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    On my iPad

    I did it! I was able to get some games on my Obsolete iPad 4 IOS 10.3.3. Seems my old Apple account still held them. Weird that someone told me I couldn't download ANYTHING. I'd say he Lied. :rofl2:

    Games on iPad.jpg

    MP gameplay.jpg
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    Proud of something I did

    Yea, it's nothing. but I had fun doing it. Its a document scanner.

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    I Luv my Boyfriend [significant other], but he's been so under the weather, that he's bed stricken now. [doc agrees]. I'm just not a person who likes being stuck to this kind of thing. I'm, older than him and have some of his ailments, I just wanted to Enjoy my golden years, and not to be bogged down. But to try and help him, worsens my ailments. That's why you see me trying to cheer myself up with these dumb azz sayings on here. If it offends anyone, My Deepest Apologies to you. I like this forum, as it has so far let me to be a Person again. And I Love you all for it. Again My Apologies for my naughty statements. :sad:
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    Hello Everyone,

    Well where do I start?... Yes that is a pic of me [at 54yo]. Yes, I live in Los Angeles. I love ♫ Heavy Metal, Hard Rock and Classic Rock ♫. I am laid back, witty and :wacko:. I am a Marine Corps, Navy and Merchant Marine veteran. Been almost All around the world. I'm guessing the next question would be "Sexual Orientation", which would be "Homosexual" [and Proud of it!]. Yes I've been married to a woman, but she died 3 months before our 10th anniversary. I have also had 5 husbands [all of which I have outlived]. I live with my [6th] BF [though we are at odds. at least I am with him]. I am also a victim of rape [x2]. I have [again [3rd]] a PSP 3001, which I have hacked all by my wittle whonsome, LoL. My favorite games so far are Socom FTB's and MGSPW [which I have never finished]. Which helps in this time of the Covid and my Gay bars are closed Darn it!. All of this at the Ripe age of 63 [at the time of this posting].

    All just me...

    On a Happier note, How are You doing?


    OldBoi :):shy::blush:

    Now back to my :yaypsp:

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