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    Owenge Hey it's Owenge again, so I'm back with random shit like what's been going on in my life.... Wooooo
    1. My step-brother is now my step sister..... and she's still a failure at life (can't ride a bike, dropped out of high school, and no job) and she's 18 turning 19
    2. Most of my electronics have been taken away due to be wanting to "hack" them....
    3. Me and my gf have been together for almost 2 years now :lol::wub:
    4. I really want my dad to break up with my step mom because she does nothing except waste my dad's money:glare:.
    5. I'm almost 18 but I'm still a junior in high school.... soooo wooooo
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    Hey it's Owenge
    So this is another story about my step-mom and in case you don't know she takes advantage of my dad, me, and my brother. Anyway time to tell the story. So this takes place in 2017 or end of 2016. I have/had an IPhone 5 and at the time IOS 10 was in beta. I decided "hey why not" well apparently this was what my step-mom calls "jailbreaking". I tried telling my dad "hey that's not a jailbreak" but he isn't a electronic guy so he listened to my step mom. I got my phone taken away for a month, and when she was try to downgrade it she almost bricked the phone.... but ay she knows everything about electronics :glare:
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    I'm starting this, you guys/girls can add more in the comments. I'll add to main blog with the name of the poster

    Want to hear a joke about a pencil? Never mind there's no point.

    Nurse: doctor you have a patient on line 1. He says he's invisible.
    Doctor: Tell him I can't see him right now

    Why do you always prepare for camping? It's in-Tents
    What do you call a clock on a belt? A waste of time
    "God dammit"
    "God dammit , napp"
    I tried telling a joke about chemistry once. There was no reaction.
    What did parietal say to frontal? “I lobe you.”
    You can't replace me, my steroid addiction has only made me stronger.
    This.... this is sad. So about a year ago I got a gaming laptop for about $516 (with tax) I paid for it with Christmas money from my mom and money from my summer job. So it was the end of winter break so I had to go back down to my dad's house.... my dad doesn't know much about electronics and he thinks my step mom is a god with that stuff.... she isn't and here is why.
    Me/Her (step mom)

    "So why did you get a laptop when you had one here"
    "I got it so I could play games on my free time... it's a gaming computer for a reason"
    "That isn't a gaming laptop something like an apple product is"
    I legit lost my shit, just why!!!! So as of right now I'm 17 with no control over my electronics, my phone (an IPhone 5) has parental controls on it..... but that's for another story
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    Back to this shit again :unsure:, anyway, at my school we have this program called reading plus. After using it for a year, I got bored.... so I decided to look for exploits. I found a few, but one was able to get a certain type of question right. I started to use it at school but some popular kid sat next to me one day, and saw me do it. He soon told all his friends about it and now is taking credit for something I put time into finding. I'm kind of pissed about it but what ever.... I'm a gamer, not some popular kid
    As of right now I am trying to email the creators of this program to see if they could fix it. I'm also still looking for more exploits, and I think I found one but it might prove some.... problems.
    With the school stories, I will not disclose names of my school or any of its students.
    So, I'm in history, in the corner with all work done. I'm sitting there, playing smash on 3ds and the cool kids sitting next to me started to vape and do random shit. At this point I'm ignoring it, there leaving me alone and I'm fine with that. Anyway it got to a point where she (let's say Anna) started twerking....in my face (note: I have a GF and we've been together for a year and a half-ish). I was not happy with this at all.... so I said
    "Why the fuck are you doing that, you can do that anywhere but here, go home and do it, just get out of my face"
    She wasn't happy at all she was pissed... well most of her friends were now mad at me but what could they do, I'm 6:2" :rofl2:
    So I should probably watch my back the rest of the year though :wink:

    With the school stories, I will not disclose names of my school or any of its students.