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  • naglaro00

    DigiPen? lol

    Aright, school resumes in a week.
    I also have to submit some college forms in a few days to my high school.

    I'm thinking of going for a BS in Computer Science
    getting high grades and crap
    earning money and
    going to Digipen.

    Right, Digipen.

    I know that it's a waste of money (because it really is!) unless you're sure that you're gonna get hired to a video game company,
    but my brain always goes for the impossible so why not?

    To be honest I really didn't think of DigiPen until a friend brought it up when he was on Singapore.
    It's a damn gamer's dream.

    Sooo there are four of us right now who wants to go there
    and the other three are fortunate enough (I think) to pay for the tuition fees and stuff.

    Me? Ahaha, no.
    No munnies.
    Gotta work my ass off until I get PHP 1.5M worth of money.


    On an unrelated note

    I started to read the Game of Thrones series last Sunday. Good stuff.
    I also got Dark Souls and Oblivion for the PS3
    lol they weren't kidding about Dark Souls being hard and crap but it's not that hard

    and and and
    (If anyone would like to give me SMNC items, please do so :D)

    uh, I think that's it

    oh and some rants:
    my heart hurts
    because stuff
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    GG vacation



    I suppose that it's not that bad when you're playing with friends, right?
    oh well
    at least I stopped playing SMNC and TF2 entirely.


    Seriously the near-end parts do not make any sense at all.
    oh well
    at least I finished the game

    I'm also 16 hours in in Tales of Graces F, on Strahta.
    Is it just me or did the story become windy and delaying after the
    Richard-becomes-an-ass part
    oh well

    oh well
    at least

    Vengeful Spirit users, gimme tips :D
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    What's going on lately

    Oh hi

    I've been playing MvC3 (again), Catherine, MGS4, and AC II lately.

    Yay, games.

    I swear that my MvC skills are getting rusty.
    Catherine is a lot more fun than playing Mass Effect in my opinion.
    MGS4... yay movies
    AC II because my friend (friend1) told me it was good.

    Well, that friend (friend1) of mine.
    He's awesome.
    He's so damn good at TF2 and SSBB that he's always confident that he won't lose.
    Anyway, we two are good friends. I'm the only person who he actually talks to about his problems.
    The thing is that I have another friend (friend2) who's such an ass to the point that he's doing everything he can so that we (friend1 and I) won't talk to each other. I don't even want to call him my friend (friend2) any more.

    I'm so frustrated and confused.

    Anyway, I went to the local game shop earlier to check if they had Tales of Graces F. Out of stock. Damn.

    naglaro00 out!
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    Skyrim, TVs, 3D, and Graphics


    This weekend - it's good and bad

    FRIDAY -
    I found out that my PC can do 3D gaming with anaglyph glasses. More dimensions, less framerate!
    SSFIV: AE looked good but only until I remember that the game runs on 1280*720.

    Oh uh we got a new TV so my dad replaced my "gaming TV" with the one on their room.
    Yay, 1080p gaming!

    Went to school to get grades.
    Most of my grades went up :D
    Except for one - college Physics (yeah already studying college physics when still not in college)
    Ugh I hate Physics
    I was happy to see my Data Communications grade go up, though.
    I really want my Cisco certification :P
    Went to the mall (which is conveniently five minutes away from the school, despite the fact that the law states that this isn't allowed) afterwards.
    I swear to God, I haven't seen an extremely long line in months/years. There was this long line of people wanting to buy Skyrim.
    Luckily I already got my copy minutes before the line became extremely long :P

    Skyrim would be my GOTY this year.
    It ran on my Oldie PC on Ultra (even with AA maxed, but I toned it down to 2x) and on 1080p with no problems.
    (By "Oldie" I meant PC with 9600 GT and Athlon 64 X2 5600-something)
    I love you, Bethesda.

    I also got myself a Huntress # 2, lol

    SUNDAY -
    Played Skyrim all day.
    Typed this blog.
    About to sleep.


    The Draugr, in the room where you get that spell, only says "Ro Da!", right?


    Oh and weeks ago I told the girl I like that we should only be friends.


    I hate the fact that my school is divided into three now -
    the Popular kids, the English-only kids and the others
    TBH, I fit in the English-only kids but I'd rather not take sides.
    The Popular kids mostly control the events that happen in our school.
    The English-only kids like to flaunt their games and crap
    The others - er, none of the above.



