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    Hey kids, it's me.

    I must go now. My planet needs me.

    PS. oj died on his way to his home planet.
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    Why am I doing this

    Sup bitches. First post since November last year. Nothing much happened. Lost some weight. Started reading books.
    May be bi. I love shouting my inherent bisexuality at everybody.

    In college now. Can't believe I've been a part of this site for almost half a decade. Have a Vita.

    Video games suck.
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    Nier OST

    Finally arrived. Took 23 days for it to arrive. I was starting to get worried it wasn't getting here.
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    LSD Acid Trip Extreme

    I got Child of Eden PS3. Should be fun. It was on sale for 29.99. If there's a sale on it in 30 days, I get some money back. I'll play after I get some homework done.

    My brother just purchased a 32 inch LED tv. This should be good.
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    Audio is terrible

    I hate myself. I'm picking these up from a head-fier on Friday. It was a good deal dammit... ;_; I'm going to get myself banned from Head-fi after I make this purchase. That website can't be good for my health, nor my wallet.

    If you'll excuse me, I'm going to be starving for the next 2 months.

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    wRPGs: Issue of laziness

    Your standard wRPGS often seem unlikeable to gamers that are used to playing games, while gamers that have been growing up with PCs find nothing wrong with them... it's often hard for either side to say what exactly seems right or irks them, so this is an attempt of mine to find some of the points.

    I'll just go into the main one, since most games revolve around combat...
    Generic concept of "Health" and combat.

    Combat in most wRPGs is plainly boring. You're walking along in a dungeon, and you're fighting enemies in either first person perspective with a gun with horrendous character models, first person perspective combat with horrendous character models, or in third person perspective with generic mouse clicking and key tapping. First Person Combat or First Person Combat ("RPG" battle my ass, it's just a shitty FPS with "RPG elements" attached), you and the enemy wail on each other, reducing some sort of number until you faint or die. There's three main problems with this setup compared to the way most other games work.
    The enemies show up out of nowhere in an otherwise-empty area. The whole "Shoot or mash one button at your enemies in first person perspective" aspect, as it were... it's just lazy nowadays. In the old PC days yeah, the systems couldn't handle brown and bloom graphics, but it's 2011 now...

    Games continue to have the "Shoot or mash one button at your enemies in first person perspective" system because it takes less effort, and they get away with it because it's what wRPG players are used to.

    The horrible AI will just stand there and let you knife them in the face. What is up with that? "Well I just stabbed you in the chest, I guess it's your turn to stab me now so I'll stand still and let you do it." This is almost a polar opposite to how many Eastern games work, where a main focus is not getting hit in the first place.

    There's many alternative combat types to counter this, though... and games have been dealing with them for years.

    Characters have this magical Health bar that probably makes the screen flash in red until it's reduced to 0, where it causes death/fainting. This is an issue inherent to many games across the spectrum, but it's most jarring in wRPGs because characters can seem to stand up to tons of incredible abuse (like having an elephant dropped on them), but then getting poked by a fluffy bunny causes instant death or something like that.

    There have been plenty of games that use more realistic combat, but the down side to these games is that combat tends to be a lot riskier and troublesome. Perhaps some middle ground could be reached to account for continued gameplay with the same character, but as usual the generic Health bar system is the easiest to implement so it's what most wRPGs stick to.

    Now, there's a lot else that wRPGs do that used to be done due to processing/storage limits (but is still done because it's shorter/cheaper/less work and they get away with it), but going into all of them would take too much time.

    I mean I could write an entire article about the ugly-as-shit female character models and the guns/generic sword they get.. Okay yeah the characters in borderlands are supposed to have a unique weapon, and you can't find normal weapons? Issues like this get into the issue of overdesigning characters putting limits on or otherwise altering the world while still keeping gameplay mechanics functional, and sometimes weird compromises have to be made that simply take believability away from the world.

    Rydian's statement about jRPGs are rather ignorant, because he happened to hit every "cliqued" arguments used against jRPGs. No, not every JRPG is a turn-based-random-encounter-fest-borefest. It is quite clear that he hasn't been paying attention to the more recent JRPG market! Such a thing called "Action RPGs" exist too!

