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    Pippin666 KI:U is a good game, but it appears that the controls are questionable. Using a stand under a portable console is ironic. Without it, the hand using the stylus may get tire quickly varying from a person to another. Since I am one of them, I started to think of way to relax my hand while playing but I couldn't. Then I remembered an accessory that originally came with the first generation of Nintendo DS (phat).

    This, the thumb strap ! Because it was so cheap and that I lost mine, I ordered one from the exact same link. Not only because of that, the game let you customize so many aspects of the controls that you can change the speed of the target used to aim at enemies. Depending on the size of your hand, you can tweak it so you don't have to use the whole touchscreen, from left to right or up and down, with the stylus to move the target.

    Luckily for everyone, there is a place on both side of the Nintendo 3DS where you can attach a strap.

    If you still have yours, I suggest you try it if not already. For everyone, check for comments, it's so cheap not to buy one !

    Pippin666 Hello everyone, I am 30 years old and I live near Montreal in Quebec. My first language is french, so please prepare for some engrish, slang and shortcuts in my writings. I purchased a Nintendo 3DS on launch day and I was very disappointed about it. Since then, the console changed quite a bit, as many new consoles updates were released, it managed to finally charmed me. From time to time when I use it, I think and about it's behavior, potential and some "how it should have been done".

    My ideas of "Entry" here are to be short and yet very descriptive for everyone to understand.

    First entry coming soon,