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    REDDIT SUCKS! (Essay)

    Hello, my edgy little tempers!



    It's been a long time since I've been active on this site because I've been spending most of my time on the website Reddit.
    Needless to say, I'm back now.

    And I've realized something in the meantime; I cannot fucking stand that website.
    Allow me to explain my immense hatred for the online entity known as Reddit.


    I will tackle 3 big topics.


    Here we go



    Before I talk about Reddit's toxic community I'd first like to acknowledge how exactly it functions. This includes the people that run the website and control the back-end of it.

    I'm sure everyone's familiar with how the site works, but for the few who don't know, I'll provide some info about it.

    Basically, there are a bunch of different subreddits, which are basically different topics of discussion. In each of these little "subs" (short for subreddits), a handful of posts are made every day, hour, and even minute depending on how popular the sub is. Unlike a traditional forum-based site, such as this one, so many posts are made in so little time that just showing the latest posts doesn't appeal to the communities. To fix this, the site is built around popularity using upvotes (which are basically likes).
    The problem is that the vast majority of people don't see your post immediately and thus can't upvote it so everyone can see it. The only people that get to see posts before the masses do are those who sort their feed of posts by "new" instead of the default "hot". Thus those few people who sort by new and happen to see your post will pretty much decide it's fate (whether the masses see it or nobody does).

    Allow me to put two and two together,
    To get people to SEE your post, it must be upvoted by EVERY ONE of those first ~100 people who initially see it.

    This means that anything remotely controversial will not end up being upvoted by all of those first ~100 and thus will get censored.

    As a result, most users only see the most inoffensive, watered-down, and widely-accepted content in the subreddit, which obviously does a very poor job of accurately representing a community.

    One of the most Ironically broken subreddits on the website is "r/UnpopularOpinion".
    The reason why it's broken is because the actual unpopular opinions are downvoted because they're controversial, while the POPULAR opinions are upvoted and thus are the ones that show up in the regular feed. Probably the most typical "unpopular" post that shows up is something along the lines of "I think Trump should be impeached!". People think that this opinion is unpopular, but the very fact that it has tons of upvotes already shows that the opinion isn't remotely unpopular.

    Reddit's algorithm is specifically designed to only allow content that is harmless or pandering, which ultimately contributes to the toxicity of it's community.

    Another Reddit feature that does this sort of thing is the "Award" system.
    Basically, Reddit allows you to give them money in exchange for a virtual stack of silver or gold medals that you can give to posts you like.

    You need to PAY the WEBSITE (not the people you award!) money just to give people glorified upvotes.

    This is such a fucking stupid and lazy way that the management of the website makes it's money that it fucking embarrasses me. They've created a system that encourages people to become so desperate for public approval that they resort to giving the system money so that they can feel good about awarding a post.
    Because Reddit encourages the production of bland content the only posts that get these awards are the ones seen by the masses. As I explained earlier, this tends to be some of the most inoffensive and pandering content imaginable.

    This algorithm influences you to seek out approval over individuality. And by eliminating everyone that doesn't fit their own subjective standards, they create a soulless army of yes-men. The few who show their true personality are made outcasts and are buried by the masses.

    The structure of Reddit is the soul cause of why the community has grown to be so toxic over the years.

    This ties into my next section,



    As if the structure wasn't broken enough, it's made worse by the community that it helped create.

    Most of the community has been shaped to lose all of it's individuality so that they could fit into the algorithm better. The result is an army of spineless and pathetic attention-whores that ever existed.
    And trust me, when it comes to attention-whoring, I'm pretty experienced (lol).

    Let me provide you with what the average Reddit post looks like;

    "Lawyer here, you don't actually know if I'm a lawyer or not but how can you prove me wrong? lol here's some terrible law advice. Thanks for the gold kind stranger uwu"

    Obviously I'm being sarcastic here, but I feel as if my sarcasm isn't that far away from the actual reality of the posts on Reddit. Some posts are such blatant attempts at getting upvotes that it's fucking hilarious.
    After Stan Lee (Marvel) died, everyone's Reddit feeds were BOMBARDED with these upvote-whores. Every subreddit from r/dankmemes all the way to fucking r/cooking was full of these "Rip Stan Lee!" posts and they all were upvoted and awarded like crazy.

    Also, for all the females out there reading this:
    If you want to get likes without having to have any creativity at all, REDDIT IS YOUR PLACE!
    Any sort of picture or post that makes it clear that the OP (Original poster) is a girl will get upvoted. No exceptions.
    The community of Reddit is so fucking dominantly full of males that they immediately lose their shit when they see a selfie of a girl. Some of the laziest posts I've ever seen are women and girls posing in sexualized ways on SFW subreddits and they get THOUSANDS of upvotes because of the white-knighting community.

    For a community that prides itself on not being "Normie", it appeals to the most basic people imaginable.
    This arrogant Anti-Normie stigma is so widespread that it practically is normie itself.

    Reddit is so convinced that their community is for counter-culture people and intellectuals, when in fact the website is made up of the most basic, institutionalized, inoffensive, bland, spineless, little pricks imaginable. Fucking Vile.

    I would normally leave it at that, but I would be cutting Reddit too much slack if I didn't acknowledge the very obvious political bias that Reddit's community carries.

    Let me be clear, I don't care what your political beliefs are no matter how extreme they might be.
    Reddit though, does care. Reddit cares a lot.

    If you look at r/News, r/UnpopularOpinion, or r/Politics, almost 90% of all the posts are something negative about Donald Trump. If you say something even remotely in defense of him (or really any sort of right wing value), you will get witch-hunted.

    That's right, Redditors will get so triggered over your opinions that they will go onto your profile and downvote every post that you've made, regardless of what you said in those posts. This is a real thing that actually happens. I'm dead fucking serious.

