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    Phantasy Star Portable 2 / Infinity Multiplayer Group

    Hey guys, although the official server is down, you can still play multiplayer. Come join our discord group, one of the largest and active Phantasy Star Portable 2 / Infinity groups.


    Lots of advancements have been made to the PPSSPP emulator. It no longer has graphics glitches, and it now has ad-hoc multiplayer working.

    ✅ HD resolution through PPSSPP emulator
    ✅ 60 FPS patch for both Portable 2 and Infinity
    ✅ multiplayer through ad-hoc mode
    ✅ voice / text chat through Discord
    ✅ PSP - Android - PC (PPSSPP emulator) multiplayer compatability

    Everyone is welcome. Keep in mind our community is legit, so please keep any cheated equipment/characters OFFLINE and not in our multiplayer group.