    The entire jRPG genre has moved away from the "Random encouter" aspect, and more of them are turning into "Action RPGs". It seems that some of the Japanese devs know their games aren't getting sales as they used to in the older days, so they're changing up the gameplay aspect quite drastically. I guess these games just aren't "mainstream" enough for people to notice. Xenoblade? Nier? Eternal Sonata (Sort of)?

    I mean, there are series that still kept their roots, like the Dragon Quest games, but even those have moved away from the "random encouters", into a field of monsters where battles begin after you get in a fight with them. Pokemon hasn't changed one bit, but it sells millions, so nothing is changing. The main Final Fantasy games moved away from the "traditional" combat with FF11, and 12. 13 is a mixture of old and new (On a side note, the whole game was highly disappointing, outside combat, graphics, and music). There's games like FFCrystal Chronicles, Crisis Core, Type-0, and so on too. The "modern" SMT games also have turn based combat (Except Kuzunoha games, which are action games), but they don't really use random encounters. Sure, the older smt games used it, but that was quite awhile ago.

    The entire JRPG genre is alive and well (Maybe not WELL), but it'll be around for awhile. Looking at the future, there's FF13 Versus, Ys 4 remake, Gravity Daze, more Tales of-, and a whole bunch of others. The only game with Random Encounters is Tales of Innocence R, but other than that, no random encounters here, no sir.

    Kingdom Hearts series, Ys franchise, the recent FF entries, Nier, Xenoblade, Tales of- series, Star Ocean series (after 2), Knights in the nightmare, Rune Factory series and Monster Hunter series (If they count), Solatorobo, and many many more. None of them have "random encounters". Did I mention they are action games? Yeah.

    jRPGs have been changing, and expect to see more changes in the future.
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    Things to buy for the future, season 2

    Things to buy in November:
    Community Season 1 DVDs
    Acekard 2i. (My DSL is dying, so my ancient Supercard won't work on my DSi. It's only 13 bucks or so anyway.)
    Kindle Touch

    Things to buy in December (If they're not going to be on sale, I won't be buying them):
    Child of Eden
    Community Season 2 DVD
    Vsonic GR07 (I'm buying this for sure. The most expensive IEMs I'm ever going to be purchasing)
    iPod Nano 16 gig

    Things I bought since the first "season"
    Nier OST
    A Game of Thrones: Book 1 of Ice and Fire
    Professor Layton and the Last Specter
    Valkyria Chronicles: Designs Archives
    Toy Story 3D Trilogy Blu-ray collection.
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    PSP2 Online multiplayer code giveaway

    I'm trading in about 14 games to this local video game store, in exchange for Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny. I have a copy of Phantasy Star Portable 2 that I never even played, but I'm giving away the multiplayer code for it. To be honest, if you just post here, I'll pick a random person who wants it. I'll pick a winner on Monday.
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    I lost 20 pounds since I started working out. 20 pounds in 2 months. I'm at 200 pounds, hoping to lose 10-20 more until December to go shopping for new clothes.

    I started watching "Community", thanks to Steven. Finished the the first two seasons in just a couple days. Fantastic show. Next show up to watch is Parks and Recreation. These shows are unpopular, while unfunny trash like The Big Bang Theory is considered "the best sitcom in centuries"? Sickening.

    Going to be ordering the Nier OST in a couple days. I'm heavily wondering if I should buy MYTH- Xenogears Orchestrated OST or not.

    Started reading Zaregato and A game of thrones. I love NISIOISIN's writing style. It's just fun to read.

