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    MuppetInvasion I am just about to puke at the disgusting people who yelp on about ''Series being overrated''/''Series being milked''/''Series being bad but everyone likes them''

    I don't care if you think Halo and Cod are overrated. In fact no-one does

    Don't post your thoughts on everything on the internet, no-one cares that you think Cod isn't very good despite making over 3 Billion dollars. People say halo is being milked when there has only been five games. Cod and halo multiplayer is great and the single player in cod ain't bad (Excellent in halo). Just because people want to be different they think they are somehow better then everyone who bought the game?

    Stop being so self righteous.

    Oh ya i understand that i complained about people spreading their dumb opinions when that's just what i was doing.

    Edit: It's obvious people here do care about cod and halo being overrated, so my comment about no-one caring is invalid? I will now politely excuse myself from the internet.