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    Sooo... We might not move to a condominium after all...

    So yea... if you've read my previous blog, maybe you know that there's tension between my sistra and her boyfriend
    They bought an house, and few weeks later, my brother in law started loving less and less my sistra
    Well, they have a baby, and they still like each other, but more like friends now...
    My mom had an idea, she told it to my sistra and her boyfriend, now she told me

    My mom and I are supposed to move on June in our new condominium
    Instead, my brother in law might buy our condominium, and we buy their houses
    There are three bedroom in this house and 2 in the condominium
    The codominium doesn't have enough bedroom if my sistra was to come live with us
    However, in their house, we could make the basement my bedroom/bureau
    The three bedroom would go to my mom, my sistra, and my niece

    So far... nothing is confirmed... but it's an option we considerate
    Honnestly, I would like it... my mom and sistra too
    The only i dont know is if my brother in law would...

    so... we will see......................................
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    I organised my mom's birthday restaurant out... at SUGAR SHACK !!!! YAY


    It was all greasy... and greasy... and greasy too...^^
    My favorite part was the dessert : Fried pancake :)

    Well, in all honnesty, I first tryed to organise this as a new tradition
    Before, I was going to the sugar shack once a year with brother in law's family...
    But now... well, lets say theres tension between my sister and him
    So, I decided to organise that, and my aunt suggested another date for this : My mom's birthday, I said, why not :)
    So my godfather, godmother, their daughter, their granddaughter, one of my uncle, my sistra and my niece, we went there :)

    ah.... seriously, i needed those yearly fried pancakes :)
    I ate 4 of them :)
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    Wow, I just sit before my computer
    I take a look at GBATemp page
    I have 4 notification
    3 of them are thread I started a while ago and they all got me +10XP

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    La p'tite tabarnack

    Sorry for the swearing but it had to get out
    So i went to the drug store, for moms medecine
    And while waitting, i went in the groceries part looking for sales
    And damn, tjere was a huge sale on chocolate bar
    I usually buy them on sales at 2.50$
    Now, they were 1$ and surprinsigly, the shelves were full
    So i let them there, hurry to go get a small kart, and on my way back...
    I see that shitty little old lady and her kart full of chocolate bar
    I go look at the shelves... all gone...
    Hey, there was like 20-25 bar when i left less than a minute ago...
    Damn she really pissed my off...
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    My mom is interersted in a series I watch

    So yea :)
    Today, my mom saw the advertissment of The Walking Dead being airing in Quebec
    When she saw "Worldwide phenomenal", she told me she was interrested
    She didn't know it was as big as Game of Thrones, which she loves
    I proposed her many time to watch it with me, but she always declined
    She said she wasn't a "Zombie fan" but now, we will try :)

    I know I hype for nothing, but I'm hyped to watch it with mommy :)
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    I finally asked someone trustworthy about CBD

    So yea, I haven't though about her before and I really wonder why
    I always recommended them as a great alternative to urgencies and clinics
    I asked my pharmacist
    Since mary is now legal in Canada, I though it would be easier for her to tell me her opinion about it
    Unfortunatly, it is still too new...
    They don't have an option in their computer to learn if I can consume it with all the medecine I take
    However, she told me it would take a couple of days to make deeper researches
    I'm waitting now, hoping to get an answer soon :)
    As everyone said, I don't know if I can really trust my neurologist...
    Does he tell me I can't just because he won't earn a penny from it?
    Well, my pharmacist will give me a real answer... I think...
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    Tonight, I called 911 for my mother

    So, I just came back from hospital

    First, my mom woke up to go working, she works at night yea...
    But, when I joined her in the kitchen, I saw her sit on a chair with her body lowered before
    I was like, "Are you okay?! Are you okay?!"
    Turns out she lost conscious, she had lot of trouble breathing
    She was snoring but she was half-awake
    I immidiatly called 911
    after a couple of minutes, police arrived, and then couple of minutes later, ambulance arrived
    I prepared her clothes and all in a bag, and they went off with her...
    About 30 minutes later, my aunt/Godmother and uncle/Godfather arrived to take me to hospital

    The doctor said it probably was low blood pressure, thats all...
    The thing is, she has lot of trouble with her immunity system for over 3 years
    She gots red spots on her legs, on her back, on her neck and on her face
    they pop up randomly...
    Also, she takes Claritins pills, but instead of one every 24 hours
    she takes 2 pills every 10 hours

    The doctor said all these medecine might hide something else
    I really hope they find what she has, because it tired her for years now

    Now she's at hospital, and my aunt/uncle brought me back home
    She's supposed to come back around 9am

    My sistra isn't aware of anything, and my mom want it to stay like that until she gets out
    She wants to tell it herself...

    Damn, she scared the shit out of me...
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    My brother in law want to give up on my sistra

    So yea, I don't have all the details, but my mom came to me, tearing, saying that my brother in law wants to give up on my sistra :(
    Apparently, there was hard discussion for last few weeks
    And today, he said :
    "Before, when I was making you cry, I was feeling so bad. Now, I just don't care"
    Few weeks ago, she wanted to give him back her ring,
    He told her to keep it to her finger
    Now he said "Do whatever you want with it, I don't care"

    Another problem is that they moved into the house they bough literrally last week...
    I feel soo bad for her...

