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    *reads old blog entries and cringes*

    I haven't been on gbatemp in forever. HAHAHA omg i was a cringy, angsty, annoying fuck when i last posted here. i should probably delete my old entries, but i'll leave them up. :L

    Pretty chill at the moment, just got back from work. (I have a part time job now, suck it whiny twelvie me)
    Been jamming omega ruby all holidays. I've found that its way less overwhelming without internet access which i think is cool. Lets me focus on all that offline mode has to offer first.
    Currently reading up on the 3ds flashcart section as I haven't been keeping up with the scene.

    I'm back to weekend shifts only again for work, since I'm back to school soon. Last year of high school this year. I don't feel excited or worried about it. Just bleh really. I sorta-kinda-maybe have a clue of what I want to pursue when I finish school. My last years results came in and I did better than the previous year which is cool. Lets see if I can tap into that "potential" that everyone says I have and try a little harder this year.

    OH and monster hunter 4u is out soon which is cool. Got the demo via email today too. Should probably get around to finishing 3u first. or P3rd. Or FU for that matter. My friend got me into monster hunter but I'm not an avid fan like him obviously.
    Yup that's me as of 15/1/2015. I've basically changed from a cringy/angsty little bastard to a cool guy ahuehehehe not.

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    Fuggin shit. I do a paper run job, , saved up money to buy Black Dr Dre Solo HD's and they got STOLEN at my school..

    We have a small school, And yet this still happened..

    I don't whine to my parents for things i want, I work for it.. I went around the whole school to each class and no one had it... I think some Year 11's took it during P.E when my bag was unattended, because they seem to have had the most interesting reactions when i asked around for them.. We singled out this one girl, and she didn't have it.. I should got the teacher helping me to search all the bags of the kids doing p.e with me at the time.. but it was too late..

    Then school finished.. and once school finishes, you can pretty much kiss your lost item goodbye..

    The one thing i work towards gets taken away from me.. fml.

    But I have some pretty big friends.. so if I find my headphones (they were in the pouch with everything and my dad's old mp3), rest assured the person who took them is gonna pay...

    I wish i had a paypal so I could put a "donate" below >...> Hell, I'd settle for the fake ones on DX if anyone was that nice.. :/
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    Ranty rant rant motherf***ing rant

    It was my birthday yesterday. Pretty shit, went to my little cousins birthday party, and all my relatives forgot it was my birthday too :/

    You see, my parents have this wonderful skill, they can shut down all your hopes, ie. effectively shut down the thing you wanted in the first place and change it to something way shittier. They wanted to get me a jacket that I didn't want, but if I said no they'd probably go all ape.

    I seriously don't give a fuck if my parents are in a financial jam, thats why I HAVE MY OWN MONEY.
    my parents won't let ME BUY MY OWN GODDAMN PRESENT.

    Anyway, at least my friends still remembered it was my birthday. Still had an alright day yesterday, watched transformers 3.

    fuck it all.
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    Todaaay i don't feel like doing aaannyyythaaang~

    Awesome day, rocked up to school with two books in my bag and some lunch.
    We only had 2 periods, a break, a full school mass, lunch and then performances by the students.

    Now I'm looking forward to the 4 day long weekend :D
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    Im under 16, so I do a paper run job 4 days a week, for $120 a month, not much, but you have to start somewhere.

    What I'm pissed about is that I work hard, for my money, which I can't spend. I get it.. My parents want me to save up my money... But I'm no good at this freakin' delayed gratification. What the hell am I saving for?!
    They say I can't get a card until I'm 16, I can't even have a taste of what I'm making.. I wanted to buy a psp, but they wouldn't let me... I'll have like 3k by the time I can legally work part time, at the rate I'm going at...

    Do they think I'm going to go apeshit like my brother and spend all my money?! I just wanted this one thing, but they wouldn't let me have it...