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    Y'all should go watch my garbage youtube video

    I really just wanted to learn how to edit videos so I made this in about 5 hours. I think it turned out pretty funny but I could be biased.
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    The evolution of tolerance

    If this thread needs to be locked that's chill. I don't mean to start anything by saying any of this, but if people click on it, arguments will start.
    Anyway, in light of a recent thread, I have been thinking of the idea of tolerance and how it has changed over the years.

    You see, at some point tolerance was about learning how to exist with people you don't like. If some white guy didn't like Arabs because he thought they were staining the country's reputation, that was valid as long as he didn't act out in ways that actually damaged the Arabs (i.e. Terrorism). It was perfectly fine for him to say his opinion and even if he lost a friend, the world still moved on and let him have his hatred.

    Nowadays, tolerance means that you must accept everyone's lifestyle as equally valid even if it goes against your own. You have to learn to like people you don't like and heaven forbid you say anything about it. If the guy from above mentions his hatred for Arabs (A completely arbitrary example btw), he is now "cancelled" by the rest of society. His free speech is stripped from him because "sure he can say it, but it was really offensive".

    This isn't tolerance. This is forcing agendas. There is serious oppression going on the world. People are tortured or dying and all we can focus on is somebody's tweet. In conclusion, tolerance is bull.
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    Happy thinksagram

    Here's the video everyone waits all year to watch
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    I'm an uncle

    Well here I am. Sitting in the hospital waiting room. They're moving my sister's room but she has spent the last 20 hours in labor with my nephew. I'm elated right now. I've decided not to post a picture but he is beautiful. That's all
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    Just an unimportant thread about toxocity

    It's been a long day and I'm gonna briefly vent just because I'm annoyed so I apologize.

    How hard it it to be nice to others? I know we all have issues with it but people are just so incredibly rude. When that happens, people like myself complain about those people. I know it's a losing battle, but I wish I lived in a world where we only fought over things that actually matter and where I don't get so worked up over what other people say.

    Sorry. Goodnight
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    Why the saddest games aren't melodramas.

    Video games right? They're all good fun until the best character dies. Games can have really impactful moments in their stories. They can be heart wrenching and leave you really distressed if they need to be. A lot of games try to be depressing the whole time and it just becomes an uninteresting melodrama. I want to talk about how games can tear your heart out without having to resort to melodrama. Spoilers for Xenoblade Chronicles and probably Mother 3 I guess.

    Xenoblade is the inspiration for this. I'm a few hours in and I just reached
    Fiora's Death
    . This scene left me shocked and was the first time in a long time a game had made me genuinely sad. I got thinking about *why* I got upset though. I've played sad games. I recently beat Celeste and even though that game had a lot of sad and relatable moments, I never got upset by it.

    I believe the difference between these two games is their tones. Celeste comes out of the gate as somber. It sets it's tone as hopeless and you already expect the worst. XC however, had an epic opening scene and resolves into a peaceful beginning. You spend a decent chunk of time getting to know these characters in a carefree environment. Once things become to go wrong, its only about 15 minutes until tragedy strikes.

    The false security is the key here. The first time I had a similar experience with games was Mother 3. [SPOILERS] Even though Hinawa's death has a lot more build up than in XC, you still don't expect it to end how it does. The imagery of the fang in her heart, Flint's rage, the music, it all has the perfect shock factor to invoke feelings of sorrow. [/SPOILERS]

    Anyway, these are just some disorganized thoughts I have and wanted to write down somewhere. Thanks for reading I guess.
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    So no one told you life was gonna be this way *aggressive clapping*

    Hello, my name is Nerdtendo, I am recently 17 years old, and I'm starting to realize life isn't getting a whole lot easier. Of course, there's stressful things such as school, college applications, work, extra curriculars, etc; but there are also girls! Ah yes girls. Those incomprehensible beings that are always the topic of stress for a 17 year old boy.