    I once said in a post that I thought that tube-tops (the tight clothing that teenage girls wear) were trashy and I got FUCKING CRUCIFIED for that. Everyone was calling me an "Neckbeard" and saying that I was probably some grouchy Incel in my mom's basement that hated women everywhere. After a couple hours I started noticing that posts and comments that I made in the past were being downvoted too. All because I dared to say I thought modern clothing was trashy.

    These people that called me an "Incel" just made me laugh, because their whole argument doesn't even make sense.
    An "Incel" is someone who is desperate for female attention so much that they begin to sacrifice their own self-respect just to get some female acceptance. I was just saying that tube-tops looked trashy, while they were freaking out and saying that I was somehow objectifying women by talking about a piece of clothing. In no way does talking about a piece of fucking clothing translate into objectifying women.
    To take it further, the people who were making this accusation were acting more like Incels than I was. They immediately opted to be offended on behalf of women and acted like they were defending them from me. Ugh.

    If you go against the normie's opinion, you will get downvoted. Anything conservative at all will be downvoted. You will be called every name in the book, from Incel to Boomer, by the community of lusty and arrogant slobs known as the Reddit community.

    Just for the hell of it, let me list of Reddit's top 5 worst subreddits and provide a brief insight as to why they suck.


    5. r/Pics
    A bunch of Upvote-whores. You got selfies from 14 year old girls that get upvoted by horny 30 year old men, you got photoshoped pictures of Donald Trumps head onto a dead body, and you got pictures of Stan Lee with a blatantly pandering caption to get upvotes. All of which are normie attempts at getting upvoted and getting their own 10 minutes of fame. Eww. This is a very broad topic but it seems like the actual content of the posts boils down to your run-of-the-mill Anti-Trump cartoon, 14 year old e-thot, or cute animal photo. It's so blatantly normie that it makes Instagram look like a fucking paradise.

    4. r/Conservative
    This is a perfectly fine subreddit that is ruined by invaders. It's hard to find a post on this subreddit that has over an 80% upvote rate because people are so fucking dedicated to fencing out other opinions that they go to this subreddit and downvote every post they see. The same is true on r/Democrats but on a much smaller scale. People with opposing ideas are so hot-headed that they will go out of their way to downvote everyone with a slightly different opinion regardless of where they post just so that they cam get their 10 minutes of fame and while others don't. It's such an immature thing to do and it has completely ruined this subreddit.

    3. r/Atheism
    This is another perfectly fine concept that has been ruined by the shitty community. Instead of actually having discussions about the idea, the subreddit only serves to bash Christians. Some of the most disrespectful and trashy shit I've ever seen has been on it's front page. On r/Christianity, you will get in trouble for blatantly harassing atheists, but on r/Atheism, you will be CONGRATULATED for harassing Christians! It's so fucking broken and it perfectly shows the huge political/social bias that Reddit has.

    2. r/UnpopularOpinion
    I already talked about how this subreddit is broken. Popular opinions are upvoted, while actual unpopular ones are downvoted. It's ironically broken in such a way that shows the circle-jerking and hollow community that Reddit possesses. Your only allowed to be counter-culture if you are accepted by everyone, which defeats the whole fucking point of counter-culture as a whole!

    1. r/AgainstHateSubreddits
    This subreddit is a bunch of people that flag posts made by radicals from different subreddits in order to get the subreddit BANNED. This is how r/Incels and r/The_Donald was removed. The irony is that every sub has radicals, it's just a matter of which of these posts gets to the front page of r/AgainstHateSubreddits and it will get removed. Because only the popular opinion gets to the front page, the subreddits that will get banned are only unpopular right-wing subreddits, even though they have just as much radicals as the left-wing ones. This is MOB RULE AT IT'S FINEST. Dear idiots, censorship doesn't mean that your "winning", it means the fucking opposite. This subreddit is a perfect example of a pure majority rule. It is social anarchy. Absolutely fucking vile.

    If I could sum up Reddit's userbase with one word it would be: "Intolerant".
    They always want everyone that doesn't conform to their ideas to be censored and are even given the power to do just that.

    Also, endless circle-jerk. Ugh.



    To say that Reddit is full of edgy people would be an insult to edginess as a whole.
    Edgy people have individuality and Redditors are the polar opposite of that.

    Very few people seem to understand that being a "normie" has nothing to do with social media. In fact, being a normie has nothing to do with anything that you consume. What defines someone isn't what they input but it's what they output.
    Using Reddit doesn't make you any better than the people who use facebook, instagram, or even fucking 4chan.

    This sort of pale thinking has sort of leaked into modern society.
    I know how stupid this sounds, but the Reddit phenomenon really illustrates a problem with the culture of my generation. Individuality has been overpowered by the human urge to fit-in. Everyone thinks and acts the exact same without even realizing it. Everyone's convinced that they're not like the others when in fact that level of thinking is just as widespread as Reddit has come to be.

    Let me quote Syndrome, from The Incredibles;
    "When everyone's super, no one will be."
    Now replace the word "super" with "different", and you single-handedly identified the key concept as to why Reddit culture is trash culture.

    Reddit culture or, better yet, digital culture has leaked it's way into roughly 94% of teenage minds here in modern civilization and it is shown in the stuff we consume. Reduced to nothing but a glorified popularity contest that resets every ten minutes until a new batch of posts and videos fills our feed.

    Like I said at the beginning, I'm not super active on Reddit anymore.

    Although I found that Reddit was a shithole, I am still glad that I gave it a chance. It helped me realize a lot of flaws with myself. I used to be such a huge attention-seeker but after Reddit, I've toned it down a lot. I still go on rants and shit, but this time it's on my own damn terms. No more stupid drama and attention-whoring anymore for me.
    That is a lesson that I've learned from Reddit.