    Planning on taking a First Aid Course in the community center, as well as taking up the RCMP training camp in March. Hoping to become an RCMP officer. They're almost downright powerless, and the slooooowwww Canadian court systems make things a nightmare, but if I get accepted at an early age, I can retire super early (45-55), then live off of the very high pension plans.The pay is very high, and while being an RCMP officer is nothing like what the media portrays, it will fit my lifestyle.
    I don't think I have a lot of problems getting in though. 200+ hours of volunteer experience at multiple public services, 500+ hours of working hours, High school graudation, never have done any form of drug ever (Except alcohol, and that was only in Korea where I'm 19. I was legally allowed to drink there), clean criminal record, decent references (Top manager at McDonalds, Director of the Assisted living house, owner of a public business. Possibly more in the future), First Aid Certificate, and by April (Which is when I turn 19. 19 is when you can start applying to become an RCMP) I should be at 170 pounds or less. Going from 220 to 170(Or maybe even less) should be impressive. Mentally stable though often depressed.

    Budget is tighter than ever. I'm getting 2 more paycheques for the remaining of the year, which means I'll be getting 300 dollars. Hopefully, the Wii sells, and I get enough money from trading in those mediocre games to get Child of Eden, and Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny. If all goes well, include Fate/Extra in there too.
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    The men with watches

    I finished reading the Watchmen. Very good comic, although I think there were many aspects and parts of the story that could've been done better. Oh well, it's still excellent.

    Now I should read a few other books, and get started on A Game of Thrones, then Crime & Punishment.
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    Things to buy for the future

    Ok, I just got Dark Souls today. I'm going to play this non-stop whenever I'm actually home. As for now, I have an exam coming up and homework to do.

    Going to pre-order Professor Layton and the Last Specter. It's only 24.99 from Bestbuy Canada.
    Nier Original Soundtrack, and Myst: Xenosaga Orchestrated album. 56 bucks with Tax and Shipping.
    Child of Eden
    Solatorobo: Red the Hunter
    Fate/Extra Limited Edition
    Oldboy OST
    Spice and Wolf 1-4
    Metal Gear Solid HD Collection: Limited Edition
    A Game of Thrones series
    Valkyria Chronicles: Designs Archives
    Toy Story Trilogy in 3D (Hurr)
    War And Peace with Richard Pevear/Larissa Volokhonsky's translation.

    Edit:Those SHOULD be it.
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    I'm technically taking a year off from school. I volunteer, keep up with a part time job, go to a "high school for failures" to upgrade some marks, and I signed up for a gym membership last month. I try to save money, so I walk to my gym, job, etc. Besides the school, they're all in the same area. Yet getting to any of the three places will take at least an hour and 20 minutes of walking. Good for my body.

    I got accepted in one University, but it was my secondary choice. General Arts, if you're interested in knowing. My parents were fully against it, so I just decided to go to an adult education center, upgrade some marks, and hopefully get into a place for Nursing LPN.

    I used to be about 210 pounds. Went to South Korea during the summer and came back with 10 more pounds added onto that. Over there, I was the most fat human being around. People wouldn't stop badgering me about it. Like, quite literally, tell me that they have never seen anyone as fat as I am. The moment I got back, my mother would just complain about my weight. To tell you the truth, I believe she may be showing a very early symptom of Altzhimers. She repeatedly told me that I needed to lose weight. Perhaps even as often as 3 times per hour. She had no recollection of telling me that.

    I'm really REALLY sensitive about my body. Then, why didn't I lose the weight? Well, let me tell you what I already did beforehand. I didn't drink soda/pop, I never ate fast food, I played pretty much every sport. Joined a few teams back a couple of years ago, and played basketball everyday for a few hours in grade 8-10. Never lost any weight. None. My diet was a mix of Western and Eastern back then. But now...

    Since I joined the gym, I've been getting some help from a professional trainer on just about everything I do. Now my diet consists of high protein and low carb. I lost 12 pounds since September, and I should be losing at least 10 pounds a month if I keep it up. Oatmeal every morning, and a mixture of greens and lean meat for dinner. Lunch is varied. It feels great to be losing weight. I try to cook the food myself. The only thing that really needs cooking is chicken breasts, but I'm trying to add new things to spice up the flavor. Of course, I have to avoid things like dressings, and just sauces in general.

