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    Animation I worked on


    Did the audio editing on this animation. What do you guys think of it? :D

    I also worked on this a little bit:


    In other news, I've been playing The Darkness, which is really fun but nobody plays multiplayer anymore ;(
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    Today I got to play both BAYONETTA and SCRIBBLENAUTS at Comic-Con. Both were amazing.

    Pics at my blog: http://wtblog.tumblr.com/
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    Back from comic-con preview night.

    All I can say is: Wow. I managed to play a bunch of games, like Darksiders, Uncharted 2, Sands of Destruction (amazing), and MORE. Read my blog for pics.

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    Going to LA tommorow

    Well, tommorow I'm going to go to Universal Studios with my Mom. It's weird, about 10 years ago there would be a situation where I would beg to go to a place like this, and now my mom is almost begging me to go with her. I get carsick really easily, and It's a 3-hour drive to LA, so I'm not really looking forward to it. Oh jeez, I hope there's something to do there. besides wander around for a few hours. Maybe I'll find War :O
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    This is how I sleep.


    What the fuck?

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    WHAT THE B**G?!

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    I just got a brand new gaming laptop! It's a Qosmio X305-Q715.


    Going to put in a better graphics card and a solid-state drive in it some day (when I build up some more money).

    It can do some nice crap, like run oblivion on hi-res ultra-high quality with 16X anti-aliasing with no chokes


    On the downside, its ugly D:
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    I just dropped my iPhone on my nose

    Seriously. I didn't know the iPhone could be so heavy. Warning: Don't watch videos lying on your back with your arms streched out, or you will have a wad of tissue paper up your nose.
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    My first drawing I made in Flash

    Hey everyone, just showing you my sad little man that I made freehand using the brush tool. It's the first thing I made using Flash:

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    Xbox360 or iPod touch?

    Ok, right now this is mah random question blog article thing that is sort of important. right now, I have money. As in cash money (about $500, a little more... and increasing), which is a very bad thing, and i need to spend it soon, or else ninjas will steal it. so im deciding to buy either an iPod touch or an Xbox 360. Right now i have this chart:

    - games I REALLY want to play... and can buy
    - access to Instant messenger
    - can play games with other friends (that have a 360... pretty much all of them)

    - need to buy an expensive wireless network adapter sepratly (i have a router, not a cable)
    - a little more expensive
    - may distract me from school, that will be coming up soon >:3

    iPod- (i would buy a refurbished one, for $200)
    - much awesomer than my ipod nano that i won from a machine.
    - can access all media from my ipod nano (except games)
    - awesome cheap apps
    - have some money left over

    - Already own an iPod... what am i gunna do with that?
    - costs more and more money for more and more stuff (I'd only get a few more Xbox games, after i get more money :P)
    - touch screen keyboard is kinda annoying (made lots of mistakes at the apple store test one XD)

    This is a hard decision.... I'm prolly gunna go with the 360, for the sole purpose of playing with friends XP

    I just want your opinions, please :P
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    Just got back from Comic-con

    O Haiena everyone! did anyone go to the preview night at San diego Comic-con? it was AWESHOME! i bought a domo-kun shirt and a leek that is very squishie and spinnable :O Woops, accidentally posted this as a blog article. o well XP