    Honestly the only time I really use social media nowadays is just to talk about computer hardware or the latest homebrew shit, and for that I have Hardfourm, GBATemp, Darkumbra, and WebOasis. Those sites are filled with much more mature people than the ones on Reddit for sure.

    TL;DR; Reddit is horrible but it taught me an important lesson in the end.

    Also, the best subreddit is r/Skiddoism

    Lol. Shoutout to NancyDS.

    Thanks for reading!
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    I don't mean to piss on anyone's bonfire, but your boy Paolosworld has finally done it.

    As of a couple days ago I have got to level 3 and have officially ascended into the godtier. It's only a matter of time before I catch up to the big-heads of the site and dethrone king Chary to be the ultimate homie of the site. The boy's are back in town!

    Also. here's the level 3 banner I made.

    First, let me ramble for a while.

    Over the past month I've had my nutsack stapled to the wall trying to get done with homework.
    At one point, I pulled of FOUR all nighters in a row! I was awake for, like, 85 hours or something.
    That said, It'll still be a while before I'll actually be able to get any more blogs out the door or make any more legit posts, but still I will get back on the stick sooner than later. You just gotta be patient (even though nobody gives a shit).

    Alright, now the shoutouts.

    @x65943 : For getting me to listen to the other System Of A Down albums instead of just Toxicity
    @Sora Takihawa : For having Hybrid Theory and Meteora as their favorite albums
    @Idontknowwhattoputhere : For reading my status
    @VinsCool : For reading my status again
    @Kingy_ : he knows what r/AyyMD is

    and, the best for last;
    DIONICIO3; the ultimate homie

    Anyway, thanks again everyone for the experience so far.

    P.S; If you don't understand the banner, click here.

    P.P.S; As for that diss track... :creep:
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    Shitty GBAtemp Art (cringe warning)

    Okay look, Before you judge, read;

    The people on the fucking flagpole are supposed to be some GBAtemp members but I fucked them up so goddamn bad that you can’t even tell what the hell they're supposed to even be.

    I tried to draw Chary on the top, but I fucked up the mouth 100 times over so the paper got smudged and now it looks like shit. I drew a straight line to improvise but by then, she was down the shitter.
    The next couple down were that fox4 dude and Vinnie, but I shat all over the shape of the body so it looks like some random furry thing. As for fox4, I just fucking gave up after I messed up his eyes. He looks like a creep.

    After Vins, though, I cant even tell who I fucking drew. They are drawn so small and shitty that I’d be surprised if anyone knew who the fuck they’re supposed to be.
    I’m pretty sure that the one next to Vins is supposed to be Lilith Valentine, but she blocked me so I can’t even see if that’s her profile or not. Fuck.

    Anyway, here it is.


    Bad news is: the whole concept is a little cringe. It’s a bunch of hooded people with wings fighting against ‘the establishment’; we’ve seen it a hundred times. But whatever, I’m feelin edgy today.

    Good news is: I drew tempy amazing

    Other than that, there isn’t much to say.
    I want to get back to doing regular blogs soon but I’ve just been lazy, until then I’ll probably just keep posting all of these old drawings, why not.
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    Snapchat gets fucking killed by GBAtemp


    Eat penguin shit Snapchat
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    [RATM] Fanart that I Drew

    These guys are seriously awesome. Holy SHIT.

    But anyway, It’s been a while.

    I’ve been so balls deep in work lately so I’m sorry I wasn’t able to be active last month outside of shitpost status updates. I promise that I’ll try to clear up my schedule over the next couple weeks so I can waste time on here more often and breathe a little (even though I doubt anyone cares).

    Anyway, lately my grades have been on the border of D and F, so I have been stapling my balls to the ceiling trying to get homework and late work done so I can pass.
    That in combination with my Job and my addiction to hentai has kept me super busy.

    Most of my time nowadays is spent in front of school computer doing homework and listening to music.
    Of course I mostly listen to Linkin Park, but I also have discovered a new band as well.
    This band is called RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE (RATM), and it’s pretty fuckin sick.

    Due to all of the shit I have to eat in order to get this work done, there’s always an urge to fight back. This rebellious angst is perfectly soothed by the band.
    Listening to RATM is sort of therapeutic and it helps distract me from the fact that I am just another human being trafficked through the system of school, work, and death.

    Anyway, when I was feeling particularly edgy, I drew fanart for the band.


    Yeah I know I suck at drawing but fuck that.
    I think it looks awesome anyway.

    The artwork is supposed to show the destruction of the old system and culture.
    And with destruction always brings creation, mind you.

    Also for those who don’t know why there’s a flaming (and screaming) ghost thing in the middle, it is supposed to be the Snapchat logo.

    I love this band because they not only do they oppose the political establishment, but they also call the societal establishments out on their bullshit as well.
    That’s why there is a burning Snapchat logo in the center. It symbolizes the destruction of the slutty and egocentric celebrity culture that Snapchat has glorified.

    Sure, the artwork may seem bleak to others but for me it’s a truly joyous sight.


    Anyway, I hope you like the art.
    Like I said I will be able to post regularly in a couple weeks from now so stay tuned.
    In the mean time I’ll just change my status whenever I feel like it I guess.

    Welp, until then I suppose.

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    [Question] AMD or nVIDIA Graphics Card?

    DISCLAIMER: If you are reading this and you just wanna comment something like "nobody cares" or "just google it", then please don't bother commenting I'm talking to you, Vinscool!
    (Unless you wanna actually help, then please do)
    View attachment 160520
    Anyway, the title is pretty self explanatory.

    I’m looking for a good GPU. The two GPUs (chipsets) I’m in between are these ones here:

    RX Vega 64
    RTX 2070

    The RTX 2070 would be the obvious choice on paper.
    -I’m not going to be mining or anything, just gaming.
    -Nearly identical preformance for nearly $100 less.
    -Ray tracing stuff to be utilized in the future
    -The list goes on.

