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    Paper straws better not be the future

    So the whole world is up in arms about plastic straws. Something about turtles and the environment and whatever. Doesn't make sense to me. However, the other day I had the privilege of using a paper straw. That thing was the grossest thing I've ever had. It was so dry I felt like I needed a drink of water after using it. I imagine if you leave one sitting in a drink long enough, it will dissolve into a papery-clumpy mess of disgusting liquid. In conclusion, give me a dang plastic straw.
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    Two years woot woot

    So apparently I've been a member here for two years and junk so that's kind of neat.

    I remember joining here because I just wanted a way to play Zelda Four Swords anniversary edition and this was the only place that didn't tell me it was impossible. I was a base level n00b but you guys were patient with me while I hacked my 3DS. I got everything set up and I pretty much left the forum for a few months.

    I came back a bit later because I was constantly looking for different things to add to my 3DS and everything linked here. I stayed behind because I enjoyed reading the news and I just stuck around. I got to know a few people, made a few controversal posts, and acted generally idiotic (sorry about that), but the people were mostly friendly so thanks for that guys. I know I'm more stupid than most people so I appreciate the patience and understanding these past years.
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    Something I'm really proud of

    This has nothing to do with video games. That's why it's in a blog.

    So last year, I was in a little musical called "Seussical". For those of you who don't know (and I expect none of you do) Seussical is a musical that is one massive amalgamation of all things Dr. Seuss. It also happens to be my favorite show of all time. The version we brought was a cut version because we had a 40 minute time limit but it was still a dream come true. Since a lot of us were emotionally attached to this show, we decided to do a "cast recording" in order to preserve it. It's no Broadway cast recording, but for a bunch of 12-18 year olds, I think we did a pretty hecking good job. I'm just gonna leave one song here because I am proud of it and want to share a piece of it.

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    Is it wrong to be "proud to be an American"?

    So I'm American and I'm proud of it. I'm proud of the men and women who have fought and are fighting to defend our country. I'm proud of the ideals and dreams our country was founded on. And I'm proud of. And I'm proud to live in a country with the energy and liveliness that is distinctly American. Now I'm aware that our country is flawed. I'm aware the government is far from perfect (though not as bad as people say), and I'm aware that the past few years may have been a step back in societal advancement, but there's a lot of good to be found here. All I've seen on the internet recently are posts on how tragic America is and how it's the worst place in the world. This comes especially from my generation millenial-gen z (if you consider gen z existant). I feel like this is part of a larger issue where younger generations "rebel" as a way to stand out, but end up being just like everyone else. However, that's a topic for a different day. I guess what I'm trying to say is, I wish people were less... confrontational for lack of a better term, and could enjoy what they had. Anyway, sorry for the little rant or whatever. This is just a piece of what's been going on in my mind lately.
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    *serious topic* My Best Friend Might be Dying

    Hey guys, like I said in the title, this topic is pretty serious.

    My best friend for the past year and two months and consequently, my girlfriend for two months has a tumor in her mouth that causes her constant, agonizing pain. If it grows much bigger, it will be life threatening. The operation to get it removed only has a 40% survival rate. She just learned that it is quite likely that they'll perform the operation on Wednesday.

    I hate more than anything to see her in pain but the operation also makes me nervous. Please keep her in your prayers if you're the kind of person who prays. I don't know how I would manage if she leaves me so soon. I'm sorry for being a downer today but I need at least some support since I can't talk to anyone I know.
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    I can't believe I have to miss the direct.

    Mom just said I have to leave with her at 10:30 to load a trailer. The direct starts at 11. Now I have to avoid even being on my phone until I get home.
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    Wisdom teeth extraction

    My teeth are getting removed in about 7 minutes. I'm a bit nervous. Wish me luck
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    Ya boi got a job

    Finally got my first job. I start working at Bahama bucks (snowcone place) this week. Decent laptop, here I come.
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    I f*icked up

    I'm just trying to hack my switch like a normal everyday person right? I was working on putting tin foil on my joycon so I could ground pin 10. It just wasn't working so I removed my foil but now I can't connect the right joy con to the side of my switch at all.
    That's the best picture I can get of the switch pins...
    There's my joy con ft. my feet to hold it up. Is there a way to clean the pins?
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    Just some cool things happening in my personal life

    Yesterday, I got my first job interview after at least 10 applications and it went pretty well I think.

    Then last night, I was at my girlfriend's house and we were sitting in her treehouse watching Frozen. I'll spare you all the details, but one thing led to another which led to both of our first kisses. That's a pretty cool experience and if you haven't already, I suggest trying it.

    I also bought my first soldering iron today so I hope that's a skill I can learn pretty quickly. I'm afraid I'm gonna die of lead poisoning though.

    So yeah, I'm feeling pretty jovial today and hope you guys can find happiness and joy where you are.
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    I've made a big big big heck up.

    When I woke up this morning, I didn't have a girlfriend.

    This afternoon I did

    Send help
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    I hate people

    I'm gonna run away to Disney World with my platonic girlfriend and spread magic and happiness while dressed as a mouse. If you need me, you know where to find me.
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    Guess who accidentally updated their Switch.

    First of all, all of my internet was turned off so I don't even know how it was downloaded on to the device. Oh well, I'm just gonna give up waiting on Homebrew and enjoy the system in stock.
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    Well that's not ideal.

    The classic battle of little siblings vs. the Nintendo Switch is back in full swing. I go to swap out the cartridge so I can get some sweet Zelda action when I realize something. The cartridge currently in the console is in backwards. Not only is it backwards, but it's almost shoved in to the same depth it is supposed to be normally. Who knows how this is going to end
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    A poem

    -My thoughts contain a terrible beauty.
    -The things that I just cannot see.
    -Hopes, fears, dreams, love,
    -These terrible beauties appear to me.

    -First I see the things I hope,
    -Fame and glory and perfect peace.
    -These things I wish could come to pass,
    -Are hoped in vain to say the least.
    -Yet here I stand with hopes held high.
    -I ever hope despite the odds.
    -For if we have no thing to hope,
    -What more are we then empty bods?

    -And now I see all of my fears;
    -Rejection, loneliness, receiving hate.
    -The horrors that still grab me so,
    -The wrenching feeling I cannot sate
    -And even though the battle's won,
    -My demons insist on coming out.
    -But I will put away these fears away,
    -And then my dreams I'll think about.

    -I see the things I long to be.
    -Father, leader, husband, friend,
    -Loving, selfless, patient, kind,
    -The list goes on, there is no end.
    -These are things that may come true,
    -If I can ever persevere.
    -But I can't do it on my own,
    -And so I choose to let you steer.

    -And now I think of you my love.
    -The most terrible beauty of them yet.
    -For no matter how hard I pursue,
    -Love, always away will get.
    -It anguishes this soul of mine
    -Not knowing when my love will come,
    -Or how it will appear to me.
    -I wish this feeling could be numbed

    -And then I think of my God above,
    -And do recall your perfect plan.
    -And now I see I have no right
    -To these thoughts, for I am man.
    -And so I put away these things,
    -Because you are so good to me.
    -I approach tomorrow with a smiling face.
    -I fully give my thoughts to thee.