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    Noctosphere Well, there's that guy I play a lot with
    He recently told me hes psychologist and that he knows what autism and tourette syndrome are (I have both)
    He told me that the drugs I take (medicine actually) are a cage and I should stop them all
    The thing is, when I forget to take some of my medicine, I feel it, like very intensively
    What do you think, is this guy a fraud about you?
    Because it's not the first time I've been told that my meds are a "cage"
    Noctosphere My sistra wanted to go see the Canadian Museum of War
    So, my mom, my sistra and I, are leaving for Ottawa
    Might upload pics when I come back^^
    For now, I'll be offline
    I know you guys will miss me ;)

    heres some pics

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    Noctosphere Yea, so I went there, at the drug store, to buy anti-alergy pills
    I go to the cashier and all, and then, when I was about to exit, I see the old man who was at the cashier before me
    He had his arms loaded heavyly
    I asked him "do you need to some help to carry your stuff?"
    He answered politly "Non merci p'tit gars, ça va aller"
    which can be translated to "No thanks lil' boy, I'm fine"
    Little boy xD
    I'm actually 24 :P
    I havent been called like that for around a decade I think
    It was just a funny experience I had this morning which I think was worth sharing :P
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    Noctosphere So yea, we were in a family party for Easter and somehow, this came up in discussion
    Apparently, my uncle's butchery got robbed, someone broke the window and robbed lot of meat, of cheese, and of bread
    The robber left a note on the bar saying "I'm so sorry, but my childrens are starving"
    My uncle said he knew exactly who was the robber, but only claimed to his insurrance for the broken window
    He didnt put charge on the robber because he surely had more heavy problem, and he didnt want to ruin the life of the guy

    I think it's very generous from my uncle, and honnestly, if it would have happened to me, I'm pretty sure i'd do the same :)
    Noctosphere That guy...
    I was simply asking for an estimate on how much i could sell my laptop because I'm leaving college
    And then, that guy arrived...
    He started to insult me because I left college
    He said that only losers leave college
    after telling him he had no right to judge me, he began insulting me on my taste
    "what? not enough furries?" that he said
    I told him that I'm mentally disabled and that not every disabled person can succeed at college
    Since then, no answer, no apologies, nothing

    That guy...
    Noctosphere So, as I said in previous blog, I'm having trouble with tv service provider on Roku
    but during the past week, after i sent them tons of email to know if they were going to fix it, I got this answer
    Apparently, their technician found the bug and are fixing it. They are testing everything, putting it in place and all, and I'll receive an email when its fixed
    but it's been a week, and still no email. They said it could take few days, but still
    I'm beginning to wonder...
    could it be a fake news just to make me shut up for few days?
    as i said, it's been a month that I've got no tv at all...
    and i sent them email almost every 3 days

    Do you think they are messing with me right now?
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    Noctosphere So, about a month ago, I lost IPTV, I paid 155$ for IPTV for a year.
    Well, I had it since september, all was ok, but suddenly, the roku channel disppeared, for no reason
    I just got good news from Alibox (The company providing me TV on roku), finally :)
    Apparently, their technician found the bug and are fixing it
    I should get back TV in the next few days
    plus, theyll extend my subscription by a month.

    Honnestly, I always played video game and watched Plex (a streaming program) with TV on background
    It was weird living without tv for a month :P
    Noctosphere Hello
    So this morning, I was going out to get the trash bag out. Just that.
    The container is just beside the bloc. So I didn't put fancy clothes.
    Well, when I came back to the appartment entrace, I discover that the entrace door lock...
    is broken...
    So, I walked to the owner's bureau, about half a km from my appartment, in pyjama...
    only to discover that they are...
    not there... week end
    So I came back to the appartment, calling all renter with the entrace panel, only to discover that...
    they are either not there, or their phone number isnt valid, or they moved out of this appartment...
    finally, after about half an hour, I saw someone in the entrace hall going to do his laundry
    I knocked at the window and I opened the door for me :D
    What a unpleasant experience...
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    Noctosphere So, I was tired of seeing partially my signature, and Stylish looks like bugged, since it keeps telling me to install Stylish, over and over again
    So, I'll put my signature here and put a link in my real sig...
    So, have fun with my sig ;)

    my PC specs
    My console
    TV Series I currently watch
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    Noctosphere In few hours (at 13h) I'll take a bus to go back to my home city
    I haven't seen my family for a long while
    Well, I saw my mom recently (she came where I live), but not the rest of my family
    My sistra, my little niece, my brother in law, and all my uncle/aunt/cousin :)
    Going back to Laval in few hours
    3h30 of bus
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    Noctosphere Hello
    So, I made a post in the tv movie music forum, but I think I'll get more answer in a blog

    Alibox TV offer a service of TV live streaming with channel of all over the world
    It costed me 155$ for a year of service
    But last friday, the roku channel disappeared, for no apparent reason

    I'm trying to contact them via email, but they take very long time to answer
    Did anyone has used AliboxTV on roku (their channel is called Super Stalker) and had the came problem?
    Noctosphere NOT... THIS BURNED CRAP
    Noctosphere Completly unable to move anyway far
    I suffer a lot just walking to the kitchen or the bathroom
    Drug store owner gave me Voltarin and a gel magic bag
    hope thatll help
    Noctosphere I know I'm a bit late lol
    Noctosphere I finally held my little niece in my arms
    My sistra gave birth a month ago and I was far away from them
    Saturday, I left the city where i study to my home city
    Today, literally few minutes ago, I held my little niece in my arms
    Wendy is her name
    and she's sooo cute