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    Privacy in the Modern Internet

    Privacy is a hard thing to come by these days. It seems like just about every friendly neighborhood social media site wants to know where you are at ever waking moment. How do we solve this? Well, that's a hard question. With the rise of tracking technology that does things such as fingerprint your browser
    (https://coveryourtracks.eff.org/ for more information.) it is getting increasingly harder to defeat these attempts. What shall we do then? I say, go for the source of revenue, by blocking the crap out of ads and minimizing the amount that you are tracked as much as possible.
    If you are still running windows, I would recommend looking at alternatives. Linux mint is a nice user friendly alternative, although I personally prefer arch. If you don't want to take the time to figure out how to install arch, check out instantOS. It installs everything for you, and has a nice design philosophy that makes it fairly simple for beginners to get started and allows room for power users to stretch out. I use it as my daily driver and have few issues.
    Next, you'll want to install a more privacy focused browser. Most linux distros come with firfox preinstalled, and while I wouldn't recommend using it as-is, you can harden it by changing some settings and installing addons. for more information on that.
    For those who want a more plug and play solution, I would recommend Librewolf. While it isn't the most user friendly (the most annoying thing being that it forgets your logins when you close down the browser) it's one of the best I've used so far. I currently use it as my daily driver, with stick firefox as a back up for those annoying websites that don't play nice. I use it with LocalCDN, which lowers the amount of request that go out for things like fonts and javascript libraries, CanvasBlocker, which helps protect against canvas fingerprinting, (more about that in the cover your tracks link above) and clearURLs, which removes the tracking info from urls, like amazon and instagram. I'd also like to recommend sponsorblock, which skips over those annoying youtube sponsors automatically.
    Finally, remove uneeded accounts with sites like facebook, twitter, and google. I personally still have a google account, but only use it on my android phone and for youtube and gmail.
    At the end of the day, becoming more privacy focused takes work, because so much has been done to make it inconvenient. You will need to do more research than reading my crappy little blog, but hopefully this can get you started. Good luck, and remember to always keep on top of your opsec! I'll try to answer any questions in the comments.
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    The April Fools theme and how I fairly easily got rid of the image filter.

    So when April fools rolled around we were blessed with one of the best themes this site has ever seen. The thing was, there was an annoying filter on all the images, in order to add to the '90s charm I suppose. While fun for awhile, I really like using this theme as my daily driver on the 'temp, so I decided to figure out how to get rid of it.
    I first started by using inspect element on an image. I found that there was a css rule that was applying the "posterize" effect to every image. Knowing that it was simply a css rule, I figured that I could simply change it using the browser extension Stylus. So I created a new theme and wrote the following:
    img, image, .avatar .img, .memethumb, .featured_item a::before, #review_list .review_boxart::before, .portal_block .news_image, .avatarCropper img{
        -webkit-filter: none;
        filter: none;

    And it worked! Now I have the perfect theme!
    If you want to do the same thing, all you have to do is install stylus from your web browser of choice's extension store. Then create a new theme and copy and paste the above into it and click save. As far as I can tell, it works on every image except for your profile picture in the profile menu that drops down when you hover over your profile. Perhaps I'll try and fix that later. That's a small complaint for me though.
    Hopefully no one posted this solution in the tutorial section or something. I promise I figured this out on my own!

    For some reason it doesn't work on the front page either, not sure why. I'll see if I can fix that.
    Edit 2:
    Fixed both the avatar thingy and the front page! Probably should have checked more thoroughly before posting huh. Oh well, fixed now.

    NVM, guess I didn't actually fix it. dang it.
    Hopefully final edit:
    Apparently you can just add everything on one line. Cool. I just copied and pasted everything from inspect element and it works now, even on the homepage! Just update your style sheet with the new code above.
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    The story of a humble lurker turned poster

    I have been a long time lurker of sorts, ever since I started frequenting this site on my school-issued Ipad back in my sophomore year of high school. A lot has changed since then, but I've kept my love of reading the blogs here. I've read countless stories, from eix's weird shenanigans to Chary's dad stories. In a way, I've had a weird sort of parasocial relationship with the community on this site, except that pretty much no one even knew I existed.
    But I knew you all existed, and I gladly looked through the window that you unknowingly provided me.
    That sounds a bit creepy now that I write it down. Oh well.
    I've been lurking around here to know some of the GBAtemp lore so to speak: Margen67, (@ScottPilgrim might be an alt, you never know...) even though I wasn't online when he was really around I've heard of him and his liking exploits. I've seen many a shitposter come and go, from nancyds to the toilet monster. (if you know you know. Wasn't that long ago.) However, I am still woefully uninformed on the early days of the site beyond the fact that it used to host GBA Warez.
    If you're wondering why I even bothered to make an account, (which you might be if you read this far) I recently watch a video on youtube by Glink:

    I've decided I want to be more involved with the internet beyond just mindlessly consuming content on Youtube. I'd like to have conversations with people, and I know that doesn't really happen on the mainstream sites. I still have a bit of a lurker's mindset, so I probably won't post super often, but I'll try to every now and again. I look forward to being a part of this community!