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    Noctosphere It's currently uploading
    She's so crazy when I give her katnip
    And today isn't an exception :)

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    Noctosphere Hello all
    it's been a while since I've made blog, but here's some news about my health
    As you may already know, I have Parkinson due to my medecine
    About a week ago, I met my neurologist
    He saw me, I was shaking as fucking hell
    it was impossible to me to control my shaking for more than two seconds
    And when I was shaking, it was fucking intense

    Now, my neurologist made changes in my meds,
    apparently, some meds my psychiatrist gave me and my neurologist removed were removed too quickly
    I now take them back in reduced doses, and hell, i feel sooo much better

    Shaking are still here, but much much less intense,
    Plus, I can control them for much much longer

    I hope my condition will keep improving, but as my neurologist said,
    that parkinsonism caused by the wrong medecine my psychiatrist gave me is non-reversible
    it will always be there and cannot be cured...

    Hell, life sucks, but less... :)
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    Noctosphere one year ago, my sistra made me uncle
    damn I feel old...
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    Noctosphere So yea, if you remember,
    I got arrested by police when I was coming back from my psychiatrist
    Well today, I got arrested on my way to dentist

    In short, I saw that cop car coming in the other sense...
    I didn't gave it much attention, but then, while looking back, it made a u-turn
    ok... maybe it's me again...
    I was just saying that in joke in my head
    But it really was for me...

    So, in short, they told me that there was a man with a long coat like mine who was stalking at the school
    Yea, my dentist clinic is right before a school
    (for children, not teen, idk the exact term in english for those school)
    Apparently, that man was taking pictures of those childrens...

    So I told them, I just arrived, just stepped down the bus one street away
    That I had rendez-vous with my dentist in like 3 minutes
    They took my IDs (I had them this time, yay^^)
    checked up few things in my case or whatever...
    I told them I was arrested few weeks ago for similar reasons and they laughed

    They let me go and, 2 step after, I was at my dentist clinic^^
    When I told it to my dentist, she told me "You should change of coat"
    Well, actually, "I already did"
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    Noctosphere Yea... my mom has her immune system losing efficiancy lately, probably due to aging
    Her inside-mouth has severe injuries because of that
    Well, today, this morning, she went to drug store to get what they call a "Magic mouth-rinse"
    They said it should be ready in about 5 hours, that they would call her when it's ready
    But mommy is working at night at Canada Post, so she had to go sleep
    so, she gave me her cellphone so I can get it for her, she hadn't enough for tomorrow
    Several hours later, I went to groceries store with her cellphone, so I can get the call if it's ready when I'm there
    But nope, no call...
    So, on my way back, I went to the drug store... and... it wasn't ready yet
    My mom really needs it, otherwise, she just can't eat, at all...
    luckily, she has enough for tonight
    but when she called at the drug store, they said it should be ready tomorrow...
    They said they missed an ingredient and they had to ship it to the drug store to make the mouth rinse...
    Hell, why not telling us before...
    Mom got super stressed because she tough they forgot her, and honnestly, I think that's the case...
    so yea, most of you won't understand, and it's not really translatable
    so, let's say it's like if a journalist was saying "Oh fucking shit! dah fuq is that"

    He probably just learned the news, he was about to talk about that journalist killed in middle-east
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    Noctosphere Again, Zelda kitty has fun with katnip^^

    You might hear me doing weird sounds, it's my Tourette syndrome being a bit more intense lately
    Also, sorry for the shaking camera (parkinson)
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    Noctosphere Hello all
    so yea, I went to my psychiatrist today,
    and on my way back, police arrested me
    they were looking for a young adult who escaped from hospital, not that much far away
    he had a cap, just like me...
    he had black pants, just like me...
    he had a pony tail, just like me...
    he had glasses, just like me...
    BUT, he had a red coat...
    Mine was half red half green :)
    a Mario coat actually ;)

