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    perspex So somebody walked off with my backpack from the lobby of novotel in barcelona sant joan despi while I put it down near the sofas for second to go sign the papers for check in. The CCTV saw the guy, but the hotel staff wasn't very helpful and i was asked to go to the local police station to file a report. Local police station sent me to another bigger station, nice cop helps files the report for me. Over 2 weeks later, no info on the bag. Going to apply for travel insurance and see where that goes.

    Total Damage -
    1. Nintendo Switch unpatched with SX OS pro dongle + 400gb sd card loaded with games + nyko power case with over 10 switch catridges (oh my hurts to even type it)
    2. Alienware 15 R1 gtx980m (a little old, but still used to run like a beast)
    3. Ipad Mini 4 64gb
    4. Other smaller stuff.

    I know it was stupid of me to even let go of my backpack for a second, but that laptop is so heavy, it hurts my shoulders after carrying it for a while. Plus, I was in the hotel lobby of Novotel, not some random street or subway. Absolutely, did not expect something like this to happen.

    Sorry for complaining, but i had to vent. Only sadness and despair remains....the switch was irreplaceable, rest i can buy back eventually.
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