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    the funny game - devlog 1

    so me and the team are working on the game, so you may be wondering what we've done for the past few months.
    well for one thing we made our own file format for Visual Novels. and yes this was out of pure laziness to use another format

    Its called Compilation Regarding Audio Containing Konversation, or, as an acrynoym, .crack (kinda like how subtitle files are called .ass lol)
    To add onto this, i made my own editor for the file called cracker, so when the game is done i will probs make it open source after some cleaning up with the code

    Me and @TomRannd are currently working on the parser for this, aka the thing that will allow our game engine (godot) to read these files.

    In other news, @TomRannd is picking up godot very quickly, i'm still a baby at it. he's mostly developing the actual game itself, no screenshots yet tho, still very early in dev.

    @PineappleGod WOULD be working on the script but skool seems to be taking up most of his time, i've heard he'll be back on track soon.

    @smileyhead has also been helping with UI design, very cool!

    @Stealphie is there for ideas and the occasional tetris match with @TomRannd when godot seems to fuck with us.

    Voice actors have been, uh,
    kinda dead.

    But I don't blame them as we dont even have a script yet (or at least partially).

    i've also been making a scene for a part in the game where [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] happens, i've been working on it and its still unfinshed (why cant uv maps be ez :()
    i did manage to render it tho so enjoy the, ahem, scenery

    But yeah, dev is speeding up and things are getting done.

    thanks for reading!
  • PipeWarp

    ama - ask me something (because now we are suddenly hopping on this trend)

    if you can read the title, i suppose you can comment too.

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    1 Year and 1 Day on this site

    well it's been one year and one day yadda yadda blah blah blah things happened over this time blah blah blah here are the key events

    that day i will never forget

    pretty cool experience ngl

    does anyone really care about the engine lol

    you might already know this if you've seen me in the ds homebrew section but i made friends with polymars and thats pretty cool in my eyes

    it was bricked but now its not

    irony aside, thanks to all of you for just being great people, making me laugh and overall being good friends.

    -pipe warp (funny pipe man guy)
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    just a quick test

    • yo

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    So I'm going to start working on the dsi nand editor once i finish the memorypit installer v2 and skool stuff.