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    Scott Pilgrim as a chick flick ?!

    So I went yesterday to see Karate Kid (My friend insisted that I refrain from downloading it and watch it in the theater, meaning free popcorn !) it was a "meh" movie but that is not I want to rant talk about.

    After buying the tickets I spot with my eye the poster of Scott Pilgrim (which only comes to our theater on 30 Sep :angry: ) that has been there for the last month and suddenly I notice that the title doesn't say "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" it says..."My Girlfriends Exes(Scott Pilgrim vs. The World)"

    That just sad, now if I talk to people on the movie they are gonna refer to it as that :cry:
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    Starting my own freelancing computer repair "business"

    I've been thinking of starting doing computer repairs in my town (its a small town with about 700-800 pop. ) and I was wondering how much to charge people for any kind of job from installing OSs to configuring stuff and maybe purchasing parts when necessary, from what former freelancers techs told me that there is potential here to have success in having costumers (lots of old people with computers :P ) I'll be putting my ad soon in the mailboxes, I pray that I'll succeed since as of now I don't have any source of income :sleep: .

    In another unrelated note I heard a bunch of 10 year-old talking passionately about D&D and how awesome their mage's spells are, the geek inside me was happy ^_^