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    [EXCLUSIVE] Is it true that the Nintendo Switch Online platform has failed?

    According to me, possibly the platform of Nintendo Switch Online has failed.

    And why should they ask?

    By its very unoriginal name "Nintendo Switch Online", because Nintendo was left without ideas for the name of the platform, first they thought of calling it "Nintendo Network Premium", but as they did realize that there was previously Nintendo Network Premium in the past (many before it closed in 2015), they changed it to "Nintendo Switch Online", which confused many users and confused it with a streaming service that appeared very much on Google Stadia but for Nintendo, it was not a new gaming platform online but a streaming service created by Nintendo.

    Also it fails because its price is very cheap (in some countries it is expensive), its cloud storage service requires to pay, the virtual console is something original compared to PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold, but it is the only good thing of the service, since there are many bad things that nobody likes about the service.

    I also notice bad marketing in the trailer, what can you notice about bad marketing in the trailer?

    Are you sure that Nintendo Switch Online failed like the Game Boy Advance / Nintendo Gamecube e-Reader and the Nintendo DS / DSi PictoChat?

    Edit: It should be noted that there are almost no Nintendo Switch Online users, due to their failure.

    In addition, third-party companies plan to abandon Nintendo Switch Online for its complicated code of copying and pasting games, according to Electronic Arts, declaring that FIFA 20 would not include Nintendo Switch Online as last year's previous game, FIFA 19, and that his problem was due to the fact that the code is very complicated to copy and paste to the games, which means a great financial loss for Nintendo in the online game.

    It will also be done by other third party companies (Activision, Namco, Capcom and Ubisoft, etc).

    This will also happen with future games that have multiplayer online (Call of Duty, Dragon Quest, etc).

    Which means that PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold will have a deep success after the failure of Nintendo Switch Online, will be supported by third-party companies and Nintendo Switch Online will not.

    Something similar to the Wii U, it happened, but it was not the online game service, but the hardware, since PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were supported by the third companies and Wii U will not.

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    [EXCLUSIVE] What is your favorite image?

    In this blog you can post your favorite image in the comments and my favorite image is... this:
    You like this.
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    [EXCLUSIVE] It will be true that all the Wii U consoles were not sold were buried in the desert or yes, The console was even more failure than the ET (Atari 2600)?

    According to a Spanish humorous encyclopedia called "Inciclopedia", it seems to have an article about the Wii U but it has a big mistake like "all the consoles that were not sold were buried in the desert or, The console was even more failure than the ET (Atari 2600) ".

    Also this is said the same in the article of the Atari video game burial, I will quote:
    Did it happen again in 2012 until 2017 the failure of the ET (Atari 2600) and another burial similar to the "Atari video game burial" that occurred in 1983 and this happened again in 2017 with Wii U, will not be true or false?
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    [EXCLUSIVE] Is it true that nobody bought Super Smash Bros. for Wii U?

    According to a Spanish humoristic encyclopedia called "Inciclopedia", it seems to have an article about Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U but it has a little error like "Wii U or nobody bought it because everyone who had 3DS preferred to play it on their handheld instead to buy an unusable console "

    Is this true or false?
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    Is an Xbox emulator for Wii U possible?

    I do not mean the Xbox 360, but the first Xbox.

    You have dreamed of playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City or Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on your Wii U, you will need an Xbox emulator to play these 2 mythical games on your Wii U.

    You think that the 2 games are the best ones that were released for the first Xbox and PS2.

    How much power does Wii U have to emulate the Xbox?
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    If we hacked Watch Dogs for Wii U, can we create Watch Dogs 2 for Wii U?

    Since Watch Dogs 2 did not release for Wii U or for PS3 and Xbox 360, but for PS4, Xbox One and PC because the sales of Watch Dogs in the PS4 version, Xbox One and PC version were very good, but sales of the Wii U version, PS3 and Xbox 360 version were terrible and discarded the Wii U version, PS3 and Xbox 360 version from Watch Dogs 2.

    Probably yes we hacked Watch Dogs, can we create Watch Dogs 2 for Wii U?

    We must modify everything so that it appears to Watch Dogs 2, as for example the city, that this case is San Francisco because I see a long red bridge, the textures, the weapons, the vehicles, the pedestrians, the characters, the protagonist that in this case is Marcus Holloway, the missions, put new content such as Drones, new features and applications in the smartphone of the protagonist among other things that adds Watch Dogs 2.

    You also have to put in the map of the GamePad, a white bar above that shows the time of the game, the Wi-Fi and the battery of our protagonist's cell phone.

    Finally, it would be great to modify Watch Dogs to make its sequel on the Wii U, Watch Dogs 2, many want the hacker saga from Ubisoft, I want someone to hack this game for Wii U or turn it into Watch Dogs 2 by modifying it and adding new ones contents :)
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    What games could you have on your Wii U?

    Hi, what games could you have on your Wii U.

    I have created a list categorized by 2 categories:

    Category 1: Nintendo games
    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
    1: New Super Mario Bros. U, New Super Luigi U and New Super Mario Bros. U + New Super Luigi U, I love to be the first Mario games in high definition and be an improved versions of New Super Mario Bros. Wii in high definition, with new levels and new gameplay, without a doubt, an incredible games.
    2: Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival, I was interested in Animal Crossing: City Folk since I downloaded it in .iso format from the utorrent, but this is a kind of board game created by Nintendo and I was surprised that it existed an Animal Crossing for Wii U.
    3: Splatoon, although I've never played it, much less ported it to the Nintendo 3DS due to its limitations, nor to the New Nintendo 3DS that has a lot of power, when I saw that advertising on TV in 2015, I I loved the game and I wanted to buy a Wii U in that year, but it never happened.
    4: Super Mario Maker, another game that I love for Wii U, but I have never played the 3DS version, although I originally used SMBX, or Super Mario Bros. X for addicts to Super Mario Maker, this game made reality that we created our levels of Super Mario Bros., we have 4 popular games to create our levels as Super Mario Bros. for NES, Super Mario Bros. 3 for NES, Super Mario World for SNES and New Super Mario Bros. U for Wii U, without doubts It is a good game that must be ported to Switch.
    5: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, although I've never used the controls to play Super Smash Bros. Brawl for Wii, this smash has the easiest-to-use controls of the Brawl for Wii, this is the first game in HD Super Smash Bros, I have not played Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS either.
    6: Mario Kart 8, well, I've already played the Mario Kart Wii, but I've never played Mario Kart 7 in 3DS, being the first Mario Kart in HD, it has new tracks and new game modes that interest me, a good game of careers.
    7: Star Fox Zero, no idea why I would love this, I only know that he plays the first Star Fox from the SNES emulator, Snes9x.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    8: Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2, I do not know why they brought out a mature games exclusively for Nintendo, SEGA developers went too high.
    Extra 1: Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, I do not know why I love Kirby, it's a very difficult mystery to solve.
    Extra 2: LEGO City Undercover, a desperate attempt to have a GTA only for Nintendo, LEGO style, where we can drive cars and shoot things, although it is not as good as Watch Dogs, xD.

