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    Interview in About an Hour

    Have a second phone interview in about an hour here.

    Messed up the first time around by studying the wrong thing - interviewer kind of berated me for it. Probably fairly.

    Working in tech in Silicon Valley, so "one does not simply apply to one job" - it is expected you apply to about 6-12 at a time and get a few offers so they compete (can make the difference of up to $250K over the course of 4 years - companies will screw you if they can).

    Interview is in a topic I didn't study very deeply. Much closer to hardware than the usual leetcode I had been practicing. I have a Ph.D. in computer engineering so I certainly have the background, but just making sure it comes through in an interview (and that I remember the things I need to [I have forgotten more than I know]) is proving difficult.

    Wish me luck.