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    In depth look on why i hate pc gaming


    I know that i am gonna make a lot of people angry but i just have to talk about it.

    First the controls:
    oh my god! It's horrible playing with mouse and keyboard!
    So when super Mario 64 ds realised the most common criticism of that game was that you Play the game with a dpad and not a stick but most of people don't realise that using the keyboard is like using a dpad! Using a controler is much better for almost every game. the only games that control better are those that use heavyly mouse like rts games and things like SimCity and other city builders those games actually Play badly with controller. Actually the only thing that saves keyboard and mouse is... Mouse. If we were stuck in reality were we only use keyboard (like in dos era) then i am sure that there would be much less people that talk like that. Also it's minor issue but when i use keyboard sometimes i acidentally press wrong button when on controler this problem is almost non-existing. It's all because keyboard and mouse were not created for games first when controlers are made for games.

    Another thing that i hate is that on pc there's no physical games! I remember the day when i decided to go to store i buyed the game i came back home only to realise that the disc is only for instalation and i have to use some stupid launcher called steam. I hate steam because it killed physical distribution on pc. I know that at the end copy protection was getting really intrusive to normal users but if the point was to stop piracy then why did they started using digital distribution!? I find that it's much easier to pirate a game that is digital i don't have too much expierience but when i tried to download saya no uta before steam realise you had to do a few things things with virtual drives and stuff like that (eventually i gave up and decided to Play vnds version) but now you just download a intallator and you are done. Also every fucking time i turn the steam it has to update, sometimes even twice a day. I never Bought a single game on this piece of shit because one game is the one that i Bought in store i got other one as a present ( and it was Another half disc game!) I got once a present card and i got a few games with that and i found a few freebies. And other things like uplay are not better. Also you can't resell you're games.

    Another thing that i hate is that nothing works on pc. Sometimes a human just wants to Play a video game instead of dealing with computer mayhem. You have to deal with errors, stupid launchers, incompatibality with you're you're parts and more. When on consoles you just place the disc inside and you're done (if it's not scratched). sure now you may have to do something extra but it doesn't even come close to stuff you have to deal with on pc.

    Another thing that i hate is the fact that everyone keeps talking about graphics! They are not much better than on consoles. Also everyone keeps saying that pc has 60 fps and consoles have 30 fps but i see no fucking diffrence between 60 fps and 30 fps maybe my eyes are broken but i find just stupid.
    Also pc can have better graphics but graphics don't mean shit if there no good games most of good games are realised on consoles if i were to name 20 of my favorite games only around 4 are on pc and only 2 are only on pc.
    Also pc has long history of having bad ports.

    Also the prices are brutal for pc parts i could buy a few copies of Michigan: report from hell and resell it for more money (see much better) for the money for decent pc.

    The only pluses for me are:
    1. Indies do they stuff there but it's more of they limitation then anything else
    2. It's the only invarioment where real 18+ stuff can exist but with exceptions like saya no uta and a few others It brought more harm than good.

    In conclusion i just find pc gaming to be overrated. It's just a way to show who has a bigger dick because you can't do it with consoles. Computers should stay as tools for Excel and browsing web.

    Thanks for reading this i just was really pissed at some people. I am sorry for my terrible english. I am courios to see the shitstorm that i am gonna uncover but for now So Long.
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    You know what i hate?!

    Dogs. Why do people even like them?!
    They always smell bad, make shit in grass so i am stepping on it later, and worst thing is that they never shut up! Like really sometimes i go thru my village to store or something and one of those asshole's barks at me like sometimes i feel like i am gonna have heartattack and even then i feel scared that this thing can bite me (one even bited me when i was small) and even if i am not scared then it's just annoying. Cats are not my favorite animal but they are much better because the usually don't smell bad, they bury they shit so im not stepping on it and the most important part is that they are silent and i never felt like i am in danger because of them.

    Another thing that i hate is pc gaming (yeah i said it!) It's uncomfortable and expensive, for me the only pluses are that 1. Indies can do they stuff but at this time and age it's kinda not valid point anymore 2. Pc is the only platform where you can put real 18+ stuff but with exceptions like saya no uta and a few other's nothing good came out of it. For me pc is only good for web browsing and emulators but it's not the same thing as pc gaming that intrest people. But at first i was like "people can do what they want" then people started talking about how pc gaming is great and stuff and slowly but surely my i had enough of they blabering like heard so much of it that it made my brain hurt! And they always only talk about graphics and fps. And then they say that consoles have 30 fps and pc had 60 but i see no diffrence between 30 and 60 fps (and 50 and 60 hz) maybe when i stare really hard at Special video comparing 2 then maybe then i can see it a little bit when playing normally i see no fucking diffrence. In conclusion it's just overrated.

