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    Noctosphere Hello all
    so yea, I went to my psychiatrist today,
    and on my way back, police arrested me
    they were looking for a young adult who escaped from hospital, not that much far away
    he had a cap, just like me...
    he had black pants, just like me...
    he had a pony tail, just like me...
    he had glasses, just like me...
    BUT, he had a red coat...
    Mine was half red half green :)
    a Mario coat actually ;)

    And, thanks to Murphy law...
    My ID was missing in my wallet...
    IDK why, honnestly...
    I never get it out of it except at hospital...
    Maybe I forgot it at hospital when I went there last friday...
    So... all I could show them was my credit card with my name...
    They asked me a couple of questions
    How old are you?
    Where do you live?
    Whats your name? of course
    you know... such basics questions
    and it was the first time I got arrested, so...
    When they asked me how old I am, I said 21 instead of 25 at first xd
    But yea, from what I understood, they contacted hospital
    and the guy didn't have any green on his coat and no fox tail attached to his cap

    So, they appologized for arresting me and continued their way
    So... yea... Today, I got arrested :)
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    Noctosphere So yea, after 3 years of waiting, I finally got my meeting with a neurologist
    He went in my case with my psychiatrist
    he was like...
    "Ok, psychiatrist used to give that for tics, but it doesn't really work"
    You see, my psychiatrist gave me tons of pills
    some for my tics, but they caused shaking (He called that Parkinsonism)
    well, my psychiatrist again gave me more pills for those shaking
    And today, the neurologist tells me that those pills for shaking don't works for shaking either
    Actually, it was causing a decrease of an hormone in my brain, which cause shaking
    And now, I learned that even if he removes those pills from my prescription
    Shaking will keep on
    So you see, I took those pills for about 3 years
    On the advice of my psychiatrist
    And now, I'll be stuck with Parkinsonism for the rest of my life...

    Thank you my dear psychiatrist, for fucking my life up :(
    Noctosphere 20181008_181752_020.jpg
    Thats supposed to be a cheese stick...
    Noctosphere Cheese Wizz...
    So yea, yesterday, I made myself some toast with cheese wizz
    And, just for fun, I made Zelda taste some cheese wizz I had on my finger
    She liked it... maybe too much...
    She licked my finger for a long while, even after there was no more on it...
    But now, each time I make toast/bagel with cheese wizz, Zelda is coming near me and beg me...
    Seriously... She won't stop begging until I give her some or if I finish my toast/bagel...

    I think... I made Zelda a junky...
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    Noctosphere Well, it's not a trick like "Sit" or "play dead" like people do with dogs
    in short, I just refilled Zelda's food bowl
    She came to eat it and I said
    "Du bon manger" (Translation : Some good food)
    But you see, "bon" is the half of "bonbon" which means "candy"
    she knows very well what bonbon means and when she hears it, she follows you everywhere until you give her candies

    Well, when she comes to eat, I just say "Du bon manger" and she raises her heard, stare at me intensively, but I stop talking, so she's like, "oww... not now", so after few seconds, she goes back to her "ordinary food"

    Then I say it again, "Du bon manger" and she repeats it, again and again, soo funny^^

    I didn't think about getting it on video, but next time she comes to eat, I'll try to and if I succeed, I'll post it here ;)

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    Noctosphere Hello guys
    You see, I moved to this appartment about 7 years ago (including a year where i was out of the city, but mom kept the appartment)
    Well, there's that old man who live in the appartment right next to mine
    Whenever I go out to the drug store, 90% of time i go there, I cross him
    Whenever I go to the groceries store (about a kilometer away) 60% of time, I cross him
    Once, I went to another groceries store (about 3km away) I crossed him again
    This man must be like 80's and he's very active apparently, even if he has a walking stick
    My mom cross him often too, but she talks to him sometime
    Apparently, he has back problem and he can't really stay long inactive without moving
    I never intended to stalk him lol
    But, almost everytime I go out to one of these place, i almost always cross him

    Noctosphere You see, my sistra had hair super long
    More than a meter long
    Well, she went to hair cutter
    Made a ponytail and... chop chop

    Apparently, shell send her hair to an organism makes wig(not sure of translation) for those who had cancer :)

    Now, im the one who has the longest hair in the grand family
    Yes, girls included ;)
    Noctosphere Yes, you heard right
    Something crazy (just a bit)

    Warning: Spoilers inside!
    Noctosphere Maybe you saw that thread
    Well in short, I asked help on FB about my internal HDD
    Everyonetold me it was broken

    So I ordered a new one few days ago, tuesday last week actually
    It was said to be a 2-day shipping but I received it on monday
    Well, I should say "received" it

    Because actually, it got shipped at my former adress, at Quebec city, about 250-300km away from where i now live xd

    So, I chatted a bit with Amazon, they reassured me...
    The guy at my former adress declined the package, and it will be sent back to the seller in about a week
    And I should get refunded in about 2 weeks

    I deleted my former adress from my Amazon account, and ordered it again but at the correct adress now

    so yea... just a big mistake
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    Noctosphere Yea, i just bought that at grocerie store

    Edit : yea its a bit blurry
    Its Pizza flavour

    Attached Files:

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    Noctosphere A pair of sis-bro tattoo
    Shell get a mew
    Ill get a mewtwo

    Ill send pics once its done

    Uploaded mine
    Now my sistras turn

    mmh weird
    I'm trying to upload a better picture, but it won't let me...

    NVM, there, you just have to click to show it^^

    Here's the full tattoo, but I just got the head ^^

    Attached Files:

    Noctosphere woop woop hop in the trend
    ask me anything about Zelda
    Noctosphere Seriously guys, stop saying "Portendo" everytime a port is announced
    Most of the time, it isn't even Nintendo's decision
    Most of the time, it's 3rd party software
    So please, it's time to stop, if you know what I mean
    Seriously, it becomes annoying...
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    Noctosphere 25 years :O
    Mom brought me to a humor spectacle
    my sistra will pay me a tattoo
    She'll get one too, and we are planning to make them Bro/Sis tattoo
    I'll get a Mewtwo on my forearm and she'll get a Mew
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    Noctosphere Yes, you heard right
    In the past two month, it's the third time I almost get hit by a car
    And for all three times, it was always for the same reason

    I need to cross the road, I wait the green light
    then I look before and behind me to see if a car wants to cross too
    None? perfect, I cross
    and then, I see a truck very close to me, who break very hard
    Reason? he didn't turn his flasher on
    please drivers, flasher aren't an option you can use
    it's a requirement you MUST use
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    Noctosphere I dreamed that Reggie Fils-Aimé was dead...
    I dont remember how
    I dont remember why
    I dont remember when
    but he was dead
    when I woke up, i was soooo relieved :(