    I've been dating this girl for almost 10 months and I would no longer like to. Unfortunately, this girl still really wants to keep dating me. She's a nice girl too, I'm just not in a good place to be with her. I also have to take her to prom which isn't until March 30th so I can't break up with her soon.

    Things are super duper stressful. Sometimes I kinda want to cry (I've done a good job of not crying so far however). Sometimes I feel a little lonely. I don't have a lot of good friends, but I'm usually fine with this because I'm introverted as he*k. However, some days I start brooding and feel all alone. I know there's a guy upstairs who has my back and I'm super grateful for that because I would probably be legitimately depressed without that reassurance.

    That's really about it. I know most of my dramatic blogs are incoherent but I really just need a place to put this stuff down. I also am aware that *maybe* one person will actually care and that's okay. Like I said, I'm being dramatic.

    That is all. Goodnight.
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    Feel free to ask me (Nerdtendo) things

    I love bandwagons
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    It's birthday time again

    I had thought I had done pretty decently as a person this year until about a month ago when I realized I'm a self righteous jerk but whatever. This isn't about a pity party. This is about becoming a better person this year and being a blessing to everyone I meet. Will I be perfect? Nah, but I sure will try. I'm finally seventeen, a dancing Queen.

    Big shoutouts to gbatemp. Especially the people in the Switch hacking forums. You guys have done some crazy stuff (looking at you @XorTroll and @cpasjuste). And this is a generally fun place to hang out in my downtime.

    Also all the reporters have been doing excellent jobs. I wont ping everyone because I doubt they want to be bothered, but I know Chary and Scarlet have been writing some stellar stuff. Also shoutouts to Garyopa for the Sxos coverage.

    The rest of the staff rocks too. You guys are always patient with members and keep things running smoothly. I haven't seen an annoying popup ad in weeks.

    tl:dr it's my birthday, ppl on this site are cul. Thanks
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    Learning C# is !easy (A mini opera starring me)

    I have spent the last 12 hours writing script after script. The world fades to black as I try to make heads or tails of the Jargon I'm writing. How do I know what parameters go into my new method? Where exactly is a returned value stored again? Am I supposed to write this variable likeThis or LikeThis ?

    I am drowning. Waves of arrays, structs, and for loops crash around me. Is it really necessary for this variable to be private or public? I know not the answers. I drone forward to the sound of the instructor as he asserts his superiority by flawlessly writing entire scripts at twice my pace. All is hopeless. One day, I will emerge victorious or die trying.

    Did I just learn that?
    Or did I just copy/paste
    Better watch again.​
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    I love my siblings but they :) are :) the :) worst :)))

    This is my fault really, I always let them play my switch. Except every time I do, something tragic happens. Yesterday, my family was playing 8 player smash and my sister tripped over the GC adapter knocking my dock over and switch to the floor not once, but twice. When I went to grab the switch this morning to play some adventure mode in the car, I noticed there are crumbs lodged into the right joycons rail. I can't even get anywhere near attaching my joycons. They are also responsible for the scratches and general grossness all over the console. I'm going to have to send it in for repairs but since I'm banned and not on 6.2 I'm hoping my local Cell Phone Repair can help me out. Anyway, that's my mini rant of the day.
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    Merry chrysler

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    What do you hold on to in dark times

    I just came from a really thought provoking message about hope and patience in walks of life that are dark and scary. Apparently (haven't checked the statistic myself) suicide rates have increased about 25% in the last 20 years. This is especially apparent among younger people, and even children. A common theme on suicide notes is lack of hope. Even if it's not explicitly stated, you can read between the lines and notice an absence of hope.

    This raises a question that I'm genuinely curious about, what do you guys hold onto in dire times? Do you manage to find hope for the future or do you hold on to something else? Maybe it's relationships, jobs, or something else. Personally, I'm naturally an optimistic, hopeful kinda guy so it's easy for me to look towards the future but clearly, not everyone is like me.
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    Portal: Tales from the Backlog (Vol #1)

    My Backstory:

    Picture this, the year is 2002. It's a cold February morning. The 6th generation of consoles is beginning and the future is bright for gaming. All of a sudden, you fall gracefully out of the womb.