    Category 2: Third Party Games
    1: Watch Dogs, although I am a GTA fan, just play a game similar to GTA on Wii called Scarface, based mainly on the Scarface movie, this time it will be a game created by Ubisoft, set in Chicago, where we control a hacker named Aiden Pearce who hacks devices in the city of Chicago, is GTA style because we can drive cars, use firearms and use the player's GTA V style smartphone, without a doubt the best third party game of Wii U that they have taken , Until now.
    2: FIFA 13, although I've played FIFA 11 from the backwards compatibility of Nintendo 3DS with DS / DSI, this game will be the only FIFA for Wii U that Electronic Arts had released for this platform, it is a football game created by EA Sports , the sports version of Electronic Arts, a shame that FIFA 14 and the following FIFAs have not left for Wii U because of its complex architecture as the Atari Jaguar, will this be true?
    3: Mass Effect 3, another game of Electronic Arts, this time one of Mass Effect, the game is the third game of Mass Effect, it is a pretty good game to be played, without a doubt a good game.
    4: Minecraft Wii U Edition, this game is the first Minecraft for Nintendo, released mainly on the Wii U, in this game is a sandbox game where we can build or create our worlds and survive enemies in a cubic universe, full of many cubes, nothing in this universe has another form besides cubes, no doubt a good game.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    5: Assassin's Creed III and Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, at least these 2 games is created by Ubisoft, the Assassin's Creed III is set between 1754 to 1783, a rather old time and the Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag is set in 1715 , something appeared to the III but too old, without a doubt a very good game.
    6: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, at least the favorite first person shooting game, created by Activision, is set in the near future and in the Cold War where "The Cold War of the 21st Century" takes place, is the best first-person shooting game for Wii U.
    7: Call of Duty: Ghosts, no idea what it's about, but this game with Ghosts, I think there are ghosts in this game, but this is a total lie on the part of the players, the game is set in the near future, which gives me lazy to explain everything about the game, no doubt a good first person shooter game for Wii U.
    8: Scribblenauts Unlimited, at least this game is the direct sequel to Super Scribblenauts, only that giving us a pretty unlimited game when it comes to imagination, we can put any characters, vehicles, objects and weapons of video games, movies, TV series , real life, anime, manga, etc, this makes it an infinite game of possibilities
    9: ZombiU, a survival horror for Wii U, where we have to survive to be attacked by zombies during the game, without a doubt, the most terrifying game that exists for Wii U.
    Extra 1: 007 Legends, at least this is a sequel to Goldeneye 007 for Wii and other platforms, this game brings us back to James Bond in our Wii U, another game created by Activision, giving us a High Definition version of Goldeneye 007 , I've never played it because my wii was stolen a long time ago, I doubt very much that my dad bought me the Wii U after buying my new movistar decoder.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Extra 2: The Amazing Spider-Man Ultimate Edition and The Amazing of Spider-Man 2, two games of the spiderman adapted to the Wii U, another one created by Activision, the game is based on spiderman, without doubt a good game.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Extra 3: Minecraft: Story Mode - Episode 1: The Order of the Stone and Minecraft: Story Mode - The Complete Adventure, at least, the Minecraft: Story Mode adapted to the Wii U, I remember that the game was published on Netflix, it has an interactive episode set of comedy-drama about Minecraft, undoubtedly a good game for Watch interactive episodes of this game.
    Extra 4: Cube Life: Island Survival, at least, another sandbox game for Wii U, being a clone of Minecraft that is not worth mentioning, a wii u game for rats addicted to minecraft.
    Extra 5: Resident Evil: Revelations, a Resident Evil for Wii U, a good game, the saga Resident Evil: Revelations was launched for both Wii U and the other platforms.
    Extra 6: Need for Speed Most Wanted U, the Electronic Arts racing game adapted to the Wii U, is similar to the Need for Speed Most Wanted, undoubtedly a good game of Electronic Arts racing for Wii U.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Extra 7: All Just Dance, the only games saga that is currently launched for the platform, has 10 dance games so far.
    Extra 8: Puyo Puyo Tetris, at least, a fusion between Puyo Puyo and Tetris, giving a cross between Puyo Puyo, the Japanese version of Tetris and Tetris, the Russian version of Puyo Puyo, creating his name, Puyo Puyo Tetris, but never He left Japan and did not launch in America and Europe, at least he has his unofficial English translation in San Google.

    What do you think about the list of games you should have on your Wii U?

    Comment and give us your opinion, or better you have your list of games you should have on your Wii U as I did.

    I have 126 games for my possible Wii U!
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    Is there or is there a PC tool that can convert PS3 / Xbox 360 games to .wud (Wii or Disc)?

    Hello, this will be my last thread in this 2018, since we are at the end of the year, but we are going to what the thread says.

    the Wii U had little Third-party support than the PS3 or the Xbox 360, because it used the same complex architecture that the Atari Jaguar used, do not you think?

    This thread I have another doubt, is it possible a PC tool that can convert PS3 / Xbox 360 games to .WUD (Wii U Disc)?

    Many of you have dreamed of playing the GTA 5 or the Dead or Alive 5 with your Wii U.

    Happy new year to GBATemp :-)

    Will this tool be possible?