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    pasc Well... been quite some years since I visited the temp.

    However, as I - for some unknown reason - just remembered some minutes ago, that I used to shop here:
    (Regarding gaming stuff)

    I thought I'd pin this up here.

    Ordered from them ~10+ years ago (good ol GBA days :D), but apparantly they are keeping up with the time.

    Feel free to check them out.
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    pasc Well, since I dusted off some of my shelves today I found one of my several years old CDs.
    As it turns out there was a music piece I titled "Unknown" (genious right ?).

    Well, if anyone has an idea what it might be:


    Thanks for any suggestions...

    (BTW: that last second of the song doesn't belong in there... dunno why that is there)
    pasc Good to come back here from time to time.

    Anyways, I'm currently searching for Wireless Headphones (preferably Bluetooth) for about
    50 - max 65 $ that work with every mp3 player ( not bluetooth capable ones only)


    Wireless Headphones that are made of stury material (not too bulky) which work with
    any mp3 player over the headphone jack and a receiver.

    Thanks in advance for suggestions
    pasc Well, this must come kinda out of the blue to you guys, but I recently moved to my new room. I basically switched the rooms with my brother and got a neat high-bed (dunno how this is called in English, it is just a bed, which was build higher using these.

    Ah and, when I moved from my old room I lost one of my two micro SD's.

    Sorry if this Entry is completly random :D I just felt like sharing it.

    I may add pictures in the coming days, but seeing how my room kinda isn't organized yet I'll do that later.

    Greetz out to: Ducky, Gaydrian, Alex, SchuchWun, tinymonkeyt, enarky, Sinkhead, fischju, JKR Firefox and all the other tempers I forgot :hrth:
    pasc omg no ! the unbelieveable has happened, Assassins Creed DS has been pushed back to 28th March 2008....

    Oh well, N2 will still come out, but anyway, perhaps that will make the game better ?

    (translated) Source: link
    pasc Well, my Ez Flash 3 in 1 Expansion finally arrived yesterday.

    I've done a little testing so far and must say: it works really well ! Yeah, I had some problems with 5 saves that don't want to get converted from my former M3 to Ez 3 in 1 Format, but I guess it is just a matter of time until I will get them to work somehow.

    So here is a rundown on quality and performance:

    - Build Quality is kinda nice, even though I don't understand why you can look into the cart so it will cover dust :unsure:
    - Compatibility with Gba Games is high, as expected but the Sram Patching is a bit annoying
    - Rumble Pak Support is superb ! A bit Metroid Pinball with Rumbelfunction can be VERY fun (I can't wait until more games support this :grog: )
    - The Expansion for the Opera Browser works very good too !
    - Constantly writing to NOR is also a nice feature.

    Overall it's a pretty cool card for the price :gba:

    I can recommend it and Totalgba
    pasc Woha, it seems Itagaki wants to bring out a Sequel to Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword (even though it isn't even out yet) ! I guess I should perhaps get some money aside ;) .

    Take a look at this interview (fast forward to the 4:20 mark if you just wanna see the "hint",but I think the whole should be watched since seeing Itagaki speaking is rare (afaik):


    Well, I guess such a sequel would rock.