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    Noctosphere woop woop hop in the trend
    ask me anything about Zelda
    Noctosphere Seriously guys, stop saying "Portendo" everytime a port is announced
    Most of the time, it isn't even Nintendo's decision
    Most of the time, it's 3rd party software
    So please, it's time to stop, if you know what I mean
    Seriously, it becomes annoying...
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    Noctosphere 25 years :O
    Mom brought me to a humor spectacle
    my sistra will pay me a tattoo
    She'll get one too, and we are planning to make them Bro/Sis tattoo
    I'll get a Mewtwo on my forearm and she'll get a Mew
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    Noctosphere Yes, you heard right
    In the past two month, it's the third time I almost get hit by a car
    And for all three times, it was always for the same reason

    I need to cross the road, I wait the green light
    then I look before and behind me to see if a car wants to cross too
    None? perfect, I cross
    and then, I see a truck very close to me, who break very hard
    Reason? he didn't turn his flasher on
    please drivers, flasher aren't an option you can use
    it's a requirement you MUST use
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    Noctosphere I dreamed that Reggie Fils-Aimé was dead...
    I dont remember how
    I dont remember why
    I dont remember when
    but he was dead
    when I woke up, i was soooo relieved :(
    Noctosphere Heya,
    So if you read my previous blog, you should be aware that I went to a humor spectacle yesterday
    And I don't think many people on this forum know about my condition
    I'm autistic, I've told it there and there in EOF, but I also have the Tourette Syndrome
    First thing you must know about Tourette Syndrome is that people having this have tics
    tics are uncontrollable movement, sounds, or speaking
    It's fake that all Tourette swear constantly
    Many do, but not all...
    I, personally, have mostly uncontrollable movement
    I often blink my eyes very hard
    I do sounds with my throat
    my arms stretch for no apparent reason, and very often too
    so you see?

    The reason why I talk about this is because yesterday, before the spectacle, two old men, sitting on a bench outside, were staing at me
    Their eyes were focusing on me. Before, while and after we passed before them

    I went to the spectacle with mom, and she revealed me something about those kind of look
    Apparently, when we go shopping together (I'm very close to my mom^^) she sees plenty of people staring hard at me
    She says that she often stares at them, in the eyes, to make them stop

    Hey, people, when you see a disabled person, no matter what condition he has, please, dont stare at us
    It's those kind of people who makes us ashamed to go outside
    Luckily, I don't really care, I know that I attract lot of eyes, but I stopped caring a while ago...
    But I know lot of disabled people don't want to go outside because of their disability
    Ashamed of sharing it with others...

    So please, think about it before focusing on someone
    If he looks different, maybe he is, and that's why you shouldn't stare at him
    And more about me, I wouldn't be ashamed at all if someone comes to me and ask "Why do you do all these mimic with your face?"
    I'll happily explain
    That would be one less person who would stare at a Tourette
    Also, maybe that same person would have stared at another Tourette who would notice it and will not want to go outside for months.

    I hope this thread will help people with my condition :)
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    Noctosphere So yea, im getting my present tonight
    A humor spectacle with one of the best quebecois humorist of my generation
    Marianna Mazza
    That name probably means nothing to you
    But as i said, one of the best

    The spectacle begins at 20h montreal time
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    Noctosphere And damn...
    It's too clear
    looks like I was seeing in FHD and now, I see in 4k, maybe even 8k
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    Noctosphere So yea, it was the birthday of my little cousin
    The son of my cousin
    My uncle, who happens to be my.godfather too, oh and, we share the same birth day
    My cousin in law
    And finaly, two twins i never really met

    All in August

    Heres a pic of my cake xd
    Mine was the burger cake ^^

    Attached Files:

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    Noctosphere So yea, I just met a buyer for my laptop
    i asked for 1300$, he started laughing.
    he tells me he found the exact same laptop on kijiji for 1000$ and 1050$
    2 offers
    I asked him to show me, they were there
    he offered me 800$
    I declined immediatly, it was ridiculous
    now hes gone, so I tryed to find the 2 offer on kijiji, couldnt find them at all

    Now I'm recontacting him, to get the link, he doesnt seem like he want to share
    I think he made fake ads from a fraud site
    Now hes saying hes going to meet the other buyer
    that hes gonna send me pic of the computer he will see next

    sounds like a fraud right?
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    Noctosphere I noticed in the last few days that I had difficulties with GBATemp
    I'm now unable to read normal characters...
    I have to zoom at 150% to be able to read... lol

    The thing is, my insurances don't cover glasses
    And they're like 400-500$
    I hope i can pay a certain amount every months
    Noctosphere So yea, today I went to the dentist to fix a tooth (idk the word for that hole in a tooth, so please someone, tell me :D)
    so the dentist check radiography
    she's like, well, it doesn't looks so bad
    so she tests it with cold air, was hurting as fuck
    so she first numb it
    after few minutes, she retests it, still hurting as fuck
    so she renumbed me... look.... it tooks 4 needles and it was still hurting as fuck
    So, she started digng in that "hole" (please tell me xd)
    and placed temporary sealing
    She then tells me she wasn't numbing at the right place for that tooth xD
    and now, she and all her staff, go for vacation... for 3 weeks xD
    so... yea... sad...
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    Noctosphere From La belle province
    @VinsCool want some?
    Edit : Sorry for the delay
    Gbatemp decided to give me gateway error right before i could edit this post
    Since the picture got deleted after being moved from eof

    Attached Files:

    Noctosphere Just needed to post a video of kitty Zelda after giving her katnip :D
    Sorry for the vertical video syndrom, idk how to change the angle of the video :(
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    Noctosphere Apparently, her husband almost has an accident, so he braked rough
    And the cellphone i though stolen got out of under the seat

    I already declared it as stolen because when my cousin in law called it, he was immediatly redirected to my voicemail
    Which means it was off, and i never turn off my cellphone

    The battery was nearly full last time i checked, making me believe even more it was stolen

    For those who didnt hear the circumstance, i invite you to read my previous blog

    My cousin should bring it back this week end
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    Noctosphere So yea, tonight, at 1h14, it's been 5 years that the tragedy of Lac-Mégantic happened
    For those who never heard of it, let me explain

    During the night, a train without driver derailed in the middle of the town
    That train was carrying 72 tank full of oil and many of them exploded
    Casualties : 52 deaths

    Medias says 47 deaths, but that's because 5 of those people's remain were never found
    The main theory is that the fire was so intense, it burned their whole body, even their bones

    People of Lac-Megantic want another railroad going outside of the city, but provincial and federal government declined
    As of right now, no one was found guilty of that tragedy
    There was 3 employees who were accused, but not found guilty
    And honestly, I think it's better that way

    Those employees did what they were trained for
    The real guilty is the CEO of MMA (MMA being the train company involved), but...
    He will probably never be accused...