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    NicoAICP In the winter holidays i discovered on the last weekend that i really enjoy streaming. First time i just streamed for 20 minutes but after that i made a 30 minute stream, a 2 hour and an 1 hour stream.
    Today I even started talking in the stream (even tho it failed first). I would like to see if some of you guys rate the streams of the quality, cause i never really streamed before, better said alone. i will do a 2 hour stream tomorrow eventually and i plan to do a 10-14 hour stream on Saturday.
    NicoAICP imagine a friendslist on the 3ds where you enter usernames instead of friendscodes, but you still are on nintendos server, but like a secondary server recognizes the username as the friendscode.

    here an example:

    Person A has the fc 0000-0000-0000-0001, which registers his fc under the username test.
    Person B adds person a and enters the username test and the secondary server knows test = 0000-0000-0000-0001 and sends that information to nintendo that the person wants to add the fc 0000-0000-0000-0001

    would that be possible?

    Oh and i didnt post it in 3ds community cause it sounds too dumb to post it there
    NicoAICP my sim provider just recently locked mobile data for my sim without any reason. I read the ToS again, and i didnt even violate them.
    So I wanted to change to another provider and wanted to keep my number.
    Looks at fees
    30€ to keep my number
    30€ that the other provider unlocks it
    20€ for 300 free sms, 300 free minute calls, 2GB of Mobile data
    So i would basically have to pay freaking 80€ just to get my mobile data back, before i had 2GB monthly too, but they just gave me the 9ct option which was the same price as the 2GB one (10€) and i only had 10MB mobile data.
    NicoAICP upload_2017-9-9_12-25-46.png
    the mess of my desktop
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    NicoAICP upload_2017-9-7_19-4-45.png
    This is the invite I got. If you guys want me to, I'll send a full screenshot of the page.
    What should i do?
    NicoAICP Happy 24th August and pls stop with the Happy [...] Day
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    NicoAICP Idk if you knowed it, but I accedently killed the phone of my dad using stock recovery and tried to fix it with twrp, ending up that it got sent to hauwei support to fix it.

    So, they called today that they are unable to repair the phone because the motherboard died.
    Seems like fastboot, huawei e recovery, recovery, update mode and booting process are working without motherboard, but booting into the os needs a working motherboard.
    Then my dad asked how it died.
    They answered, that an unlocked bootloader uses more energy then a locked one and so it the motherboard died.
    Thats complete Bullshit from the support.
    And the repairing costs would be 30€.
    The only thing they'll do is lockeing the bootloader, which will render it completly unuseable.
    And they said that they will keep the 30€.
    how do you think about that?

    I'm just saying: Achievment unlocked: Worst Support ever
    NicoAICP Hello users of gbatemp.
    Today I want to introduce myself.
    My name is Nico and I am 14 years old. I was born in bavaria ( Germany ).
    I'm really interested in hacking, but mosr in console hacking. I have a wii, 2 old 3ds and a wiiu (all hacked ofc).
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