    And, thanks to Murphy law...
    My ID was missing in my wallet...
    IDK why, honnestly...
    I never get it out of it except at hospital...
    Maybe I forgot it at hospital when I went there last friday...
    So... all I could show them was my credit card with my name...
    They asked me a couple of questions
    How old are you?
    Where do you live?
    Whats your name? of course
    you know... such basics questions
    and it was the first time I got arrested, so...
    When they asked me how old I am, I said 21 instead of 25 at first xd
    But yea, from what I understood, they contacted hospital
    and the guy didn't have any green on his coat and no fox tail attached to his cap

    So, they appologized for arresting me and continued their way
    So... yea... Today, I got arrested :)
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    Noctosphere So yea, after 3 years of waiting, I finally got my meeting with a neurologist
    He went in my case with my psychiatrist
    he was like...
    "Ok, psychiatrist used to give that for tics, but it doesn't really work"
    You see, my psychiatrist gave me tons of pills
    some for my tics, but they caused shaking (He called that Parkinsonism)
    well, my psychiatrist again gave me more pills for those shaking
    And today, the neurologist tells me that those pills for shaking don't works for shaking either
    Actually, it was causing a decrease of an hormone in my brain, which cause shaking
    And now, I learned that even if he removes those pills from my prescription
    Shaking will keep on
    So you see, I took those pills for about 3 years
    On the advice of my psychiatrist
    And now, I'll be stuck with Parkinsonism for the rest of my life...

    Thank you my dear psychiatrist, for fucking my life up :(
    Noctosphere 20181008_181752_020.
    Thats supposed to be a cheese stick...
    Noctosphere Cheese Wizz...
    So yea, yesterday, I made myself some toast with cheese wizz
    And, just for fun, I made Zelda taste some cheese wizz I had on my finger
    She liked it... maybe too much...
    She licked my finger for a long while, even after there was no more on it...
    But now, each time I make toast/bagel with cheese wizz, Zelda is coming near me and beg me...
    Seriously... She won't stop begging until I give her some or if I finish my toast/bagel...

    I think... I made Zelda a junky...
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    Noctosphere Well, it's not a trick like "Sit" or "play dead" like people do with dogs
    in short, I just refilled Zelda's food bowl
    She came to eat it and I said
    "Du bon manger" (Translation : Some good food)
    But you see, "bon" is the half of "bonbon" which means "candy"
    she knows very well what bonbon means and when she hears it, she follows you everywhere until you give her candies

    Well, when she comes to eat, I just say "Du bon manger" and she raises her heard, stare at me intensively, but I stop talking, so she's like, "oww... not now", so after few seconds, she goes back to her "ordinary food"

    Then I say it again, "Du bon manger" and she repeats it, again and again, soo funny^^

    I didn't think about getting it on video, but next time she comes to eat, I'll try to and if I succeed, I'll post it here ;)

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    Noctosphere Hello guys
    You see, I moved to this appartment about 7 years ago (including a year where i was out of the city, but mom kept the appartment)
    Well, there's that old man who live in the appartment right next to mine
    Whenever I go out to the drug store, 90% of time i go there, I cross him
    Whenever I go to the groceries store (about a kilometer away) 60% of time, I cross him
    Once, I went to another groceries store (about 3km away) I crossed him again
    This man must be like 80's and he's very active apparently, even if he has a walking stick
    My mom cross him often too, but she talks to him sometime
    Apparently, he has back problem and he can't really stay long inactive without moving
    I never intended to stalk him lol
    But, almost everytime I go out to one of these place, i almost always cross him

    Noctosphere You see, my sistra had hair super long
    More than a meter long
    Well, she went to hair cutter
    Made a ponytail and... chop chop

    Apparently, shell send her hair to an organism makes wig(not sure of translation) for those who had cancer :)

    Now, im the one who has the longest hair in the grand family
    Yes, girls included ;)
    Noctosphere Yes, you heard right
    Something crazy (just a bit)

    Warning: Spoilers inside!