My very own personal blog where i can talk about events in my life and myself. Don't expect anything save for some low quality blogs. My writing skills aren't that bright and I'm unsure whether to talk about myself or not and how others might react to it.

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    I'm taking a break from GBAtemp for some time.

    Hello there fellow tempers!
    To everyone who's notification ringed and you saw this, I'm sorry for the nuisance.
    Now I'll try to keep this short. This isn't a rant blog or something of that nasty and angsty kind lol.
    As much as I'd love to stick around, I cannot do that any longer. Life has got my hands full with college and it's my last year! I'll graduate this year and boy am I excited about it!
    I've spent a great time here on the boards guys and made some great friends here and I can't wait to be back here again.
    Buy for the time being I must stay inactive alas.

    Till we meet again, farewell.
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    Inspired by @Mr. Looigi 's blog and out of boredom, I decided to make a blog of this kind as well.
    Ask me anything, so long as it doesn't go against the rules.
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    It's been 4 years! ^_^

    August 22nd 2015..

    After a few months of scouring the corners of internet, desperately seeking a way of softmodding anf hacking his 3DS, a 17 year old depressed teen guy joins this website to get help from the 3DS hacking community.
    It was a time where the 3DS scene was in it's young and early days wherein Tubehax was the talk of the town. Regretting his past cowardly actions namely updating his 4.5.0-10E to the latest firmware due to the misleading and confusing false information spread on the internet back then. "but gateway will brick your system" "CFW will brick it too" are what lead me to update my system anxiously without giving it much thought. But not all hope was lost, for in the upcoming year shortly thereafter Smealum and the rest of the 3ds homebrew crew bestowed their gift upon us, hereby allowing a great many of people to downgrade their systems back to 9.2 and enjoy custom firmware. Haha does anyone still remember when the 3DS section was swarming with people hurling questions all over the place.

    Back then neither did i know how closely i would become tied to this website in the years to come.
    Sadly after the 3DS downgrade event i lost interest in this website and would either become a lurker or visit it only to ask for help with something at times.
    That said though, in 2018 everything changed and took a different turn. I, much like the great many of users here were expecting the release of Hekate and the atmosphere custom firmware, but it wasn't the release of said things that kept me sticking around the website, i started to reach out to people more and more and mind you they were friendly and nice people,unlike what i imagined in my mind.
    I became attached to this website and i have to say, GBAtemp has a special place in my heart, as cheap anf lackluster as it seems haha. So i happen to be introverted and well i have social anxiety and awkwardness on top of that, and interacting with you guys guys has seemingly helped me get a fair grasp of the world and make me understand people better in general.
    Likewise, being a member of this website has helped me with my sadness and loneliness by making a drastic change in my overall mood.
    It's been over a year now that i actively frequent this website almost on a daily basis and I'm more than pleased. Thanks to some people who made my GBAtemp experience a great one.
    @RattletraPM thanks for your tremendous help provided to me in grammar and English
    @x65943 being someone whom i can safely open up to and for making me not feel ashamed from where I'm from (taught me some valuable lessons as well)
    @DinohScene someone whom i can relate to, oddly enough, and feel very comfortable talking to with.
    @Chary a kind and friendly person that I've had a great time chatting with.
    @LunaWofl she's a true Senpai! So cool and chill, and fun to talk to. Getting into deep discussions about philosophical matters occasionally.
    @Mr. Looigi a friend of mine that I'm really close to.
    @grey72 also someone i feel comfortable to have a chat with.
    @Flame because, y'know Him > Everything else ;O;
    @MartyDreamy though it hasn't been that long that we chat to each other, we have a lot in common.
    @HarvHouHacker fellow Wii enthusiast
    @Lacius for helping me out and everyone out there in the community. i worship his exceptional knowledge and skills regarding the homebrew scenes. And frankly, I'm still baffled that you're following me back.
    @GhostLatte would this list be relevant without our meme lord and van master?

    And everyone else who took their precious time to read through this.
    Alright guys, I'll cut this short now, don't want it to get too rambly.
    Again, I'm really thankful to be part of this tight-knit community of people.
    I'll try my best to be more productive of a GBAtemp member and a better person in general henceforth.

    My first ever thread - Dumb me, i should have taken better care of my handhelds
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    Feel free to ask me [NoNAND] things, and my gaming console collection

    If everyone does or at least did this kind of blog then I'd give it a shot too and follow the trend.
    Though I'm not that relevant to this website (lul does anyone know about me?) feel free to ask me whatever you'd like to know about me.
    I'll try to respond with a coherent and comprehensive answer, but please be civil and don't ask me about anything inappropriate.
    I should be replying to your comments later this evening as I'm currently kinda busy.

    These are all of my gaming stuff that I've collected throughout the years. Don't own much stuff and honestly I only play with my switch (and occasionally with my n3ds xl) most of the time.
    Haven't placed them on a shelf as I keep them tucked away in a drawer at times forgetting that I even own them :P
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    Add me on facebook if you like ^^
    Thats me ^^
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