    I was only looking at RTX 2070 models for a while and found that the best one was an MSI model for $530.
    (there are cheaper ones but they wear out and preform much worse (like windforce)).

    The whole point of getting better GPUs is to have a smooth performance, right?
    Well that’s why G-Sync exists. It prevents screen tearing and stutters without adding any input lag (like V-sync in games do).
    G-sync is meant for use with high end nVidia cards (like the 2070). G-Sync does not work with AMD GPUs, they use Freesync

    The issue here is that G-Sync Monitors cost a massive amount of money, while FreeSync monitors are way less expensive.

    To put it in perspective, a 1080p 144hz curved monitor that has FreeSync costs $199, while a G-Sync monitor with the same 1080p 144hz spec costs $350.
    It’s fucking awful.
    It’s the reason why I started looking into AMDs GPUs in the first place. I want to dodge nVidia’s greedy G-Sync tax while still getting the preformance I want.

    Thus, we got a Vega 64.

    Here’s the thing; Vega 64 cards are really hard to shop for.
    Here’s what i mean by that,

    The RTX 2070 ranges in price from $475 to about $580. This is the manufacturers build different models of the card with the same chipset.
    -Gigabyte’s cheaply made Windforce model is $475
    -MSI’s enthusiast grade model is $580

    This makes it pretty simple to pick your model in the 2070s lineup of cards.

    For these, the range in price goes from $450 - $850. What the fuck.
    All the benchmarks look relatively balanced between the $450 model and the $850 model, so, why such dramatic price difference?

    If I’m not mistaken, it’s purely because of GPU mining.
    And the more expensive cards can mine better than the much cheaper ones.
    That’s fine and all, but it makes it hard to find a Vega 64 that has good gaming preformance, lasts a long time, and ISNT meant for mining.



    Is there a Vega 64 that I can get for $550 or under that is meant PURELY for gaming?
    Or should I just get a RTX 2070 and pay $150 more as the G-Sync Tax (fucking nVidia greed).

    If there is a Vega 64 that suits my needs but is, like, $600 then that’s fine too, as long as I can dodge that Monitor tax without over-paying then I am happy.


    [P.S.]: to make my blogs more cutesy I wanna make a song recommendation at the end of them all.
    The song for today is:
    “The One” - by LiMP BiZkiT.

    [P.P.S.]: Ryzen is awesome, Intel can go piss on a wire.

    [P.P.P.S.]: here’s my build as of now:

    [P.P.P.P.S.]: Shoutout to Dionicio

    [P.P.P.P.P.S.]: okay im done lol

    Attached Files:

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    R.I.P. My GBATemp Signature (2019-2019)

    I intended to write an entry where I bitch about how shitty Apple is but instead I awoke to something shocking.

    A moderator PMed me the details...

    The date is March 8th of 2019,
    My signature has unfortunately passed away.

    It unfortunately was too big for this small peculiar world of ours (or, in other words, it was 30KB too large. I could have just optimized it, but whatever)...

    Shocked and heartbroken, but it’s true.

    The signature now is a footprint of my past on GBATemp. Another step into the online realm of shadowy nameless faceless people. The thing that was different was that this signature was the start of a journey.
    A journey that we were supposed to begin and cross the finish line, together.

    Unfortunately, the tides of fate had different destinations in store for us, and a black wind whisked you Away from me.
    Now I when I sit down and see through the digital window. I can see the digital world.
    The world that’s taken you from me.
    I can’t help but feel disgusted.

    To be honest it was kind of hard to look at you EVERY time I would write a post. Especially when there was multiple on one page.
    I even ended up having to make it less fast as to avoid eye strain.

    Even though it is flawed, I feel that it expresses a lot of my character in a way.
    - It is Edgy
    - It is Attention Seeking
    - It is Dark
    - It is Rebellious
    - It makes you sick
    - And it’s Black and White

    The same things can be said about me, when I think about it.

    With cheers and tears (and some epileptic fits down the line)...
    I present to you the memory of my signature, one last time.


    Rip my stupid fucking signature.
    (January 16, 2019 - March 7, 2019)


    Now, I am making a new signature, one that hopefully doesn’t break the rules and will celebrate my progression in this adventure.

    There’s only one last thing to do now...

    When I was originally making this signature I was listening to one certain song on repeat. It was a remix of an old nostalgic tune of mine.

    I’d like to end this with a quote from that song, just so we can have this moment together one last time...

    “But in the end, no matter what I pretend, the journey is more important than the end or the start.
    And what it meant to me will eventually be a memory of a time when I tried so hard.
    And in the end, it doesn’t even matter.”

    Rest In Peace my friend,

    PS: Dionicio fuck off
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    Is RGB important, or just stupid?

    Because I got a job recently and I am starting to take in cash, I wanna spend all my money on a high end computer and have been doing research.
    The plan was to get a good build for around the $2000~$2250 range.

    Something that I noticed while dicking around in PCPartPicker is that you can find an identical RGB version of every part for around $5-$20 more.

    Because I like rainbow shit and the cool little effects I naturally made a build with RGB everything. Even the fucking RAM.

    I was pretty proud of myself until I realized that if I didn’t do any RGB, I would end up getting a rig that’s just as powerful but costs about $250 bones less.
    That is quite some cash.
    It would reduce my total from $2300 to $2050.

    I also realized that having an RGB mobo, ram, fans, strips, and cooler could actually end up being overkill.

    At first, that seemed stupid, but then I realized that having a blinding rainbow cube that’s constantly having epilepsy fits next to you while your trying to fucking work is going to eventually become annoying.

    Look at this, for example:

    It seems awesome at first glance, but imagine being right next to it trying to work.
    Now imagine trying to work with the colors changing, or better yet, flickering.
    It could end up driving me bonkers.

    Then again, it’s always customizable. But even then would it be worth $250 more?

    And what about cable management?
    With 8 fans and 4 strips, plus the lights for all the other shit? Would it impact that?

    Is there a need for some RGB but not to much? Are certaint components better in RGB?

    Should I just disregard looks altogether and focus on actual productivity?
    What should I do?

    PS: here is my planned build so far; https://pcpartpicker.com/list/ZdRb9J

    Going to keep checking market and make some changes down the line so nothings final yet, this is just where I stand currently.

    PPS: Thank god AMD exists. The build would end up being 150 bones more regularless of RGB lel.
    Shintel can kiss my white moldy ass!
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    Apology ~ (Notification Spam)

    I’ll keep this short and simple.

    Basically, I wanted to apologize for making the “GBATemp Singing Thread”.

    It’s removed now, so don’t try to search for it. It’s gone.

    I’ll explain why it got taken off;
    Basically the post was supposed to be this wacky and funny shitpost where I would take a quote and copy/paste it over and over again, change the names, and then change the text of the quote to be the lyrics of a song.
    This way it would look like the GBAtemp users were singing the song.

    Even though the thread didn’t break any rules...
    It ended up raping every single user I quoted with notifications. What especially sucked is that these were famous members, like Chary and Costello and shit.

    Now I know what you’re thinking:
    “How did you not expect them to get notifications? You know by now that getting mentioned will end up notifying users!”

    I thought that because there was a USER ID in the quote’s script, you would be able to change the threads content and USERNAME and the notification would only be sent to the USERS ID, therefore only @VinsCool
    Would end up being notified (it was her quote that I sampled).


    So basically it ended up spamming notifications to all the users, by complete accident.

    Nonetheless, the post wasn’t hated or anything. It was in the EoF after all. It was just taken off as to not spam all those people with notifications.

    PLEASE don’t let this negatively affect your opinion of me, this was just a mistake I made based off of the misleading quote script.

    So please, have mercy.

    Also thanks @Idontknowwhattoputhere
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    [HELL YES] I have finally Leveled Up! GBAtemp is awesome!


    I have done it!
    After a month and a half, 76 posts, 85 likes, 8 blogs, and countless embarrassments...

    I made this picture above to celebrate. (If you know where the center logo comes from you'll get a free like.)
    I know you can tell it was made in paint but it's a nice banner to mark this occasion, so I'm making it a tradition.
    Whenever I level up I'll make a banner.

    I don't really have much else to say, besides thank you for the attention and likes/mentions to help me get to Lvl.2 as quickly as I did!

    And now,
    Special thanks to all of these people:

    @Memoir : For giving me a bunch of likes and reading my blog.
    @AmandaRose : For being one of the first people to greet and introduce me to GBAtemp.
    @H1B1Esquire : For bumping my introduction thread and for following me around for a while.
    @Chary : For absolutely no reason, just got to respect my higher-ups.
    @Extrasklep : For solving my little online puzzle thing in the EoF.
    @oofio : For the completely random follow
    @Kingy_ : For understanding that AMD is far better than Intel, shoutouts to you.
    @Conex : For being awesome.
    @Cyan :For being the only ACTUALLY HELPFUL person on the site.
    @DeoNaught : For reading my blog and being cool.
    @NancyDS : :bow::bow::bow:
    @snails1221 : For the likes and the follow.
    @Maluma : For being edgy like me.
    @Dionicio3 : For hurting my precious feelings :cry:
    @Lilith Valentine : For losing all respect for me.

    All of you people are awesome and thank you for the journey so far!
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  • Paolosworld

    Ranking the Smash Bros. Games

    All right listen up you fucking idiots.

    Here is my ranking of the Smash Bros games from worst to best.

    :teach: This is a completely unbiased, completely true and purely objective ranking, so any disagreements are not legitimate :teach:

    3DS Smash Bros. - 0/10

    The screen is small, there’s no story mode, the music is ASININE, and it looks like complete shit. Sound fun? I originally bought this game when I was fucked up on hot Cheetos and put $70 on the Eshop for some fucking reason. Needless to say I was just in it for the hype.
    Mistakes were made indeed, this game reeks of ass. Massive disappointment.

    Super Smash Bros. Melee - 4/10

    This is the part where people shit themselves out of disagreement. Suprise! This game is complete shit. The music is better than some of the others on this list, but the gameplay is completely broken. In the tournament scene, people use these broken mechanics to their advantage, but that doesn’t make them any less unfair and broken. In addition to the gameplay sucking, Melee has the worst community of any video game ever. Imagine a bunch of immature and unfunny screaming 30 year olds all in a sweaty room. Absolute hell.
    Also, no fucking story mode.

    Smash Bros for Wii U - 7/10

    This marks the point on the list when the games get legitimately good. This game wasn’t revolutionary or anything, but was actually a worthy successor to Brawl. It looked amazing and offered some more items and more random shit. But then again, more random shit can only get you so far. I don’t know about you but I hardly ever tried smash tour. I didn’t even bother with the other shit modes they threw in there. Nevertheless, this game was pretty solid.
    Oh yeah, also no story mode. Huge letdown for a brawl successor.

    Super Smash Bros N64 - 8/10

    On every persons list, this always lies at the bottom, why? I played it on an emulator with my homie john and it was great, certainly better than melee. And it’s not like it’s nostalgia or anything, the first smash game I played wasn’t this (it was melee) but ey! This game was great!
    It seems plain by today’s standards, but it still remains intense and fun without becoming unfair or broken like melee.

    Smash Bros Ultimate - 9/10

    As much as I hate the switch as a console, I’ll be honest here, this game is amazing. It has good music, tons of characters, looks amazing, and above all, has the best fighting gameplay of the series. Even though it’s not my number 1, I will say that it has better gameplay than it. A huge complaint with most of the smash games (all except melee, which dosent even count) is that they all were kind of slow gameplay wise. Yet, this game isint fast to the point of being broken, but not slow to the point of being sluggish. So credit where it’s due, this is s great game.
    Also, even though there was no story mode, world of light was the next best thing.

