    The two main pfps I've used throughout my time on the internet have been my old Pk11 (previously with Epicpkmn11 before I switched to mostly using Pk11 when possible and even more previously with an ugly font) logo with red and black and lines and I dunno I guess I thought it looked cool in 2012 or so :P and more recently a drawing I made that sorta looks like me but like with cat ears because I dunno that I made in the Colors! DS homebrew app, both of which while not looking very good were made fully by me.
    upload_2020-1-8_9-31-53.png upload_2020-1-8_9-32-11.png

    If anyone actually reads this I'm curious how y'all pick your pfps since I've always found if pretty weird to use one that you didn't make, but yet like most people don't seem to care and just use something from a game or show they like or so.

    Also is this how blogs are supposed to go? I've never written any kinda blog thing before but this seemed kinda fun. ;P