    I can't wait for my LoZ: SS download to finish :D


    Auf Wiedersehen
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    Why are these game so cheap?

    Why? Because no one wants them. (and they're cheap by my standards. The other games are waaaay overpriced)

    Anyway, I saw these games at the local game store:

    Portal 2 - almost $30 for the PC version, almost $35 for PS3 version
    Fallout 3 GOTY (PS3) - almost $34
    Brink (PS3) - almost $26
    Fallout: New Vegas (PS3) - almost $23

    I find this surprising:
    Battlefield 3 with the DLCs and stuff incuded (PC) - almost $35 (lolwat)

    If I preorder any of the following for the PC/PS3, I get bonuses (which I don't know):
    NFS: The Run
    Assassin's Creed: Revelations
    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    I got my eyes on Skyrim and Fallout 3 right now (Oblivion was fun heh)

    I can only buy one from these, though

    So, GBAtemp
    Which one should I get?

    (I won't get any JRPGs or any Japan-made game this time. I'll buy them later this Christmas or whenever)

    oh and I can't buy from Steam or Origin.
    I can buy from the PSN store tho
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    I need something to release something on so I'm using GBAtemp's blog service.

    Hello, everyone.
    I really don't know if people can read this since I set my blog to "private."

    In four months, our annual prom will take place.
    Since the prom takes place in a leap year, girls ask the males out. (loltradition)
    There's this girl I like.
    Yeeeeee, girl girl girl.
    People from school know me as that uncaring guy who cares for nothing but his own interests.
    That never was the case. It's just that I can't approach people. By the time I try to get near them, they're already gone.
    Anyway, my classmate said that when a girl asks you out, it means you are too passive and submissive.
    So she did ask me to the prom months ago. I liked her too so I said yes. Happy-happy weeks passed. Yay.
    Then came our class play (which play is a modern adaptation of Ramayana. with mafia. Yeah, RaMAFIAna. What made the pun worse was that our section was called "Sodium". RaMAFIANa. Ha. Ha. Silly pun.)
    Anyway, there's this guy who I play TF2 with. We were friends back then. It appears that he had a liking for her, too. So during the week before our play, he actually tried to break us up (us being me and her). He succeeded. I was so damn depressed that my section got angry at me, him, and her. Yay!
    Anyway, months passed. They were going together. I can't get mad, for some reason. I was damn jealous and depressed. She also said that "the deal's off". God damnit.
    Sooo during those "dark days", I was talking a lot to my close friends on what I can do. They told me to ask her myself.
    So, weeks passed.
    Yesterday, I finally got the guts to ask her.
    I got a no.
    I don't even know how to face her right now.
    Maybe the same goes for her (she can't talk to me face to face without me initiating the conversation)
    I blame that fat-ass friend of mine.
    Watched P4 Episode 02 earlier. Accurate anime is accurate. (not really)
    I really should stop buying comics.
    All the money I was saving for UMVC3 went to all these comics ~_~
    That's it for now.
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    Huntress # 1

    IT'S GOOD.

    It's a good thing that they released Huntress # 1 later than the other no, 1s.


    I also read Static Shock # 2.

    Not bad, but not good.

  • naglaro00

    New 52

    <click if you don't know what the New 52 is>

    Today, the last batch of no. 1's gets/got released.

    I'll be borrowing my classmate's Teen Titans no. 1 tomorrow :D.

    So did anyone buy any comics?

    I got:
    (still borrowing) Static Shock # 1
    Green Lantern # 1
    Suicide Squad #1
    Captain Atom #1

    Captain Atom sucks :/
    Suicide Squad is awesome :D

    just sharing.
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    Video Game Creepypasta



    Before anyone else says "GOOGLE EEET", let me say this:

    I don't know which ones are good and bad so that's why I'm asking here ;)

    I already have the ones about Pokemon Silver, Pokemon Black, Lavender Town and Gary Oak

    Thanks ;D

    Haunted MM Cart -- got it :D
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    Team Fortress 2, Minecraft,

    Hello everyone :D

    After x months, I'm making another post :lol:

    I've been playing Minecraft for the past few days and it got me hooked :P

    I even made Ninten and Ness sprites on it



    I got The Orange Box yesterday on Steam

    I downloaded Half-Life 2 first so I can play something while downloading TF2

    Half-Life is ok but the headcrab zombies are creepy :|

    After 12 hours and possibly the longest 20 minutes ever, Steam finally finished dling TF2.

    lol it's fun

    Add me on Steam so we can play sometime :D

    anyone wanna give me gmod? :P


    Last week, I swore that I WILL finish Mother within three days.

