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    philip11 Well, I went to a flea market found a good deal on old broken laptops that I could salvage parts and sell so I bought 2 of those and when I was looking at another table I set my 3DS down to look at some stuff so I was done then I wlked away leaving my 3DS I noticed a mintue later I didn't have it I went back to the table it wasn't there I searched the entire place I didn't find it, so I was quite sad the next few days.

    So I called nintendo and they said they could do just about nothing they said if I got a new 3DS and my old one turned up they could contact the police department and see what they could do about transfering data,
    And this was Saturday night the day before Easter that I called them

    so a few days later when I decided I wasn't getting it back (someone Stole it) I searched on eBay for a good deal after painfully getting Sniped multible time's I got one it came in the mail and it was in amazing Condition like new (only it wasn't).

    So I called Nintendo again to see what they could do this person was MUCH more helpful they said they would restore my games they just needed the Serial Number of my old 3DS and My new 3DS and a copy of the police report.

    So I got my Police Report sent it in a eMail 2 days later I got a reply with a Download code for LoZ: 25th Aniversary Edition. I thought huh that's odd so also I got a call when I was out and my Mom accidently Deleted it so 2 days later we called Nintendo again to see what the Call was about they called to say my $100 Dolars in funds from my eShop cards had all been transfered :D so I got some new games and most of my old games and now I am VERY happy with Nintendo for there help I don't know what was with that Idiot I talked to first but whatever I'm happy now :D
    philip11 So For Christmas I'm getting a 3DS And it Looks Like a TON Of Fun the only problem Battery Life But the Battery packs are good and I not a gamer that can't take Breaks so that's fine with me on a lighter side I put these image's on the 3DS Screens with Paint so here they are

    And I will Take requests

    ON Topic The AR Cards Sound Like Tons of fun!
    Got the Club Nintendo AR Card And Can't wait to use it!