    Hi, my name is Nerdtendo. The story above is mine. Am I a millennial? Gen Z? I have no fricking clue. What I do know is that I missed out on a ton of games while growing up. You see, I didn't get a gamecube until about 2007, didn't get a Wii until about 2011, and didn't get a Wii U until I bought my own in 2016. Up until a month ago, I didn't have a computer that could run anything more intense than plants vs zombies.

    Now that I have my own job, and am no longer a filthy Nintendo purist (I still love Nintendo but I can actually look at other games now), I can start enjoying the games I missed. This blog series is devoted to discussing largely popular and/or viral games that are no longer as popular nor the topic of every video game media outlet and offering a fresh, non-nostalgia blinded perspective. The first game on my list? Valve's famous cake simulator, Portal.

    Game info:

    - Release Date: October 10, 2007 (I was 5)
    - Developer: Valve Corporation
    - Platform(s): Window, Xbox 360, PS3, OS X, Linux, Android
    - Genre: Puzzle-Platformer


    Portal is composed of 19 "test Chambers" and one final challenge. You begin with basic block/pressure plate puzzles. You quickly find the "portal gun" which allows you to, you guessed it, shoot portals. Two portals are connected and when you go through one, you pop out the other. One portal is blue and the other is orange for easy recognition which is a godsend later. This simple concept then expands on itself for complex maneuvers such as using downward momentum to clear gaps or gain height, directing energy balls to their receptors, and sneaking around and behind turrets. You then collect the orange portal gun which allows for full control over portal shenanigans. In this first iteration, there isn't an insane amount of things you can do with the portals but the challenges you're presented with thoroughly explore each idea introduced which leads us to our next point.

    Level Design:

    The 19 test chambers are split into small sections with an autosave after clearing each one. The sections are presented to you in small to medium sized rooms each with a clear door to the next section. Sometimes, these sections span across multiple rooms where you have to perform an action in one room to cause an effect in another. The end of a chamber is marked by an elevator.

    I personally really appreciated this layout. The minimalistic looking rooms and the clear end point meant there was no confusion in 'what' you were trying to do. The puzzles come from 'how' you're going to get there. Another good design choice was introducing a mechanic and then expanding upon it directly after introducing it. The most immediate example would be how you learn that momentum carries through a portal jump. In this chamber, you enter a room with a large pit and behind it, a high platform. You can't jump up to the platform so you have to shoot a portal into the pit, and then put the other one above and in front of the high platform. When you jump into the pit portal, you come flying out the other end and land on the platform and progress. Soon after, you're met with a nearly identical challenge but this time there's no pit. However, since the momentum jumping is fresh on your mind, you quickly figure out that you can put a portal on the floor and one above you, you can then enter the floor portal and place another where you land. You can then use the momentum to clear the jump.

    Expanding on this idea, the game never lets you forget one of these "techniques". It often mixes minor uses of techniques it's already introduced into new techniques or mechanics so you always remember that they're there. These constant reminders make it so that whenever you're stumped on a puzzle, you never are missing the information to figure it out. You can be assured that if you keep trying the things you've learned, you'll eventually get it.

    All in all, I love the level design of Portal. In one word, the design is clear. Clear goals, clear instructions, and clear rooms (seriously, those things are empty). If there's one thing I dislike, it would be that I feel like there aren't enough techniques or mechanics introduced. I wouldn't want them to aHdd too many more so it's overwhelming, but two or three more would definitely provide an interesting challenge.


    In terms of story, there's not a lot... at least, not for a while. You are a test subject for Aperature Science. You wake up in a small room and are instructed by GlaDos, an AI in charge of the testing facilities, to clear the test chambers. GlaDos is the only other character you will meet in the game. She has a distinct disregard for humans and speaks mostly in cold, dry wit. You go through the better half of the game without learning much about what you are doing or why you're there. You just march along because that's all you can do. Finally, about chamber 16 or 17, you stumble across a hidey hole behind a wall. It's pretty obvious that it's there but I imagine that some less attentive players missed it. Inside, there are scrawlings on the wall. Tick marks, something about a cake not telling the truth, etc. Clearly someone was here before you, and they went crazy. I found two more of these hidey holes but there could be more I missed. If you haven't been wary of GlaDos from the beginning, you sure are now. Something here isn't right. You make it to the end of the 19th chamber riding on an automated platform. You turn the corner and...furnace. GlaDos thanks you for participating in her experiment, assures you that the portal gun will be safe, and leaves you to your firey demise.

    Quick on your feet, you fire a portal to the other side of the room. GlaDos is thrown off guard briefly but then pretends that your "pretend murder" was a final test. Of course, you're too smart to fall for that at this point and start searching for a way out. you weave your way through the inner workings of Aperature Science and away from GlaDos' gaze. She continues to taunt you through this full sequence that in my opinion goes on for a touch too long. Finally, you find GlaDos herself. A robot hanging from the ceiling. She prepares a weapon to kill you but then drops a sphere from herself. She assures you it's unimportant,but you throw it in a nearby furnace. She then reveals that that was an item keeping her from releasing neurotoxin into the air. She starts spewing said neurotoxin and you have five minutes before you die. After you burn all of her spheres, she breaks into a billion pieces and you both explode through the roof into the real world. Only you remain in one piece. When you come to, you are being dragged off by an unseen something, you are shown a cake, a cube, and a bunch of glowing GlaDos spheres, and credits roll. The credit song "still alive" is a wonderful reversion to the Portal humor after a pretty tense final battle. It also assures you that GlaDos is indeed still alive,setting up for the next game.

    I think the story telling is great, it's light-hearted and funny up until the last leg when things take an uneasy and tense turn, after you win, you return to funny, easy going quips and it gives you a perfect lead up to the sequel.


    There is none. Like, almost none at all. I don't know if I'd prefer a metroid approach with "lonely" sounding music but what it has (nothing) works.


    In a nutshell, that's Portal. A good idea mixed with great execution and charming storytelling equals an incredibly satisfying game. It'll really make you think but never puts you in a position where you feel helpless. It lets you experiment and try new things without letting you get hopelessly lost. It's short too, only taking about 6 hours to complete the main campaign. Graphically, it's a little dated with rough models all around but graphics aren't too important to me. It really is a great game and I'm glad I played. If you haven't played it yet (though I think I'm the last person to play it) go do so. right now, you can get both games for literally $1.50.

    Thanks for reading fellas. This is something I'd love to continue as I play through my backlog. I'll mess with the formatting but I think this is decent for a first try. If you like it, feel free to tell me so I make more, if you hate it, tell me and I'll never do this here again. The point of these are to encourage discussion on older-but-not-quite-retro games and to offer a fresh perspective from the younger generation.
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    My new annual Thanksgiving tradition

    This is my second year sharing this. Everyone go get fat with the people you love
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    Holy Crap I have a laptop

    My family has owned several computers/laptops over the years. They all were made before 2007 I'm pretty sure and they all suck. I think we had one Toshiba branded laptop with an outdated Intel core but the rest are outdated AMD cores.

    I finally bought a laptop for myself and my world has been rocked.

    I made sure I got the best I could reasonable save up for. After 4 months of work, and $1500 saved, I bought an MSI Leopard GP63. This thing is pretty high end for $1500. We're talking:

    - 6 Intel i7 cores
    - 15.6" screen
    - 16 GB memory
    - 1 TB HDD
    - A customizable lightup keyboard (which isn't a big deal but i think it's fun)
    -1920×1080p screen (4k is overrated)
    -NVIDIA GTX 1060 graphics card

    I mean, for those of you who own good computers this may seem pretty standard but coming from the computers I've lived with my whole life, this is crazy. The fact that I can download a 3D game and it works at max graphic settings at 60FPS is dreamlike.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go play NES games in HD
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