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    Njrg's Extravagant 2nd Annual 1000th Post Celebration Extravag

    The time of Njrg's 1000th post is nigh! Celebrate Njrg to your heart's content! There will be cakey!
    The Cakey is a Lie! ಠ_ಠ​

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    The Most Pointless Toy Ever...


    This is what you get when you combine batteries with a ping pong ball and a dixie cup. Apparently you play with it by recording you and your friends throwing a ball into a cap and then upload the video to youtube. Not sold yet? It makes annoying sounds and the outside is ugly as hell and tries too hard to look hip.

    And apparently its marketed to young adult men with no jobs, but it was my understanding that any boy 13 or over only wants to play with video games or a girl's body. So who exactly is the target audience? Because the sheer stupidity of the product makes me just as mad as it confuses me.

    Also theres a trend in Nintendo DS RPG's that I absolutely loathe. Save points. Why the hell can't I save anywhere I want?! Why does it always have to be on a world map or in a designated checkpoint?To me its a tad pointless and unwanted. :\

    And I'm soon to hit post 1000 soon, why hasn't anyone celebrated me yet? >:[
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    OMFG I HATE FLIES (Viewer Discretion Advised)


    The Fly is the most fucking annoying bug in the world. It seems to know just how to piss someone off through sheer annoyance.
    I swat and slap at it, but does it go away? Fuck no. Does it mind its own business? Fuck no. Does it try to escape, the basic survival instinct of any other living organism? Fuck no. Its entire existence is to just annoy the shit out of you so much that you write a blog.

    I mean my place isn't dirty, I'm clean, and all the doors are open so that it fly to another room so it can feed off trach or the stove or something left behind in the kitchen. But no, it doesn't care. Its only goal in life is to piss me the fuck off. D:<
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    I have 31 games on Steam |:

    and I hardly play any of them, but I still keep buying.
    Take my money Steam, take all of it!

    Also, I have £41 left. What get?

    Fuck I misspelled Steam.
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    Toy Story 3 is Ruined.

    I watched a trailer for it and it pretty much gave away the ending. I watched the 1st one as a child. Sucked. Was forced to watch the 2nd one in a classroom. Sucked. But I kind of wanted to see the 3rd because I was curious what would happen to my toys if I didn't just throw them away. I never played with them much anyways. What boy or girl would when they have a NES and half their time is spent playing Mario 3 and the other half blowing into Mario 3.

    But still, trailers ruin yet another film for me. :\
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    24 Hours in a Day is Never Enough.

    Just when I start getting comfortable, no distractions, and I feel like me time has finally become me time... The clock strikes 4:30am.

    I gotta get up for work in 4 hours. Fuck me. :\

    I can try and stay awake all day, and I'll feel as chippy as I can be up to 11am, and I'll feel like passing out. How do those Chinese do it? I feel as if 24 hours in a day is never enough even when I'm staying up 20 of those hours on a daily basis. Why can't there be 30 hours in a day?
    Someone take this "Why can't there be 30 hours in a day" question literally and provide an unnecessary scientific fact like the Earth takes 24 hours to rotate once in it's axis. It will be quite humorous if you made this sarcastic response.

    Anyone else have a time complex?
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    Roflcopter @ Pokemon: Ode to Judd Price


    I had no idea Dallas/Arlington was hosting a Poke-tournament last weekend. ;___;
    It would of been something I definitely could have and would have attended/won.
    Arlington is within miles of Dallas, sitting between Dallas and Fortworth. Though its essentially 50 miles from where I live, this Texas sized-metroplex in Texas is where I grew up. How badly I reget not knowing about this tournament.

    But really I'm showing off that particular tournament was for its participants/winners/finalists.

    You have like 4 kids, three teenagers, and a 42 year old, grown man? O.o;;;;

    This makes me roflcopter to the max.

    Just imagine, if he has a son... "My dad's pokemon can beat your dad's pokemon! >:[" "Oh yeah?!"
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    I Too am in Love!

    In love with making I am in Love Blogs. Eh? Eh? ¯\(°_o)/¯