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    I bought a Mario Bros game & watch for 1€

    That thing costs like 100$ on the internets and I bought it for as low as 1€, only if I can find someone to sell it to now, I'm gonna make some good money :P
    There were two of them, the one I bought and a Snoopy one, my friend got the Snoopy one :P

    I'm so lucky, those things are super rare, especially here in Greece :rolleyes:

    Here are some pictures I took with my cell phone:

    Back to waiting for RE5 to finish downloading now.
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    Going on vacations

    I'm going to our cottage with ma, pa, unc, aunt, little cousin and grandma tomorrow. I downloaded some Anime to watch so I won't get bored :P
    I'll be back in Sunday...merry Xmas guys.
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    The world is a nice place to be.
    so....bye bye bad thoughts :)
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    Noitora's Cloud minigame

    I came across a really cute spritesheet this morning and I wanted to use it in a game, so here it is :P
    You just kill skeletons and gain points....that's all you have to do, it was made really fast and it's the best game on Earth but I find it funny :D
    There are a lot of bugs I yet have to iron out but I wanted to post it.


    Arrow keys: walk (Room never ends)
    X: Dash attack
    Z: Attack
    Enter: Pause menu (Navigate with <- and -> and choose with Z)

    To do:
    1.Online highscores
    2.Better AI
    3.Pause menu+ The ability to suspend the game
    4.Add more enemies
    Known bugs:
    Sometimes enemies stand still instead of attacking you (To be fixed in the next version)
    Post your kills here
    My score: 86 enemies

    Cloud sprites made by Rakla.Blood effect based on GCE.
    Download game(Version 2)
    Download game(Version 3)
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    Let's make a GBAtemp game

    So I had this crazy idea yesterday, make a game about gbatemp :P
    I know it sounds really random, I don't even know what type of game it's actually going to be, I am rather good at game coding as I've been doing that for 4 years or something like that.
    Last thing I coded that was game-related was a maple story engine which I think was used in a game, I don't remember though it was two years ago :rolleyes:
    So this is something like practice :P
    The game is going to be for the Computer.

    I can't make the game on my own, I need someone to help me with the graphics.
    Also Noobs don't post "can I be in the game?"

    Beware had some wicked ideas:

    [10:41] <Noitora> Hello guys!
    [10:41] <AntiFritz> hi
    [10:42] <Beware> wish it was longer though
    [10:42] <Noitora> I had a weird idea yesterday...
    [10:43] <AntiFritz> what
    [10:43] <Beware> mmhmm
    [10:44] <Noitora> It'd be cool to make a game about GBAtemp, it would be totally random
    [10:44] <Noitora> I can code it but I need ideas :P
    [10:44] <AntiFritz> whould i be about gbatemp or 4chan though?
    [10:44] <AntiFritz> hmmm
    [10:45] <Beware> XD
    [10:45] <Beware> itd be about gbatemp NOT being 4chan
    [10:45] <Beware> XD
    [10:45] <Beware> but being 4chan due to its determination to NOT be like 4chan
    [10:46] <AntiFritz> lol
    [10:46] <Beware> and in the end, accepting its fate as 4chan
    [10:46] <Beware> GBATemp.chan
    [10:46] <AntiFritz> yes
    [10:46] <AntiFritz> it cant be anything but 4chan
    [10:46] <Beware> GBATemp would be the main character
    [10:46] <AntiFritz> even if you try it will end up being 4chan
    [10:46] <Noitora> :P lol
    [10:46] <Beware> and 4chan would be his "nemesis"
    [10:47] <Beware> but actually an ex-best friend or relative
    [10:47] <Beware> which would be a large twist about mid-way through the game
    [10:47] <Beware> which would lead GBATemp into a downward spiral as he feuds with his subconscious self
    [10:48] <AntiFritz> or 4chan whould be the alter ego
    [10:48] <Beware> and as his Id takes over his Ego and Super-Ego, he joins 4chan in its diabolical deeds
    [10:48] <Beware> that would work too AntiFritz
    [10:48] <Beware> this is genius!
    [10:48] <Beware> solid gold!
    [10:48] <Beware> do it!
    [10:48] <Beware> do it now, Noitora!
    [10:48] <Beware> NOW!
    [10:48] <AntiFritz> hmm wait
    [10:49] <AntiFritz> is it gbatemp or eof
    [10:49] <Noitora> D_D I need someone to help me with the graphics
    [10:49] <Beware> heh
    [10:49] <Beware> ask around 4chan
    [10:49] <Beware> thatd just be hilarious
    [10:50] <Beware> ooo
    [10:51] <Beware> you could have l 3 different endings
    [10:51] <Beware> where one of the three wins
    [10:51] <AntiFritz> hehe'\
    [10:51] <Beware> the Id would be 4chan
    [10:51] <Beware> Ego would be GBATemp.net
    [10:51] <Noitora> rofl
    [10:51] <Beware> and Super Ego would be...
    [10:51] <Noitora> Costello?
    [10:51] <Beware> i dunno, NDS-Scene?
    [10:51] <Beware> LULZ Noitora
    [10:52] <Noitora> or the gbatemp server
    [10:52] <Beware> maybe Urza?

    Current tempers in the game:
    6.Toni Plutonij
    15.Vulpes Abnocto
    +All teh mods and supervisors
    (If I forgot anyone tell me)
    That's all, post your ideas or whatever now :D
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    SC DSONE sucks ass!

    I bought the DSONE a few months ago, it seemed totally cool when I first used it, in comparison to my old supercard SD.
    It had all those cool features like RTS and realtime cheats but what bugged me the most was the slow-as-hell GUI.Isn't it about time they revamped it?
    Those guys only care about the cash and not us the customers.
    Lastly, isn't it about time they released an update, they haven't released one since, what? 3 months ago or something?
    I would prefer a low budget acekard 2 or an iTouch, next time I won't go with supercard products, I suggest you to do the same.

    I would have posted that in their forums but it's not worth the time since I'd only get some stupid engrish replies.

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    Why do we translate?

    It started some time ago while I was doing my usual hacking and ever since I've been thinking why do I keep creating translation projects about games...Is it really worth it.One friend of mine told me that people are grateful creatures.Well I'll have to agree with him...Partially to be specific.

    I still remember when I first joined this board, it was just when I bought my flashcart and I was looking for some random things and I saw FAST6191 and Beautiful Beast doing a translation of Jump ultimate stars.The first project actually.I've been trying to do some translations of my own since then, I had a hard time learning how to do it, I was a complete noob back then and I just wanted to translate my favorite game which was Bleach the 2nd If I do remember correctly now about a full year has passed I like hanging out here with my fellow tempers here and help others but I do often wonder where will hacking take me?
    Why is it really worth it?

    Some people spent even years in order to complete a translation...yet they didn't ask for anything in return...sometimes they only received negative criticism...what made them do it...?

    I just thought I'd post my feelings in this lonely night.