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    Guess who got a new computer, er laptop? ;p Its been a few months since I actually had a computer ever since my old one got fried. Just haven't had the money or resources to get another until now. (Yay for the extra pay check this month!) So I'm sure I got a lot to catch up on here but I missed all you guys!
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    I am still alive folks

    Well, as the title says, I'm still alive and I haven't abandoned GBAtemp. The problem is, I have no internet access at the moment at my house so right now I am stuck without access to GBAtemp and the internet for a bit. I'm currently writing this at my local library so I can let you guys know my status. Right now I'm a little strapped for money so when the the internet service bill came, I just didn't have the money to cover it yet so it was shut off. Now the thing is, I won't have the money to pay it off for about another week or so it seems (I'm hoping for sooner myself). I recently started a new full time job and I should be getting my first paycheck from them soon.

    I really do miss GBAtemp and everyone here and I apologize for suddenly going missing without a word of what was going on. I should be back really soon folks and I'm sorry for my disappearance. Expect a huge cheat update and some improvements to the site when I get back! Also I got several PMs and emails from people concerning the cheat database and please folks, just be patient and civil. I will be back soon to make an official update.
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    Please calm down folks

    I ended up passing out last night and woke up to many posts about the entire mess last night which wasn't intended. Ijust wanted to day, please calm down everyone and take a breather. No one is to be blamed for this, not psycoblaster, not Noitora or anyone else. This wasn't their fault. Wile they could have handled the situation better, they weren't at fault. So please stop bashing them or blaming them as they have dne a lt for GBATemp and are great people.

    Now I'll man up to all this and say I over reacted, I can't believe I acted as I did and caused this much drama to which I apologize for. I was messed up yesterday and well, I wasn't in the best frame of mind. I was stressed out and depressed over some personal matters on top of being injured and sick. So I end up taking pain killers and cold medicine last night which well, didn't leave me in the best frame of minds which ended up leading me to over react to this entire situation. Overall, I ended up feeling like crap last night. I ended up sleeping it off and I feel a lot better, both mentally and physically as my cold seem to be passing.

    So once again, please calm down folks. Everything is alright and I apologize once again for all this. For the reconrd, I never officially quit/resigned, I ended up demoting myself and left GBAtemp for rest of the night to cool down. I knew I wasn't in the best of states to be on here last night. So if you want to blame somebody for all this, please blame me and not the other fine members or staff of GBAtemp. I hope this entire matter didn't put you off from GBAtemp as even now, I love this community.

    Your friendly neighborhood moogle!
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    Just my luck...

    Well, today was turning out to be a rather good day. I ended up going to work, managed to get a bit done today and ended up getting off early. Shortly after I came home, the postman ended up showing up with a new EZ 3 in 1 I ordered from DealExtreme the previous Monday. I was surprised it came so fast, 5 business days instead of the average 7-14 days. Now this is when things sarted to go bad, eager to try out the new EZ 3 in 1 since the previous one battery died, my Micro SD card ended up failing.

    Oh no, it didn't get corrupted, it simply died. The firmware ended up booting up, I ended up loading up GBA Exploader and the whole thing froze. I turned off and on my DS and I got the error "No SD card was found". Oh lucky me, I even tried it with several card readers on my PC and none of them recognized it. So now I'm stuck with a dead Micro SD card and a useless DS + Flashcard due to that being the only MicroSD card I owned.

    I had a 2 Gigabyte Kingston Micro SD card from Japan. I ended up buying it from NewEgg a year ago for around 25$. The problem is, right now I don't have the spare cash to go out and buy one so I'm basically out of luck. I don't foresee getting the spare cash until either late December or early next year to buy a new one.

    So yea, I just decided to share this with all you guys. So no WiFi games for me for a while. :cry: