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    p1ngpong Project Stream is coming.

    Brace yourselves, take a deep breath, get ready, it is coming.

    This will involve you all...

    No member of the site will be excluded...

    This will change everything...

    Consequences will never be the same again....



    I can hardly wait.
    p1ngpong *takes deep breath*

    Hi guys

    This is a very difficult blog for me to write, perhaps the most difficult thing I have ever had to write in all my years on this site. Amidst all of the coming out blogs I have found the courage to admit that I too am different, I too am special and that all of you need to know and all of you must approve.

    You see even from the time I was a small child I was different, special, cursed, use whatever term you like I was unlike everyone around me. I looked upon my parents and felt that they had nothing to teach me, I looked upon other children and I could not relate. I was only ever comfortable in the company of old people but even then I could not put my finger on why exactly that was.

    After spending years on the internet searching for a group I could belong to and attach myself to I finally found the answer I was searching for. I finally found my identity and everything clicked and everything made sense.

    You see my sweet sweet children I am an elderkin and I am almost a thousand years old. Upon this realisation everything made sense about me, that was why I could never relate to the children around me and was always wise beyond my years. Now I gaze upon the faces of my parents, of old people and they seem so young. When I look into the mirror I see my true form, wizened and ancient, I was there when there was no technology or electricity, I was there when there were no cars, when buildings were built from wood and stone.

    I am the ancient oak that shades all of the saplings here on GBAtemp, one day I will fall and you all will sprout into the sunlight, into the sky. But until then feel free to lean on me and shelter under my mighty branches.

    I love you all. (apart from the gays)

    p1ngpong So many people have been wondering about the new username I am going by now, if its a joke, a reference to something and so on. I joined GBAtemp a long time ago, it almost feels that when I joined I was living another life, that I was another person. A lot has changed since 08 when I joined and the username I used to go by no longer fits my interests, beliefs, morals or the person I have matured into.

    So yes the name NarutoNeedForSpeed13 is here to stay. I have every right to adopt a new name that reflects the person I am now without being harassed and accosted.

    p1ngpong as a member, as an idea, as an avatar as an intangible thing is dead now, NarutoNeedForSpeed13 has a new life to lead.

    Now kindly fuck off, leave me alone, and let me live my new life in peace.

    Thank you.

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    p1ngpong Ever have one of those dreams that was so lucid, so real, so impossible, that when you awaken from it you do not know where you are or who you are?

    A dream so powerful that your stirring moments after it seem less real then the dream itself.

    Beyond the impossibilities of time, logic, life and death, even during it you know it to be an illusion. But still, your subconscious yields to the lie, and you let yourself live it until the morning comes.

    And then, after lying to yourself, the only comfort you have is the fading memory of a lucid dream.

    And you can only hope that one day you can lie to yourself just one more time, and be lucky enough to dream that dream again.
    p1ngpong This is going to be a short blog but to the point.

    I quit as a mod six weeks ago because I was down about things. I never really stopped being staff though, I have been doing my thing behind the scenes as always in that time.

    But I just felt bad not being on the front line with the rest of the mods, helping to moderate the site.

    So I asked Costello just now if I could come back. And he said yes.

    Feels good to be back man.

    You have a good day, GBAtemp.

    p1ngpong Well Im not one to blog generally, but I thought I would make a quick blog about the Zalman cooler I got and fitted to my Asus GTX 480 graphics card today. For those who aren't familiar with the Fermi series of cards by Nvidia, and especially the GTX 480 series, they are power house cards but run notoriously hot. In some instances even reaching 90c + when playing some games. Running metro 2033 I was easily topping 80c with no overclock, and wouldn't even think about overclocking with the stock cooling it came with.

    I already had a Zalman cooler fitted to my cpu, which works beautifully, so I decided to go with Zalman for my GTX. An image of my CPU cooler fitted in my pc is bellow.

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Anyway dismantling the GTX was fairly straight forward thankfully, but there was thermal paste all over the place when I opened it up. I was expecting a neater job from Asus seeing as they are a very good company for this sort of thing. Pictures of a stock GTX 480 and my GTX with no heatsink can be seen below. Notice the thermal paste they used which was all over the place, and on the top left the GTX's fan, which although fairly small is loud as hell, and doesn't do a very good job of cooling the thing.

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Fitting the Zalman was fairly easy, and I wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be doing it considering the price of the card (roughly $400). The only tricky part was putting thermal paste on all its little chips, while making sure there was no overflow when I popped the Zalmans heatsink on. Anyway here is the finished product! :D

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Running Furmark on stock, and with the stock fan on 100% speed I was getting temperatures of 90c+. With the Zalman on the lowest fan speed I am getting 75c, while on full blast Im reaching less than 65c. And on full blast the Zalman fans are extremely quiet, unlike the stock fan which sounded like a vacuum cleaner.

    All in all Im very happy, and now, to overclock! :hrth:
    p1ngpong I decided to build a new PC. I was going to go with something mid speck and modest, but then I thought meh, I am p1ngpong, I need the best. Anything less then that is heresy and would piss me off! :angry:

    So I built a beast, and here it is:



    Stats of note:

    CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 Cpu, 2.83 Ghz 12MB cache

    HDD: 1TB SATA, 7200rpm 32MB cache

    RAM: Corsair 4 GB DDR3 1600MHZ

    Graphics: SAPPHIRE TECH Radeon HD 4870 Vapor-X 2GB GDDR5

    With a nice 64bit OS and all that good shit to top it off.

    I havent had much time to play around with it, I only built it yesterday. But I gave Company of Heroes Opposing fronts a go with all settings on max and got a minimum framerate of 56 fps and max of 89 fps. That made me happy. :sad:

    p0wned! :yaypsp:
    p1ngpong And other dramatic threads like this should be avoided. Im not having a dig at anyone as I have done it myself, its easy to get frustrated and mad over the internet.

    But at the end of the day this place isnt a job and no one is keeping you here, you can come and go as you please! Why take the forum so seriously? Theres too much drama here lately, and although it keeps things interesting, at the end of the day the drama comes through someone being upset and pissed off. Let me ask you, why get so emotional over this place? If you have a falling out at school, work, with your parents or other loved ones, you dont leave them forever!

    If you do want to leave forever or quit its a sad thing, but can you really say that your never going to come to GBAtemp again to check whats new in the world of gaming? And you are never going to speak to the friends you made here ever again? When your bored online are you not going to come here ever again to kill an hour or two?

    Even lurking here after being an active member for ages is bullshit, you made hundreds of posts had a laugh with people, helped or were helped by others here. But you got pissed off, or maybe this place is not as great as it once was in your eyes. So you decide to just delete your avatar sig and friends list and just lurk every day, like some monk whos taken a vow of silence? Gimme a break!

    Like I said Im not directing this to anyone in particular, Im just as guilty of this as anyone. But please people, p1ngy begs you, if you get pissed off, go for a walk, chill out, play a game! Dont go off on a mad rant that you will regret, and then spend the rest of your life lurking in the background like some fucking martyr. And dont go saying you quit without realising what those words actually mean!

    Just have fun and relax, this is a gaming forum, it should be about fun! :yaypsp:
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