    And Another thing that i hate are people in my country (Poland) like really the only country where i find people being rude is usa but USA is actually a big country with diffrent regions but Poland is small. Ive been in a few other country's and people there where really nice comparing that to poland... Is just like 2 diffrent world's. Easy comparecion is when i used stranger chat online in international one i had a few pretty good conversesions but when i used Polish chat then at best people just disconnected at worst i was insulted. Also it's like nobody has the same opinion like me and they don't respect that! I rarely find nice Poland people so i am calling Poland officially country with most asshole's!
    (Btw politics really suck)

    Thanks for reading this thing :)
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    Blog for showing off ( and maybe asking questions)

    Hello this is blog for me showing off.
    I will keep this thing updated.
    You can also ask me some questions too i guess.


    IMG_20200217_002430.jpg blue box is lord of the rings two towers and white box is race driver.
    IMG_20200217_002338.jpg blue box is final fantasy x-2
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    New decade bitch

    Hello people of internet i have a question how are we gonna call this decade? 10's or maybe 2010's?
    This was pretty good month for me.
    Anyway i just ordered 4 games we love katamari, Odin sphere, killer 7 and the first yakuza i also got/Bought some other games thru this month so i am gonna tell my opinion about them 1. So i Bought Whiplash in my local store it's pretty good 3d platformer (and i love those ) anyway it's one of games that i wanted to buy because of nitro rad ( i really recommend his video's) anyway my sister likes this game for some reason, currently i am 63% in. 2. I also Bought Max Payne in other store i didin't played it much but i liked it, anyway that's one of many "classic" games that i have to play of my list. 3. I also Bought Rez beacause it was cheap anyway game was in flawless condition so that's really good i already finished main stages and i liked it. So then i had chrismas with my family it was really nice to see my aunt, so when we all opened presents i thougt that i get maybe 2 PS2 games but no i got 5 of them lol they cheap so i guess that makes sense so here's my opinions 1. Okami my favorite game out of those i just really like how it looks it's funny beacause i played okamiden but not this one. 2. Capcom vs snk 2 when it comes to 2d fighting games i would like to play guilty gear but it's not bad it's not the best fighting game for 1 player but at least my sister likes it but even when i suck at fighting games she still always loses lol. 3. Final fantasy x so i don't really care about final fantasy i am more smt guy anyway i will try to finish that thing. 4. I also got final fantasy x-2 but i have to finish the first one. 5. And last game... So i also got Prince of Persia warrior within and when comparing it to sot gameplay is better but... WHAT THE FUCK HAPPEND TO TONE!? like sot was normal bout in ww the protagonist looks like lump and he has "edgy" voice, in sot music was pretty fitting but here they have strait up rock music like wtf and in the first level we have stereotipical "sexy evil woman" so i don't know if i like it.
    Anyway when i Bought PS2 i thought that i gonna buy mcboot and pirate everything but now i have 3 boxes of games and think i like it. Anyway i just wanted to ask the decade question but as ussual i got carried away. So yeah tommorow we all gonna have big day.
    Also i think my english still sucks.
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    Who am i?

    In the first blog i will talk about who am i. I will try to update the thing whenever i buy/get new game when i finish one or when something important happens.

    My name is andrzej i live in Poland near the city called Wrocław i still live with my parents but i will move out soon. My room is not that big i have a bunch of board games but nobody plays with me so their are basiclly useless i have a pretty old bed ,cage with my guinea pig his name kacper, some shelves, crt tv made by company named trilux they don't exist anymore from what i know my tv is copy of something too phone that i am writing on and tablet that i use to watch YouTube most of time i have nds the original model sometimes i play on it i have r4 and i basiclly pirated every game because it's hard to find real games in my country i also have PS2 and a bunch of games for it the rarest games that i have are persona 4 and shin megami tensei devil summoner raidou kuzoha vs the souless army ( i love how long the title is) i will probably buy Wii soon. I study elecronics it's pretty boring but i have to do it. I don't like people in my country everyone is asshole in some way i would like to move to uk one day. I like to cook but i am not that good at it. I don't like going outside but sometimes i go on a bike i write this thing and use this forum to improve my english. I do part time job at some random book store. I have small sister she is often annoying my father is a good Man but my mother is really shitty. I will have birthday in about two months. I will end this here because i am hungry.