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    Nintendo Fanboy IMG_5743.JPG Aahhhhh the Famicom!! So much fun to collect those little cartridges! I have done nothing but watch Famicom videos and look at games on eBay for the past month and now I think it's time to import my first Japanese console!
    Heck, I imported Mario 1 and Mario 3!
    (I only paid $5 for Mario 3. Can you believe that?!)
    I play them on my NES, and also I plan on buying a ton of games. I'm mostly interested in the early games. Like the pulse line games, then I'll work my way up.
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    Nintendo Fanboy hello everyone!
    Well, what a great summer this will be, I guess.
    I broke my foot. I broke one toe near the joint thing, and there's a few other cracks on some of the newer x-rays.
    Even worse, the toe is dislocated too.
    It's a lisfranc injury.
    Even worse, next Tuesday I will have to get surgery because it is apparently very bad.
    It's all good but this DAMN CAST IS SO ANNOYING!
    The back of my foot moved and is now always getting pressure on it and it hurts and is the most annoying thing ever.
    And I'll also be in the cast for 3 weeks after surgery.

    Fuck. My. Life
    . IMG_1754.JPG
    Nintendo Fanboy I know this is late, but I now have the time to write about it!
    Lasts year, I got my first Xbox game system, on February 8th, 2017. The Xbox 360 that I had gotten is by far my favorite console I owned.
    I got it as a random gift from my Mom and Dad, and they really did good.
    I know there's the newer systems but I could never quite afford to get one, and a lot of games.
    This 360, it still works. Plays my games just fine, and it's actually almost been 10 years since my system was manufactured.
    Heck, my siblings actually love to play call of duty with me, and we enjoy playing GTA 5.
    The 360 also got me through rough times in 2017, it's literally my robotic best friend! Lol
    I love my 360, and I plan to stick with it for a while.
    I also love my parents too. :)
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    Nintendo Fanboy image.
    Animal Crossing: Wild World. Got it for about $4 with an extra $4 for shipping.
    I was surprised that I had the case with it too.

    I didn't want to wait for any support for this game with TWLoader so I just purchased a new copy.
    Nintendo Fanboy image. It's animal forest!
    I got it from eBay for $8, with an extra $4 for shipping.
    I was expecting 6 weeks for it to arrive but it only took 9 days.
    Nintendo Fanboy I've talked about this before, but, I'll post an entire blog about it.
    I had bought a ps2 fat a long time ago, and it worked for a few days, and one night, I was playing guitar hero.
    At around midnight, the system locked up.
    I went to turn it off, but it took a while to shut down. When I powered it back up, it wouldn't boot. I just got a black screen. I even did the thing to change any video settings but it didn't budge.
    It died. It was similar to an Xbox rrod, but there was no error.
    I then contacted Sony and they said it'll cost over $120 to get it repaired.
    I later found out that it overheated and one of the processors inside had died.
    Applying pressure to the heatsink allowed it to boot up, but then once the heavy object was removed, the system would lock up.
    Avoid the 5000x model.
    Nobody else had an issue like this.
    Nintendo Fanboy My favorite band has to be... 5 Finger Death Punch! They're so badass, and a friend and I listen to it together!

    My list of favorite songs: (all by 5FDP with links lol)

    Dying Breed:
    My Own Hell:
    Walk Away:
    Far From Home:
    No One Gets Left Behind:
    Burn It Down:
    Way of the Fist:

    What are your favorite songs?
    Or favorite band? :)
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    Nintendo Fanboy Before the story, here's it's details.
    Built in IR receiver.
    Using actual Sony branded video cables.
    Simple power cord.
    Came with network adapter with no HDD.
    Cleaned somewhat.

    Ok.. that's out of the way, I got this thing at goodwill.
    Didn't think it'd work reading games. It worked perfectly fine, better than my slim.
    It read all kinds of discs.
    After 5 or so days later, I was saying guitar hero on freemcboot.
    I used a USB hard drive because I don't have an available Hard drive for the adapter.
    I got to the end of the game and on the last song. It froze up.
    Thinking it was my USB hard drive failing, I tried turning it off, then back on.
    But I got nothing.
    It crashes, before it can even load up the "Sony Computer Entertainment" text.
    And when it does load a little, it freezes on the blue screen when you turn it on.
    It even freezes on the spinning dots.
    Sometimes it works, sometimes it don't.
    It's random. I can't play games on it for extended play.
    In GTA SA, it fails to load the disc then crashes with it not working.
    Its not the DVD, it has no scratches on it AT ALL.
    Ive tried everything.
    It's been a month now. Still no luck.
    I cleaned off the laser, the plastic shell, used Qtips ti clean the ac adapter inside the system, cleaned the fan, and even cleaned the heat sinks(don't care if its not spelled "sinks")
    I even fixed all loose ribbon cable connections and cleaned the contacts.
    The ac cord jack on the back was cleaned, as well as all the other ports and inputs.
    The power cord jack had a lot of black stuff come out. But all of that cleaning didn't fix it.

