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    Mother Board mishap

    To start, yes I am dumb, and yes I learned my lesson. Now we may began:
    It all started with a windows error. These started to scare the crap out of me when I fried one of my Ram sticks. So anyway I get an error and find out it is a problem with my bios and or drivers; Just to be safe I update them both (drivers first). after this I download the latest bios update (ClickBios5) and I run m-flash to install it. The loading bar reached 100% then restarted; This seemed normal so I just let it sit. After about an hour I notice there if defiantly something wrong, so I do the fallowing:

    1. Turn off the PC and turn it back on
    Result: Black screen and GPU (VGA) EZ debug light comes on
    2. Unplug GPU and all drives and plug back in
    Result: same problem
    3. Unplugged and plugged back in the MB's battery (coin battery)
    Result: same problem
    4. Short the CMOS pins to clear it
    Result: WE HAVE POST!

    This worked, but at what cost... The now installed bios says it is the one I got from the MSI website, however, It was on click bios 1. Not only this but if you try to M-flash it will go in that "VGA error" state. This would also happen if the PC was turned on then off. After much thought I decided I need to get to M-flash and download the update before the one I downloaded. A few things I found out when I was installing the older Bios version:
    1. The latest version was in beta
    2. It added "Improved PCI-E device compatibility"
    So after Downloading the the version before the beta version I tried to get to M flash in click bios 1.... After constantly unplugging drives and shorting pins I was finally able to get to M flash. The process went smoothly and There was a successful post on reboot. So the problem was finally fixed

    lesson learned: Don't mess with the damn bios.
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    Meet my new lizard :D

    Meet Elton, a young citrus bearded dragon that needs a hand (literal). With being 25% off he still runs like a mad man. I’ll watch over him for the critical growing period just in case something happens :D
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    Using a 2010 MacBook in 2019

    I use a 2010 MacBook for school. It cost me $185 in total ($100 for MacBook and $85 for 8GBs of ram and a SSD). For a 9 almost 10 year old MacBook it holds up really well :D
    D404423D-90EB-4FB7-B14B-53ED313B80F0.jpeg 251D69C9-522A-4BDD-AB07-8F905C0B638F.jpeg ACBFC628-53FC-41C3-A9B0-FB8EFE6767EE.jpeg
    Also, yeah it is running macOS Mojave thanks to a tool that fixes any driver problems that would occur. If you plan on doing this make sure you upgrade the RAM. The default comes with only 2GBs of RAM (1x1). If you’ll have any questions please ask me, and if you’re going to ask “why didn’t you get a windows laptop” it’s because I like the workflow of Mac and I have a windows desktop at home (see previous blog posts). Thank you for stopping by, have a good day :lol:
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    Ideas for GBAtemp (don’t ban meh)

    Before I start, just want To let everyone know that these are just ideas... some of these I can’t think of doing (I don’t have the skills at all). So please comment below because I want to hear other ideas :)
    1. Native IOS/Android apps.(I just like the idea of having a dedicated app rather then the browser :D)

    2. Discord integration (it would be nice to discord someone on the GBAtemp server well on the site)

    3. An instagram account for GBATemp that shows the Temp comics, memes in the memebox, and news/reviews. (I would love to do this for the site :D)

    Thank you for the time :creep:
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    I’m pissed

    I just won a PlayStation classic from a arcade Machine but the ps classic just got stuck in the prize area. The manager said “the Machine owner isn’t in today so just give me your name and number”. I have no hope of getting that damn call and I’m pissed. 84194BB0-B935-4A55-9D3B-6C466942AF2D.jpeg A799ABDA-7B3B-4C96-A5E2-5A3E71E36A56.jpeg BD510250-53C5-4533-AA3F-FE5363E93DBD.jpeg E893142F-1AF2-477C-83EA-335F7636B4F0.jpeg 9F268E9F-C612-4954-9C41-0AB3DB0330EA.jpeg
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    The new me I guess

    Hi GbaTemp, If your new too this site or new to me in general then hi my name is owenge (Error). So during the summer I tried to figure out what I'm going to do for the rest of my life and understanding others problems. So here's what I found/did this summer.

    1. I got back together with my ex and we are now dating again. She is going though therapy (depression) and I'm supporting her the whole time).

    2. God I have a lot of electronics I've collected over the years.

    3. Being a adult and still being in high school (held back in third grade) puts you in a very confusing legal position :/

    4. I need to start being more independent with choices but consider others

    5. Money is a problem

    6. College is like throwing money into a well and wishing for higher income

    7. I would like to go into tech for a job

    8. Best bet is going for a trade education

    9. I'm really bad with photoshop but it's something I would love to get better at it

    Thank you and Have a great day :toot:
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    Photoshop “tests”

    6079A4D2-669F-4E66-89B2-B93D964FED45.jpeg 758F96ED-98EE-41F9-B2A9-DE326FE5D8D7.jpeg 6941D904-077A-432F-924A-6CBD14E0EE0E.jpeg DD532D11-5A30-4E3A-8AF9-A2ED8BCF208B.jpeg 5C13E137-C4B1-4900-9F0E-4C123CF789EA.jpeg
    Most images are from r/RoastMe :P

    Edit: there, me trying
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    @NoNAND @grey72
    Fking weebs :evil:

    But honestly, how are y’all doing?
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    -_Continue the song_-

    Ok, ok, I see what's happening here
    You're face to face with greatness, and it's strange
    You don't even know how you feel
    It's adorable!
    Well, it's nice to see that humans never change
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    2 years +

    Hey it’s Owenge
    And holy crap it past my 2 years on this site... welp I’m sorry that you people have to deal with me :rofl2:

    That’s all I had to say....
    Oh and special thanks to:
    @Chary (Great editor/sense of humor)
    @Eix (first Friend on site)
    @Lilith Valentine (introduced me to the 3ds scene and made me want to start my account)
    @Dionicio3 (supported the Freeshop even when it was dying)(also reminded me to check the date when I joined with his blog)

    <If I forgot anyone don’t kill me>
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    Give me memes!!!

    Hey it’s Owenge,
    So I’m stuck in class and I would love some memes, so I’ll give one of my memes and feel free to share others with me :D
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    The thonks I have

    Hey it’s Owenge,
    I always wondered and you can wonder with me:
    1. What if we find out Pi ends?
    2. When will we face the great barrier in life?
    3. Will the US and Russia have a Cold War part 2?
    4. Will nukes start the war or will we fallow the M.A.D pact?
    5. What if the north and south poles flip?
    6. Does Trump have 15 pounds of spray on tan on him at all times?
    7. If WW3 does start can we trust trump to lead us though it? Or will he hide?
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    (Spoilers) Steven universe vs. White Highlighter

    Who watched the hour special :D

    And what is your favorite fusion?
    D0B50BD3-D318-4B96-9C6E-D71388A4F550.jpeg 41441FE3-3F11-4D95-95C2-CE025B312983.jpeg
    My least favorite below ;-;
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    Gary when a open source cfw releases an update:
    Gary when SXOS has an update:
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