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    Ask Me Anything (Original idea, not a freaking copy)

    Go on, ask me anything
    And no, I'm not copying anyone
    That was my idea all along :)
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    Zelda got a new toy

    I forgot to say it, but about 10 days ago, I received her new one

    Now, about her new toy
    It's a fish that giggles when touched
    It has a rechargeable battery inside and the mechanism is removable so we can wash the tissue part
    There's also a bag of catnip inside of it
    here's a two minutes videos of her playing with it :)
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    I did such a mess on christmas day :'(

    Everything was going very well
    Until on the late of the day
    I went to the basement of the house to store leftover of the christmas day in the freezer
    and then, when i reached the floor, i slipped on something that was on the floor (a part of the celling that fell)
    When falling, I completly destroyed Zelda's cat tree :'(
    Anyway, I bought her a new one on amazon
    I hope she'll like it too

    But this morning, when I woke up, she was sitting near the remains of her cat tree, and then she looked at me and meowed...
    She broke my heart... because I broke her's... :cry::cry::cry:
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    Big loss in our family

    Today, we just lost someone in our family
    The mother of my uncle/godfather
    She used to be plenty of energy, taking long walk everyday
    she was 94 years old and yet, she was in better shape than some member of our family, me included
    Since March, when the Covid hitted Quebec, she was confined in her room
    Moral started to go downer and downer
    Recently, she grew a tumor in her stomac
    She was a strong woman who acted as a grand mother for all the family...
    Rest in peace, Grandma Simone
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    Zelda's new toy

    Here, today i received my cat litter for Zelda from Amazon
    But in order to buy for 35$, I needed to buy something more, so I bought her this toy mouse :)
    At the very beginning she looked at it with a "What the fuck is that" look
    But now she chase it a bit :)
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    Zelda's doing the great clean up

    I though filming her while she washes her.. well.. would be fun
    But her laser eyes are much much much more enjoyable in this video

    Sorry for the messy bed :)
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    Zelda playing in the backyard

    If you are expecting a cat running around in a backyard, too bad
    She's just laying down and giggling on the grass
    You can however see her beautiful face at the beginning of the video
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    Zelda wants her wet food (+BONUS)

    Every morning, I give Zelda a Perfect Portion, those are individual portion of cat wet food
    well here's her reaction every morning

    And here's the bonus, a video I filmed while i was banned

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    Zelda suffering from heat wave


    So... heres how Zelda is dealing with heat wave... she lies down on a box...
    Message to americans, your heat waves are NOTHING like those in Quebec
    Yours are dry in the air. Thats means that only being exposed to the sun burns
    If you are under a tree or something like that, you'll feel better
    But here in Quebec, we have heat wave with humidity in the air
    That means the air itself is not only hot but also suffocating
    To give you an estimate, a 50C dry heat wave is more sustainable than a 40C humid heat wave
    Now youll feel less noobish about heat ;)
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    Zelda's eating

    Well actually she just finished her Perfect Portion of the day ^^

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    Unbanned? Finally :D

    Hello world!
    so... I've been unbanned today thanks to @Chary who worked since April I think to make me unbanned
    I asked him on discord after a year of ban and now, I'm finally unbanned
    Thanks to all moderator, superrisor and administrator who voted yes to unban me, it's very very very appreciated :D

    As for my return, I said that I would avoid EoF for a couple of month, so if possible, dont quote me there

    Since the last 16months, lot has changed in my life
    Me and my mom moved to my sister's house
    My sis doesn't like cat, so Zelda is confined to the basement, where I live

    I will upload pictures of Zelda every few weeks again to those who are interessted :)

    If you have any question about how I am these days, feel free to post them here

    Thanks again Chary for all the effort youve made to unban me :)
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    Im bored...

    Theres a power outage here due to freezing rain and strong wind
    Im bored...
    What to do...
    What to do... 20190408_145946_028.jpg
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    Sooo... We might not move to a condominium after all...

    So yea... if you've read my previous blog, maybe you know that there's tension between my sistra and her boyfriend
    They bought an house, and few weeks later, my brother in law started loving less and less my sistra
    Well, they have a baby, and they still like each other, but more like friends now...
    My mom had an idea, she told it to my sistra and her boyfriend, now she told me

    My mom and I are supposed to move on June in our new condominium
    Instead, my brother in law might buy our condominium, and we buy their houses
    There are three bedroom in this house and 2 in the condominium
    The codominium doesn't have enough bedroom if my sistra was to come live with us
    However, in their house, we could make the basement my bedroom/bureau
    The three bedroom would go to my mom, my sistra, and my niece

    So far... nothing is confirmed... but it's an option we considerate
    Honnestly, I would like it... my mom and sistra too
    The only i dont know is if my brother in law would...

    so... we will see......................................
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    I organised my mom's birthday restaurant out... at SUGAR SHACK !!!! YAY


    It was all greasy... and greasy... and greasy too...^^
    My favorite part was the dessert : Fried pancake :)

    Well, in all honnesty, I first tryed to organise this as a new tradition
    Before, I was going to the sugar shack once a year with brother in law's family...
    But now... well, lets say theres tension between my sister and him
    So, I decided to organise that, and my aunt suggested another date for this : My mom's birthday, I said, why not :)
    So my godfather, godmother, their daughter, their granddaughter, one of my uncle, my sistra and my niece, we went there :)

    ah.... seriously, i needed those yearly fried pancakes :)
    I ate 4 of them :)
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    Wow, I just sit before my computer
    I take a look at GBATemp page
    I have 4 notification
    3 of them are thread I started a while ago and they all got me +10XP

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    La p'tite tabarnack

    Sorry for the swearing but it had to get out
    So i went to the drug store, for moms medecine
    And while waitting, i went in the groceries part looking for sales
    And damn, tjere was a huge sale on chocolate bar
    I usually buy them on sales at 2.50$
    Now, they were 1$ and surprinsigly, the shelves were full
    So i let them there, hurry to go get a small kart, and on my way back...
    I see that shitty little old lady and her kart full of chocolate bar
    I go look at the shelves... all gone...
    Hey, there was like 20-25 bar when i left less than a minute ago...
    Damn she really pissed my off...
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