    I called Sony. They said they'll fix it for like $40 US cash.
    Goodwill wont take it back because 1, they think I did something to intentionally breal it, and 2, my thing expired.
    Please help.
    I invested almost over $30 on the console, new controllers. And games.
    Its hard for me to make cash. So if I'm SOL, then that would be very unfortunate.
    I would use my slim, but it's breaking down, slower reading speeds, and slower USB speeds.
    It's also kinda dying.
    It also can only read certain games.
    Again, please help.

    This isnt the beat place to post this. But if not, hopefully it can be moved to the ps1/2 forum.
    It hurts my feelings knowing that I will have to pay more for a new console. It's hard enough for me to make cash as it is.
    Nintendo Fanboy I was playing gta sa version 1.2(?) And I had CodeBreaker on, so I few so high that it started glitching out a bit.
    Then on my way back down, I spawned over 30 jets, and it lagged like crazy.
    So, I blew all of the airplanes up with a rocket launcher. XD
    Then my ps2 got really hot. So I turned it off, and then it smelled a little funny.
    Works still, but it was a close call. :P
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    Nintendo Fanboy I've had a girlfriend for a few months now.
    Not Abby, someone else because Abby caused issues.
    This one, Olivia, just hurt me.
    After being close for a while, we started talking even more, then I just got a text.
    She doesn't like me anymore, she won't text me, and she told me to delete her number.
    I didn't do anything, I was there for her.. I did everything for her.
    And now she hates me for reasons that I don't know.
    I don't know what to do with myself.
    Her and I have been through a lot together, and she's left me.
    I hate my life, I wish I was dead.
    We were close. Like ray and I, but Olivia and I were close too.
    :/ Things never work out..
    Nintendo Fanboy I made a friend a year ago, and we are close.
    Even though she's in Japan, but we still are close, and we talked about games, and I did nice things for her.
    Then, she started saying she wasn't feeling well.
    In December 2015 she went away for almost a month and I was concerned.
    In mid January, I got a message saying that she has infantile cancer (I think that's what she said) and I felt really bad.
    So, I decided to try to help in anyway I could (couldn't do much though, were far away)
    After a while of talking, and waiting for updates, she started talking to me a lot, and explained how she also got the flu.
    Then in March, she said she had to go to the hospital again.
    So, I thought she'd be back in a few days.
    After 2 weeks, I grew concerned again.
    So I messaged her. "Hey, are you doing ok?".
    No reply.
    Then I tried to reach her these past few days, and just at 5:15 am, I got 2 messages.
    "Do you play pokemonGO?"
    I answered, definitely.
    I was worried that she was either gone forever, or something else bad happened.
    But, she is perfectly fine.
    She's been busy.
    I am so happy to hear she's doing great.
    She my closest friends because we have never had any fights, arguments, and we have always been happy around each other.
    She would compliment me. And I'd say nice stuff back. I can also tell my secrets.

    The fact that she's ok, and I have my best friend back, I'm happy.

    Some people might say, "it's just someone over the Internet, no big deal."
    It might be that way to some people, but to me, it's great.
    Nintendo Fanboy Ok, my friend made a deal with me.
    He gave me one of the hottest pepper in the world.
    I believe its hotter than a ghost pepper (ate one before).
    I had to sit there for 3 to 5 minutes chewing, and suffering without going crazy, screaming, or drinking water/milk.
    Lasted a good 5 minutes.
    why did I do this you may ask?
    For a goddamn ps2 controller. Since all of mine broke, and I wanted to play San Andreas.
    For me, it was worth it.
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    Nintendo Fanboy After watching lots of TV, and being a little upset that all my fish in my 50 gallon tank died of ICK, I decided to go with my dad and my sister to a creek.
    We had a few nets, and when he was setting up traps, I found a crawfish looking mad at me.
    When it charged, I used the little net and got him in it.
    But I gently let it go and it didn't attack me.
    On my way to the deeper waters, my sister saw a little snake and it hissed at her.
    She got terrified and jumped out of the water, and when I saw her in tears, I went to comfort her. (Because I'm a nice brother) :)
    So I used the little net, and after a while of swooping at the minnows, we got a lot.
    Then I saw a few babies, and I got them with no trouble. I felt bad, they were little.
    The other fish we had, lasted us for a few years.
    Now we have a few more years of fish.
    And we had a great time.
    Today... was a good day..! :D
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    Nintendo Fanboy I hope they play this more often.
    Nintendo Fanboy Just look at this. IMG_20160623_200604.

    Made a mod! :D IMG_20160625_213322. IMG_20160625_213315.

    EDIT: 6/26/2016 @ 10:49 AM!

    Just converted a pc mod, sexy miku. Just had to resize the image.