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    I have a Red, Modded Wii

    One at a time ladies! ;)
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    Vancouver is Beautiful in April

    I'm stupid so I didn't include a photo but right now, its 25 degrees, the cherry blossoms are in and the trees are green again, and after spending a day with my bros, I feel so grateful. I'm so happy that I have wonderful friends, that my city is warm and safe, and that my life is good.

    this was a strange blog

    Take this away; come to Vancouver!

    edit: this is me! a photo from my insta from today and you can kinda see the nature! image1.jpg
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    Gamers Choice Surrey vs The PSP

    hey guys! i recently bought a PSP 1001 for 100 CDN (75-80 USD) and got screwed. here's a review i posted on google.

    So, this weekend i stopped in for a PSP, which i had called in ahead of time to confirm price and stock, and found out that they were 100 dollars. $100 is a big cost for these handhelds as they were common back in the day, so i expected some quality at the very least. When i got there, there were 2 1000 models that were inferior but I made the mistake of staying to inquire about them, and even for 16 year old handhelds, they were in HORRIBLE condition. One of them had animal scratch marks and the other had its right trigger pushed down and was missing its thumbstick, which isnt a huge problem to get replacements for but i do have background knowledge, so i wouldn't expect the average guy looking for a psp to know that. i choose the one with the bad screen instead, which was a huge mistake. as i was paying, the two working there turned around, and looked at the model and started whispering. I thought nothing of it at the time, but as i was walking out and inspecting my unit, which they assured was in good condition, had a sticker on it confirming that it was missing audio and wifi. AUDIO. i went back to exchange and they said they wouldn't do it without the receipt, from 5 minutes ago, which I sheepishly pulled out and then asked to in store credit, which they refused, and said they'd trade for another model. So, i did walk out with a psp, but this thing had more damage then i thought. even after i removed the trigger, the mechanism was FORCED DOWN. after spending a long time, even with my experience, trying to fix the trigger, it was then very had to put back on because of really bad damage to the case. eventually, i did get the machine working to a barely 50 dollar level of quality.

    so, i have 2 takeaways
    1. the price on consoles is horrible, especially since the quality was horrible and CLEARLY didn't test the units
    2. These problems might be fixable on the model i got, but we cant expect people to fix their psps when they're looking to play 1 or 2 games and aren't into modding/ console repair

    total review:
    2/10. price is too high for models they clearly didnt test or even care about, and i felt i was being led into getting a broken product.

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    The Nintendo 3DS is 10 Years old. So Now What?

    As a kid, I knew 2 things, that I was always behind my friends on the newest toys, games or trends, and that I was rather perceptive compared to my mates. While they're parents were buying them a Wii, Wii U, DSi, 3DS or other consoles, While I was playing on my Gamecube, PS2 and later Wii, as I was exploring PC FPS games and learning about how computers work. I didn't really miss out on these new generations, as I was able to play Nintendo Land, Mario Kart 8 and other amazing Wii U games at all my friends houses, and being interested in gaming culture at the same time gave me the knowledge of the gaming world outside my little Windows XP Bubble, But one of my most significant experiences were TV ads. Good old YTV had all sorts of fun ads to target our impressionable minds, and one I remember is the 3DS ads for Mario 3D Land and some Lego game. I never before was Jealous of not having something before this ad, and as my friends slowly got 3DSs themselves, I felt left out. For once, my little bubble didn't seem big enough.

    Another part of my childhood was also emulation. Me and my dad got into emulation in about 2014 or so and had a ton of fun with games from the NES all the way to the N64. This filled a bit of that new Nintendo hole that the 3DS left, and it didn't even cross my mind until about 2016, when for my birthday I received some gift cards and saw an ad online for a 2DS for only $115 (Canadian, this was the reduced price), so, I traded in a trunk load of games at the local retro gaming store for Mario maker and then went to the store to buy the 2DS. And Once I had it, I Barely played it. my mates had already moved on to the Xbox one, PS4 and Switch, and 6th grade me at that point had a Xbox 360 so I ended up playing that more. In fact, I traded my 2DS in for a DSi in early 2020 for modding, but just before COVID shut down my school, a guy I knew a year older than me said he had a modded 2DS he'd trade me, so, i gave him a Core 2 Duo Dell OptiPlex for it, and now that I could play the games my friends played too, that hole was almost full. but after a few months, this 2DS form factor was getting old, so I went to my local retro gaming store and picked out a New 3DS, and with that more portable form factor, and having the knowledge to mod it, I made 7 year old me happy.

    So, What now? will we just forget about the 3DS for the Switch?

    For most, yes, for me and many no.

    I guess you could call the switch superior, with its "switchable" form factor and full console games, but I don't think that hardware and software alone make a console great, I think culture does. I grew up watching the 3DS, learning its library and even though I didn't have one, Loving 8th gen Nintendo. In the end, I got one and I love it even more than I could of when I was 8, and maybe getting it now helped me by letting me experience the Wii and Gamecube before being sucked into the latest generation like everyone else, and grow my love for retro games and computers. In conclusion, the Nintendo 3DS will always be a part of my childhood, and even though I didn't have one in her prime, it's still amazing to this day.
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    Finally, I have one.

    the GBA is my favorite console and i got my first today. best day ever:gba::D. 20200525_190320.jpg

    lol bad pic! tomorrow I'm doing a comparison between gpSP, Gbarunner2, VBA-M and the actual thing!

