1. I came out to my parents after I talked with my psychologist about how I feel like a woman. After 7 years of keeping it in I feel so great now, also I'm gonna be 19 soon so this has been a pretty great year so far minus the covid19 stuff.
  2. it feels great!
  3. [ATTACH] What should I fix/make better?
  4. [ATTACH] Holy shit can someone shoot me in the brain, please.
  5. I didn't feel the need to post this under the xbox one section because it feels useless, But I just want to express my gratitude because this is really epic. To bad I can't get into dev mode cuz i'm broke but hopefully someday it will be free!
  6. Hey guys, just thought i'd post this here in case anyone wants to see my Epic :tpi: python scripts in the future https://github.com/mcKFAQ/epicpythonmoment also @ry755 thanks for watching my twitch stream you's a real oG fam
  7. God summer school is a bummer, I have a lot of homework brb.
  8. yay me! I cried (tears of joy) alot earlier today because its been 3 months since my mom stops smoking.
  9. My computer's temps were in the 50-60's idle and i had my heatsink 90 degrees the wrong way. I fixed it now its 35-45 idle! yay me!
  10. Hi there fellow Temper! I have a YouTube channel and-(Yes I know what your thinking wtf would I subscribe to your YouTube channel you autist!) I would love if you check my crappy channel out and where I could improve would be great! Thanks for taking a look anyway!...
  11. is snapchats ui update fine? I mean i've been on a iphone 4 for the longest time and its new ui update on my alcatel is a big difference
  12. apparently update 1.8 fixes just about all the horrible stuff. wish me luck in an hour!
  13. I have been waiting for weeks for paypal to take money out of my bank account from steam. TURNS OUT IT TOOK THE MONEY OUT LAST YEAR LOL
  14. I got a free laptop from my coop and its actually quite decent considering it has an old ass i3 it runs windows 10 really well! if anyone is wondering its a Dell Studio 1558 with a snazzy opi nail polish backplate.