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    MythicalData I'm getting back into college (I withdrew because I was homeless/irresponsible my first semester), but now I'm extremely nervous for this new semestar.
    Right now it's only two classes (English and a basic coding class if I get into it) (to get back that financial aid), but it feels like it matters so much more because this was hard for me to get back to.
    I think it's gonna be great (much better then working fast food job all the time), but I'm still nervous as all hell I'm gonna mess it up.
    I also miss all the college interactions (makes being a shy person easier with all the people around), but especially hacky sacking.
    My college had it's own funded club (more than it should have gotten and more than any other club. I think we lucked out to it being a physical activity)
    We played the equivalent of hacky sack dodgeball called Kill. You serve, it needs to be hit 3 times and not hit the ground in between and then at the third hit the hackysack is hot. you get hit unintentionally and it hits thr ground after you're out. This game gets hella crazy tbh. Now I'm just rambling, but eof so okay?. Either way super hyped