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    The PSP vs DS: why I can't choose a side

    Since the beginning of gaming, we had to decide which console to choose; Colecovision vs Intellivision, the NES vs Genesis, the Gameboy vs Game Gear, these were questions that would puzzle most gamers. But the DS had a secret weapon, it had a crazy wide audience and library, and appealed to gamers and people who video don't play games alike. But what about it's rival, the PlayStation Portable? In almost all ways, the PSP had the advantage. The PSP had better specs, console games on the go like Gran Turismo and SOCOM, and a robust connection to the PlayStation Network, and was very successful, but was still beaten by the DS. The DS (original, the DSi had a store and apps) lacked in almost everything. It didn't have online connectivity except for the now dead Nintendo WiFi Connection online multiplayer Client(that could only be accessed through WEP networks on DS), couldn't play music or movies, but I love the DS family so much. The DS feels so wonderful and collectible, like you want to get every single color and have a big collection, where the PSP feels like you just get one and you're done. like I have a PSP 3001, and that"s all I need, but with my DS collection, it will never feel complete. The PSP feels like a more robust gaming experience on the go, with graphics in my opinion match the PS2, but the DS feels more like an experience. Before school, me and my friends play Mario Kart DS together and I wouldn't trade that for anything.

    What about all of you guys? Do you guys have fun memories with these consoles? Have a good day reader:D
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    My Little Handheld Collection :)

    Hey reader! It looks like you stumbled across my first blog post! I thought I would use this wonderful space to talk about my little collection of handheld consoles!

    Of course, we must start with my DSi, my favorite! I have mine in the light-blue color, and its in decent condition. I got it at my local retro gaming store for $60 CDN and modded it the day I bought it! I got it sometime last February. It's truly wonderful, but I having a problem with the shoulder buttons. Only half the time do they actually work, and I'm kinda upset about that. In my home country, you have to be 16 to have most jobs, and I'm not of that age, meaning that I can't replace it because I don't have money and my warranty is void because of It's mod. I've been looking on my local craigslist for repair services but I haven"t had any luck. Its alright though, it works perfectly half the time and I wouldn't want to trade her in, because my DSi is my favorite and shes like my baby! :yaynds:

    But of course, 1 isn't enough, so a few weeks ago, I did something slightly shameful. My favorite console is the Gameboy Advance, but I don't actually have one. So I emailed my local game store (now they want you to email before you come to reduce chance of infection) and asked if they had any GBA models in stock, and they said they had 1, but it was in box and 150 bucks. Obviously, that's way to expensive for me. But I knew they had my favorite GBA game in box (GT Advance 1) and I was dying to play it legally, so I looked through every game I had and picked some to trade in, and with the little cash I had, I was able to muster up $50 combined and I left for the game store. Of course my mom decided that it "wasn't safe" to get on the Skytrain (It's the Vancouver slang/official term for monorail) during the season of COVID-19, but she said she'd be willing to walk with me there. Sound easy? it was the biggest work out of my life. to get to this game store, you can stay on the same road as the nearest main road to me, but that's a 6k walk with many hills and and traffic so loud you can't hear your own voice, so was there and back worth it? I knew it would be a challenge, but I accepted. So after about an hour of tiresome hiking up and down the busy streets of metro Vancouver, we reached our destination and I pulled open the door and went inside. I wasn't able to browse the selection of goodness that I was surrounded by but I already knew what I wanted. I pulled out my robust selection of games and placed them on the counter. As I thought, I would receive $30 in store credit that was added to my nice, crisp $25 in my pocket. The girl at the counter asked; "what can I get for you today?" and I said the fateful words that took away my savings and set me back on actually finding that perfect GBA. I love it and I hate it, but I don't regret it. I wanted one and a compromise worked in my favor, and got me my first GBA game. So I just said what I made my walk for; "I'll take a blue original DS and the boxed copy of GT Advance."

    Not all of my wonderful handhelds came to me in such dramatic ways, such as my PSP, I got that one through my grandpa, who bought it for me through doing some work for him, and my Gameboy pocket, which I got from my mom and built a small game collection around, including a Japanese reproduction cart of Pokemon yellow, but I have one last story.

    I love the 3DS, I love it so much I bought one a while back (well, not exactly). I was able to muster up the money to buy a 2DS, which I loved dearly, but it became boring, so I used it to trade in for my DSi, which I knew I could mod. But I missed Mario Kart 7, but I told myself that I was being stupid, and to enjoy TWilightmenu++ and all the lovely things that came with a modded DSi. but I knew i missed the circle pad and big back that the 2DS featured. I later found myself talking to a friend older than me about gaming and all that and he mentioned that he had a modded 2DS that didn't use, and I immediately offered a PC and monitor for it plus games and a case. Of course, he accepted and we met the next morning and traded our goods. That day I turned the Beautiful blue handheld on and fell in love again. It was nice to have a 2DS once again! :yay3ds:

    Hello again reader! if you somehow made your way through this, I thank you! tell me if there's something specific I should write about. have a good day! :D