    Fuck you
    Super Smash Bros. Brawl - 10/10

    Okay listen up, the gameplay is slow, I’ll admit. The game doesn’t work if you play competitively on regular speed. I understand that.
    Now YOU understand something; Brawl is the greatest Smash game ever for one key reason: atmosphere.
    The rugged character models look amazingly intense. It’s almost as if my testosterone increases when I look at it. The intense and yet beautiful music also adds to the intensity to it all. Brawl’s music is MILES ahead of the other games and has one of the best OSTs ever.
    The intense atmosphere combined with the music work especially well in Brawls key advantage: The Subspace Emissary. When I think Smash Bros, the first thing that comes to mind is the story mode. It is absolutely phenomenal.
    As far as gameplay is concerned, the slow pace actually works well in story mode. For regular mode, the fast Smash setting in special brawl corrects the speed. Making the most intense and thrilling fights I’ve ever played in smash.
    Brawl is the best, it sucks that so many people like to shit on it.

  • Paolosworld

    [NEED ADVICE] How would I set up a contest?

    I had an idea for a thread.

    I was going to make a complicated online puzzle/treasure hunt where the person would have to find every correct digit in a series of 7 where I would give hints to each digit.

    The hints would be anything from sections of a poem, pastebin links, YouTube IRLs and much more.

    So an example of what the answer would look like is this:

    Get it?

    The prize for guessing correctly would be that I would buy the winner a steam game ($60 or below)

    I would PM the winner and then add “[REWARD CLAIMED]” to the title.

    Sounds awesome right?

    Where would I post this?
    What section?
    CAN I post this?
    Is it against the forum rules?

    How would this be carried out?
  • Paolosworld

    The Clannad anime is complete garbage

    Seriously, what the fuck is this?

    tldr: Clannad is cheesy, overhyped, overpopularized, and has one of the worst art styles in any show I have ever seen.

    Last blog post got me in some pretty hot water so I’m trying to be a little bit more passive here to win some of my audience back.

    I already wrote something like this for Spirited Away, and out of all my blogs, that seemed to get the least hate. So I’m going to try to make much less drama from now on.
    Again, sorry for being such a dickhead.

    Also, I’m talking about the ANIME, not the weird little click book thingy on steam.
    Moving on, I watch a lot of hentai, right? So naturally when I want to watch regular anime, I always try to get the closest thing to hentai.
    Like High School DxD, that anime is awesome.

    I have floated so far down the eechi anime list on MyAnineList to the point where there dosent really exist any good eechis out there anymore. So I now I actually need to trust the sites judgement and see what they say is the best non-eechi anime is.

    And look, anime dosent have to be hentai for me to enjoy it, Code Geass is my favorite anime ever and that is nowhere near eechi. Therefore, I thought it was worth it to give it a try and look on the “Top Rated” section to see what anime I should watch.

    Most of the ones in the top 30 or so I have seen (except those dumb 600 episode anime’s that suck). Except for one: Clannad After Story.

    I figured that if I was going to watch Clannad AS, then I should probably watch Clannad 1 before. So I did.
    I got my friend Johnny to send me some mkvs and I was all set.

    LET ME JUST SAY: Clannad After Story was good, not perfect, but genuinely good. Like an 9/10.
    I still didn’t understand the whole thing with the robot and the snow but whatever, it was fine.
    CLANNAD 1 HOWEVER was complete horse shit.

    Let me explain,
    First off Clannad’s artstyle is awful. Just look at the picture I attached. It looks like she has some sort of birth defect! Everyone’s eyes lie so far apart that it’s off putting. I know anime dosent always follow the golden ratio but Clannad is the only anime I’ve seen to really have a shitty artstyle.
    It’s not like this is a small point, either. One of the main reasons anime is popular is because it’s appealing to the eye. So Clannad really lost a lot of points for me on that one.

    But whatever. There’s countless hentai out there with bad artstyle but still are good. So i kept watching.

    Saying that this show is slowly paced would be an understatement.

    To put it in perspective, Code Geass has a really complicated setting, so obviously it would take a while to recap everything before the real plot begins. Yet, it managed to move the plot significantly foreword and provide atmosphere and implications for past events all in the same episode. That is awesome.

    On the other hand, throughout all thirty-or-so episodes of Clannad, NOTHING FUCKING HAPPENS.
    I could litteraly explain it in 2 sentences. Want me to prove it?

    “A high school boy with a troubled home life becomes friends with an emotionally unstable girl. Together they meet friends and eventually fall in love.”

    NOW HOLD ON. Obviously this isint every little detail of the show. But that’s because everything else (the blonde kid, fuko ibuki, etc.) is simply just filler. Pure filler.
    Almost everything in Code Geass has some weight to it. Like Shirley’s crush on Lelouch, Lady Marriane, Kallen and her home life, every event isint just there for the cuteness or comic relief, it ACTUALLY MATTERS TO THE PLOT OF THE ANIME.

    On the other hand, 85% of Clannad dosent even need to exist.
    Without Clannad AfterStory, the story would be so dumb and unsatisfactory that it’s amazing that people consider both parts amazing.

    Clannad 1 is the reason why I feel like so many people avoid anime.
    Because the over the top cheesy moments and fire in combination with the artstyle make the whole experience uncomfortable and cringe.

    You could argue that people avoid anime because the eechi stuff grosses then out, but to be honest American television has just as much of not MORE sexual fan service than anime does.
    Walk into a movie theater anywhere to see the latest James Bond type action movie and there are tons of full on sex scenes, booty zoom in shots and scantily clad women. It’s actually irritating more than it is good.
    Like at least with eechi they kind of own it. There’s no excuse to throw that kind of shit in Hollywood movies.

