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    Nostalgianinja Been playing Tetris Ultimate for 2 weeks now. From what I've played, there are quite a few complaints and compliments to go along with my personal review that will be posted on my Wordpress blog later tomorrow.


    - Blue. Just, blue everywhere. The game is extremely blue and there's no way to get the saturation out of the game.
    - No visual mino skins. This was a let-down, as the minoes (I,O,J,L,Z,S,T) look metalic and bland.
    - The mechanics customization it has is half-working or completely broken. This complaint is mainly towards the DAS which needs to be set otherwise it's punishingly slow to play on.
    - Achievements that are near-unattainable for the completionist. I don't have 4 3DSes to connect to, and I'm only managing 2 to get the one achievement. Some of the game's achievements are atrociously hard to get, for example: 700k club, which I got today.
    - Modes are mainly based towards ST-Stacking and Tetris spam, whereas the Escalation mode is STILL broken. Master is too easy, and Endless isn't really Endless at all (it gets really fast starting from level 25, good luck making it to 1 250 000 to get your medal.)
    - Battle garbage distribution is change per 4 lines of garbage, this causes poor Tetris parity and makes for a hard time to downstack and cancel attacks.
    - Very few people online to play against, oftentimes I get into empty rooms.
    - Reticle damage mode and not a split multiplier as Tetris 3DS or Tetris DS did.


    + Ultimate battle attack abilities seem to be much more fair against what they were in Tetris 3DS (Axis in the states) the abilities make for an interesting game and don't make the game boring.
    + Leaderboards are currently being filled with players around the world, and honestly, it makes for a competitive game.
    + Replays are a major plus here, although it could have been handled a lot better.
    + the Mechanics customizations that DO work are a pleasure to set. DAS speed, and Drop speed are perfectly set, while it may take a while for one to get accustomed to a right DAS, it helps the player play at a fluid speed.
    + music is really catchy, especially the Escalation mode music.
    + Tetribot is configured with a stable difficulty curve, and can be quite annoying and pleasurable to defeat.
    + Rankings are there to show Tetris skill against people when playing online.
    + Ability to set SRS off, and the ability to have a Classic bag randomizer(Warning: this is the version where it uses a near-memoryless bag, play at own risk) which can be used to increase the challenge.
    + Plays like Tetris

    These will be added to my Wordpress blog when I'm writing my blog and plans forward.

    Nostalgia Ninja