    It doesn't keep my mother off my back though. She's far worse about it now, actually. She can't stop asking me about how much I lost, and annoyingly, she tells me that it emotionally pains her to see me eat. It makes me angry inside. No matter how many times I mention how it's very annoying, she doesn't bother to stop.

    I eat quite a bit sure, but a few of my friends are far worse. They eat junk food, things loaded with sugar, and the like pretty much daily. I avoided that for who knows how long. Yet, due to their insane metabolism, they're less than 140 pounds. A friend of mine eats about 20-30 dollars of food per meal. 6-8 if he cooked it himself. He doesn't work out, doesn't play sports, etc. HOWEVER, he is lactose intolerant, and hates sugary products. But he still eats an insane amount. Not just lean meats, but just anything he gets his hands on. Only about 140 pounds.

    Beat Demon's Souls a couple days ago. It certainly isn't as hard as people make it out to be. I died like 10 times in each stage, but I get farther every time. A big majority of the bosses were pushovers. Fantastic atmosphere, great music, well-designed levels, and doesn't really like to hold your hand. Spent 30 hours into it in less than 2 weeks. The last time I was so addicted was Catherine, but that only took me 4 days to beat once. I don't feel like playing any video games now.

    Selling all my Wii games. Trauma Center, Muramasa, Little King's Story, Fragile Dreams:FWROTM, The Sky Crawlers, Trauma Team, Sin & Punishment 2, MadWorld, and Metroid Prime Trilogy. I bought the Wii last year, thinking it would be a great purchase. Nope. It was certainly a bad purchase.

    I've started reading more as well. Currently reading War and Peace, Freakonomics, and will get into a few more books shortly enough.

    Shadows of the Damned OST, signed by Akira Yamaoka has arrived! What a wonderful feeling!
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    What the hell? This if an incredibly fun game. I expected it to be a fast-paced, challenging game, with intelligent level designs, but I got way more than that.

    I spent 5 hours into it today. I never play any games over 3 hours.

    The story is rather weak, in my opinion, and Vincent is a pretty mediocre protagonist, but all the other characters are great. The intense puzzles are the real meat of the game.
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    The Vengeance Trilogy

    I've been watching a lot of movies lately. I'm a bit burnt out from playing video games.

    I just finished watching The Vengeance Trilogy(Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, Oldboy, and Lady Vengeance). Wow, spectacular movies, they are. Well, I didn't like the first movie so much, but the second and the third movie were incredible.

    They're brutal, incredibly gory, contain a few scenes of sexual intercourse, or just some fucked up stuff, but in the end, I was blown away by how emotional everything got. I was amazed at the fantastic music in the second and third movies, and the acting is just brilliant. But these movies are definitely targeted at the older audiences for sure. It's also not for the ones who can't handle brutal violence.

    I'd recommend watching oldboy first, because I found it to be my favorite out of the trilogy. It's got it all. A dark sense of humor, action, mystery, an intriguing and a strong plot, twisted romance, everything. To top it off, I think the music is perfect for the movie.

    Now, I'm off to marathon the extended blu-ray edition of the Lord of The Rings.
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    Shadows of the Damned

    Well this is a suprise.

    I'm at the final boss of the game. I've been playing on Hard mode, and got to the final boss in 8 hours and 15 minutes. I died maybe twice in total, and had no problems with any of the puzzles or anything. But this glitch just makes me angry.

    There's a glitch on hard mode that prevents the player from defeating the final boss. I've spent about 5 hours in about 3 days just trying to kill the fucker. Basically, what happens with the final boss battle is, you damage the boss enough, and he turns into three pieces that float. You shoot one of the pieces down, and the boss becomes one again. You do this again, take down the second piece, and then finally, do it for the third time, then you take down the final part to destroy the boss.

    Or at least, that's what's supposed to happen. I've watched about 4 boss battles on youtube, and they all went through it just fine.

    Well, they beat him in 10 minutes. It took me 1 hour and 10 minutes on the first try, which made me realize something was off (Yeah, it took me this long, hurrr).

    I Googled it, and I found people going through the same thing. They just put up some advice and stuff, and none of it worked on my end.

    Fuck this game.