    I blame Minecraft for distracting me and not letting me finish Mother :|


  • naglaro00

    MvC 3

    I bought MvC 3 last week and I already have 50% of the trophies :D

    I need some people here to help me get these trophies:

    Turn the Tables
    • Land a Team Aerial Counter
    Whose Side Are You On?, Fate of Two Worlds, Duty and Deus Ex Machina, Copy This!, Raccoon City Incident, Fate of the Satsui no Hadou
    • Fight between specific characters

    I'll only need two matches from you guys

    Add me on PSN if you want to help me :D
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    Virtual On!

    OK back then, I remember playing this arcade game about mechs...
    It's a 3d- plane fighting game where you destroy each other

    earlier, my friend told me that "crossbone gundam is awesome"
    I set my status on yahoo messenger as "crossbone gundam = gundam f97"
    then my former teacher suddenly sent a message
    so we talked about crossbone gundam
    discussion went on,
    subject changed to Hajime Katoki and then to Gunpla and then to Virtual On!
    so blahblah I googled virtual on... then I thought that these mechs look familiar...


    tl;dr I just found out that I played an arcade gem back then :yay:
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    For some reason ALL the FFXIII data in my PS3 vanished.

    even my sister's

    there goes 60 hours

    screw it

    ill restart the game at the next 3 weeks

    no time for games anyway
  • naglaro00

    I'm back

    heya everyone

    just dropping by to see what everyone is doing (my eyes hurt from reading a certain book. time for some other stuff to read)

    let's see...
    i would like to request a mod to suspend my account until December 10, please. (given that a mod reads this)
    1) school
    2) school
    3) not interested in the temp anymore

    why am i not interested anymore?
    1) no time for DS
    2) school
    3) some of the members here are "one-sided" or something like that (won't say who).
    4) every time i try to go to this site i get some "Board Message" about not having permission. when i experience that, i cant visit any part of the site

    so yeah, time to leave the temp. for real.

    and if you people are interested on what i am doing...
    1) im reading "things fall apart" and "reign of greed"
    2) gunpla (yay)
    3) school
    4) save up money (for more gunpla, lawls)
    5) watch some animu (karas, gundam, other mech anime)

    and err ive been trying to save up for a PG Strike Gundam for a while now... or maybe for a PS3 or 3DS
    starvation FTW

    and to end this blog post...

    "I'M NOT MY ANIKI! I'M ME!!" - Simon

    Time to finish the chapter i'm currently on on the book I'm reading now...

    p.s. - i bet that no temper would reply or even read this blog post. congrats for reading this
  • naglaro00


    Oh hai thar tempers.
    Recently there was an influx of goodbye threads. This would NOT be one of them.

    Anyway, school got me down. No more time for games games games. No time for playing (unless I finish all work quickly :P, which won't be happening this month). Work here, work there. I need to catch up with my grades. Honestly I don't care as long as I get average grades. But really, every year there's this recognition day thing where all people with an average of 1.5 below (maybe like A above or 95 above) get to sit at the other side of the gym. They even invite special guests from some place I haven't heard of. anyway, this was the last seating arrangement from the last recognition day:


    --------------------- ================
    see? When the guests come over they're probably thinking "O LOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOOOL THE GUYS AT THE LEFT BE FUTURE CEO'S OF MINE."
    oh and uh that

    i won't be appearing much often now. I'll still post now and then, but not always. I'll make room for KYT if it's my turn though :P


    lolunwoundfuture. lolqqing

    I gave my HG Unicorn some weathering yesterday. It now looks like it came from the garbage and fought an army of dirty Sinanjus

    NGE is traumatizing.

    12 days 12 days 12 days 12 days

    last: anyone wanna gift me TF2 in steam? :P

    i wont be screwing up in school.
    its always "give or take"
    yes i dont like pressing the shift keys.

    post postscriptum:
    smiley abusers should die and burn within the fiery furnaces of the 11th circle of hell.