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    Drawing?? In the current year??

    Haven't posted in this blog in an eternity but I've been drawing for a while now and I've improved a bit in the past year and a half, BUT I've been getting wayy worse at proportions

    here's a legit drawing I made back in December


    Also some junk made in MS paint from yesterday, it's nice to not have to worry about line thickness with paint since it's so basic but the integer scaling always gets messed up

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    another sketch

    I've been drawing some more since the summer isn't over just yet, hoping to get better at making actual goofy faces rather than nonexistent people
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    some uhhhh sketches (OLD)

    I'm not really good at drawing because I'm a kid but here's some pictures that I thought were aight, be free to yell at all the specifics i messed up