    So that’s one thing I will give it credit for. Clannad dosent have that much sexually charged fan service. That would only further add to the filler that it possesses.

    That said, it’s still an awful anime.

    I WILL SAY THIS THOUGH: Clannad After Story makes up for it almost completely. It has the emotion, events and characters have more weight and depth to them, and it is pased much quicker to keep you interested. The first 5 or so episodes of ClannadAS are kind of lame though. It’s not the best thing ever, but it’s a special one, I give it a solid 9/10. Which is a very generous rating for having such a shitty first season.

    Feel free to dissagree here, I watch hentai so my judgement is pretty fucked up anyway lol.

    At the end of the day this post will just sink into the abyss of threads and be lost forever.

    And who cares if one more light goes out?
    (First person to get the reference will get a follow)

    P.S: Again, I wanted to apologize to anyone I offended in my last blog. It really wasn’t meant to cause the kind of drama that it did. I’ll try to post more blogs like this instead of getting too personal from now on.
    (In other words, please dont hate me Dionicio3 I didn’t mean to act like a dick to anybody).
  • Paolosworld

    Another thread of mine; ruined by idiots — Embarrassing!

    this was such a stupid fucking post
    So far I've contributed three threads to this community. Although calling my threads contributions might be a little generous...

    The first thread was my introduction, and if you read my first blog post you would know how shitty that was.
    My second thread was me trying to get USB loader GX to work on my Wii U, and there’s at least ten million of those threads out there, so it’s not like it was helpful at all.

    However my third thread was supposed to be different. It was a discussion thread that talked about wether Wii/GC emulation was a bad idea.

    It was titled:
    “Is GC/Wii emulation on the Switch a stupid idea? Because it sure looks that way...
    It was to be my first legitimate thread.

    I actually had a switch for a while but sold it because I thought that the specs were shitty, controversial I know.

    So I made the thread and waited for a response. Nothing. The forum happened to be pretty active at that time and my thread was already buried.

    But that’s okay.
    I’m not one to double post to bump it up or throw a hissy fit about, I’ll just let it be and try again later, besides, I had a giant stack of hentai I never got around to watching.

    BUT THEN- a response!

    Interesting username, had a cartoon profile pic, he’s level 11, seemed legit.

    I paused my shit and saw what he had to say.

    It turns out that Lakka actually runs GC games at like 20fps.
    So he was right and I was wrong.

    I was prepared to bitch about until I kind of stepped back a bit and realized that I only looked at the raw physicality of the system and the spec of the GPU, the CPU was poorly integrated, meaning that it was limited a fair amount, but the raw power was enough to salvage.

    Fair enough, I said that I was sorry for being such an idiot.
    But then this fucking guy really shat on me.

    This Dionicio3 guy didn’t even say anything that bad, just this:

    “It looks like you didn’t do any research and just jumped on the ‘hurr durr Switch is weak’ train.”

    It ended up with 21 fucking likes.
    Even so, I really shouldn’t even be offended.

    It was just a cheap petty insult. For all I care he was just some dude who took my ignorance as an opportunity to “expose” my apparent stupidity.
    Sure, it was a typical douchebag move, but not really something I would start wailing over.

    Also credit where it’s due, I DID ask for feedback.

    I tried to make a joke out of it, but nobody enjoyed it as much as that Dionicio guy’s disrespect.

    Even still, Dionicio wasn’t the guy that killed the thread, he only made my reputation here significantly worse, the thread only went to shit later on.

    It was still golden for a little while, I got a few more constructive reply’s and that was it.
    I suggested that someone lock the thread. I knew that there was at least a handful of sadistic moderators just waiting for an excuse to lock the thread, so might as well throw them a bone, yknow?

    Welp I guess I was wrong again because nobody locked it and people kept talking.
    Still the thread wasn’t bad.

    Then, a couple of obsessive computer whores came and started having a subtle insult contest with each other about threads and cores or whatever the fuck. They exchanged replies, each one trying to expose the other for being stupid. It was became really fucking annoying.

    The worst part was that I can’t even put my foot down without being railed for my ignorance of the stuff they were arguing. So I just watched it all burn to hell.

    I’m so glad that the thread finally has gone under and suck into the never ending abyss of switch threads. It know will just be a distant memory in my moldy little head.

    So, moral of the story?
    Here goes.

    Computer nerds are so insecure about their masculinity and knowledge that it’s fucking pathetic.

    At a certaint point you just gotta understand how shitty of a person you really are when you bloat like that.
    If someone isint informed on stuff and wants advice, don’t use his ignorance as a means to disrespect him, at that point you’re just being a dickhead.

    I got nothing on this Dionicio3 character but cmon man, that was pretty shitty of you.

    But who am I to talk?

    This whole post is just me bitching about a petty insult and feeling sorry for myself. At the end of the day I’m the one who watches hentai, insecure about my reputation.
    Everyone on the thread was probably 10 levels ahead of me and are much more worthy of living than I am.
    I guess that makes me the real faggot of the group. Heh...

    I really am pretty fucked up, ain’t I?

    PS: Shoutouts to my boy @Conex
    He was a homie.
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  • Paolosworld



    I know this seems kind of stupid but hear me out.

    I tend to think that a lot of GBATemp’s blog section has some (unintentional) attention-whores who just claim to be depressed just to make people feel bad for them.


    Obviously NOT EVERYONE IS LIKE THAT! I’m sure some people actually are depressed or whatever, but that’s besides the point.

    Basically, I don’t wanna come off as an attention whore, and just writing stupid blog posts about stuff I hate or complaining about shit will make me one.

    So, let’s talk about some happy news for once, shall we?

    Basically, I got a Job.

    In order to understand just how lucky this is you need to understand the background here.