    My mom thinks that all the love he had for my sistra was now given to their daughter...
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    Feel free to ask me (Noctosphere) thing

    Notice the lack of S at thing
    Limit of one thing per person :)
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    My old plex hard drive died

    So yesterday, my old external hard drive i used for plex suddenly died
    It was almost 6 years old and did good so far
    But recently, i had trouble at writting stuff on it
    Reading was perfectly fine though, until yesterday...
    Yesterday, my mom wanted me to burn movies on bluray
    So i tryed to move those from my slow external hard drive to my internal hard drive... and it died...
    The files wouldnt move, my computer froze, and when i unplugged it, everything went fine
    I replugged it, tryed to do something, and it froze again
    I tryed many thing, and it always ended up freezing my computer
    All data were lost...
    2.5TB of Plex medias totally lost
    I had to buy a new external hdd
    200$, but this one is twice bigger
    My former one was 3TB, this one is 6TB
    It works fine, but i still have to redownload everything...
    Plus, i mainly download from a semi private torrent tracker
    So... it will hurt my ratio... a lot...
    Luckily, i have like 3.6tb of upload and about 1.2tb of download, so i should be fine
    Btw, im very aware of ratiomaster, i did use it long time ago on another tracker.

    So far i downloaded few medias back, but im still far from getting my stuff back
    Ill let my computer download what i queued during the night, hoping tomorrow ill have a couple of medias back
    Plus, now that i have more space, ill probably download more hd stuff :)
    I have a 120mbps download speed, but saw a promotion on my isp website
    For 4$ extra per month, i can have a 400 mbps download speed, which is more than trice what i have now

    *yamn* time to sleep and download...
    Download and sleep...
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    Government is shit...

    So... yea...
    Today, I went to the drug store to get my medecine, like I do every week
    And when the pharmacist brings them to me, she says "85.30$"
    I was like "Wait, it's usually free"
    Well, it seems like my demand to renew governmental insuranec on my meds is still in process...
    After two weeks...
    Seriously, usually, it takes much less times, but those meds are new and expansive...
    So, I guess they smelled some money to borrow from sick people...

    Well, I'm keeping all my bills, in hope I can be refunded later...
    But hell, 85$ every week? I won't be able to pay that for long...
    I hope they'll fix that asap...

    PS : Yes, I'm aware that there are medecine even more expansive, I'm aware
    And I still think all required medecine should be refunded by governement
    I'm not talking here about luxury medecine, like medecine to help digest better
    or medecine for dry mouth (Even if I take some sometime)
    I know there are people who takes medecine that costs 35k$ per year... and it should be refunded imo...
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    5 years

    Hell, its been 5 years today that i joined gbatemp
    I did lot of stuff, including shitposting and trolling and, hell, even rickrolling

    But today, i want to take a resolution
    Ill try to be a better person on temp

    As for now, im really sick
    Lot of puking and diarrhea
    Happy 5th anniversary lol...
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    I finally bought Pokemon Let'S Go Pikachu

    So yea, I wanted it since it got released
    However, I planned to wait for christmas...
    I knew I wouldn't receive it, I asked so
    Why? Because I already had 2 Walmart gift card of 25$ each
    And I knew I would receive one from my uncle this year again
    (He gives walmart gift card to everyone on christmas)
    And I did receive one
    So, yesterday, I went to Walmart and went to the electronic section
    I wasn't 100% sure that those gift card were full or used...
    So I went to the cashier and asked to see their value
    Actually, there wasn't 25$ in each of them, but 30$ :O
    What you need to know is that video game in Canada cost about 30% more than in USA or Europe
    So, the game costed me 80$+tx (about 92$)
    I went to the wall of games to take a Pokemon Let's go Pikachu game
    The thing here is that you get an empty box from the wall of game
    You bring it to the cashier and then they go to their vault near them to get the real game
    At first, on the wall of game, there was only one copy of Let's Go Eevee
    I was like, "well too bad, I'll take this one then"
    So I brought it to the cashier and she tells me
    "Sorry we're sold out on Let's Go Eevee, I only have a copy of Let's Go Pikachu"
    So, the game costed me about 1.80$ with all these gift card :D
    And I got the game I wanted :D

    I played a couple of hours since yesterday, I love it but hell...
    It's a totally different gameplay :O
    Still love it :D
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    Something sad happened at Christmas party :(

    The daughter of my cousin, she's 8, she found it out
    She found out that santa clauss was our uncle :(

    I don't know how exactly though, I wasn't there at the moment
    From what I've heard, my cousin, her mother, told her to keep it secret for her little sisters...
    To keep christmas spirit alive for them :)


    sad sad...
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    My adventure at the grocerie store

    The true story isn't AT grocerie store
    But rather on my way at grocerie store, and on my way back too...

    So first, i fell on the ground due to black ice
    secondly, I got begged by some guy
    But with his piercing in the nose and his general look
    I fell like he would spend that money on junky stuff

    Thirdly, on my way back to home, I got begged a second time
    This time, it was a young muslim woman who needed money to buy diapers for her son
    I gave her all my change (piece of money, no paper)

    Still on my way back, I fell down again due to black ice and hurt my wrist
    And finally, I got begged a third time by a guy who already begged me few months ago
    I remember him and I talked about him in one of my blog
    After I gave him some money, he asked me for more money
    He wanted a 20$ bill but hey I'm not rich lol

    Finally home... fiew...
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