    Alright look,
    Sense I’m pretty old now and employers out there know better than to hire some lazy teenager who’s been held back a couple years.
    Which is a problem because my parents are starting to pull my weight less and less, meaning that I have to pay for my stuff now, I can’t just wait for them to buy it for me.

    So I need a job. Simple enough?

    Well it WOULD be simple if I was in 12th grade, had straight A’s, and a bunch of girls and voulenteering weighing down my balls but Nooo...
    Instead I’m some hentai nerd who’s been held back two years, with no work experience whatsoever. Some of the applicants had all of those things and then some.


    Seriously there were a bunch of other applicants who all were super perfect. One was a person who gets straight A’s, is head of our schools student body, had a girlfriend, had work experience, AND volunteers at the soup kitchen for the homeless people! What a perfect kid! What a shining example for everyone! I would let him come to my house and fuck my sister! How did he NOT get hired!?

    I’m an genius.

    Who would have thought that someone who’s been held back two fucking years IS SMARTER THAN that stupid Mr. Perfect kid?

    Let’s go,
    I’ll tell you the whole story, from front to back, so strap in my boys.


    Because I’m looking to drop out of high school and not go to college (read my second blog post if you need context on that), Basically, I either needed to have a miracle happen to me or somehow be able to pull a rabbit out of my ass in order to get hired by someone.
    Like I mentioned before, in terms of raw job qualifications, I am lacking in nearly every department. So finding a job, especially when there are other applicants who have much better resumes, is practically impossible for someone like me. It’s why a lot of drop outs and failures like myself end up homeless or dead after a couple of years. It was either sink or swim, and swimming is becoming increasingly more difficult.
    Obviously I’ve tried to get a job more times than I can count. Understandably, I would always get shut down because there would always be some better kid with a fatter resume standing next to me, and the employers eat that shit up.

    So when I saw a hiring ad in front of a kayak rental store, I wasn’t too optimistic.
    For one, it was by the high school, and all the kids there would be more than happy to steal some work from me. And second, I’ve been denied like 800 times there’s no way in hell I can get this job.

    But fuck it,
    I had nothing better to do.

    I applied on their website and completed those stupid fucking personality quizzes, where you have to fill in multiple choice questions like: “how well do you communicate” and “how many friends do you have?” And just a bunch of other bullshit so they can judge me from the inside and out (seriously those things are so fucking stupid).
    Anyway, there was a period when nothing happened after I applied. But then I was totally caught off guard when I was asked to come in for an interview!

    At first I was happy, but then I quickly became worried.
    I have only been asked for an interview once before, and that went about as horrible as you can imagine.
    In fact, I don’t even want to detail it to you.
    (Let’s just say that we both said some things that we probably ended up regretting...)

    Anyway, I still wasn’t going to let my chance at not being homeless disappear from me! So I got on my dads laptop and looked at my employers twitter page. AND HOLY SHIT.

    It turns out that he’s a huge fan of KoRn! One of my favorite bands! This was not only cool but it gave me a MASSIVE ADVANTAGE the other applicants didn’t have!
    I went to my mom’s closest and took out my old KoRn shirt that I bought for myself (and my mom hid it so I wouldn’t wear it in public!) and planted it under my mom’s car seat. This was apart of my master plan.

    Next I started researching my guy more, I noticed that he was the more laid back type. He’s kid of like the stereotypical stoner surfer dude, who doesn’t give too much shit over voulenteer work or whatever. This was GOLDEN for me! It gave me a better shot and eliminated some of the advantages that the other applicants had over me!

    When the day came, my mom forced me to wear a full suit, which normally would be beneficial but in this case I think it would make me look to serious for someone as laid back as my employer. So when it was time for me to get out of the car, I discreetly took my KoRn shirt from under the car seat and hid it in my suit pants. So when I got out, my mother couldn’t see that I had bought my KoRn shirt!
    Next I ran into some random restaurant on the street and changed out of my suit and into a bathing suit and my KoRn shirt, then I went into the waiting room area for the interviews.

    I’ll admit I got some weird looks from the other people waiting on their job interviews because of my look (most of them had a suit or polo shirts on). They all looked at me like I was stupid, when in fact THEY were the stupid ones for not doing their research! It was satisfying to see all of them think they were miles better than me when in reality I was the genius in the room!

    The interview itself was incredible, everything went as planned! We spent half the interview talking about KoRn, which was totally awesome, and then we transitioned to the second half of the interview. The second half of the interview was probably the part that gave me the job
    He asked me “Everyone else is wearing neat clothes, yet you have the balls to come in here with clothes like that, why?” (Yes, he did youse the term balls, those were his exact words).
    Right then, I did something unlike myself. I was honest. I told him how I was pessimistic about my life in the future and I told him how I saw his twitter and dressed and acted accordingly. I told him my plan with the shirt, how I changed out of my actual suit, how I came up with the whole plan and everything.

    And it was perfect.
    He actually praised me for being so clever in my tactics and for being smart enough to research my employer! Normally that would be a bad thing but he was actually congratulating me!

    He gave me a man hug when the interview was over, just to put it in perspective.

    When I exited the interview room I realized that our session ran almost an hour longer than the other applicants’s interviews did. Which kind of confused them, considering that I had a KoRn shirt on lol.

    I changed back into my suit and walked home. I told my parents the i thought the interview went well and they didn’t believe me. Which made me laugh, it’s funny just how wrong they were!

    The very next morning I got the email that confirmed me I got the job. I was happier than I’ve been in a long time. I told my parents and they were shocked, my mother started to cry, and then I started to cry too and my dad was just kind of happy/confused...

    To celebrate, I got a ton of Takis and Brisk for myself and binged hentai for the rest of the day. I was truly happy for once.



    Thank you all for reading my story! This was one of the greatest events in my life and I’m glad that I have a blog to share it on!
    I hope you like the change in tone from the rest of my blog posts!

    Thanks for reading and have an amazing day!
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