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    MsMidnight This is not to be directed at Plailect or AuroraWright since I know they didn't mean for this to happen.

    Basically over at the r/3dshacks discord I went to ask for help setting up Corbenik, instead I meet a few Luma3DS worshippers that pretty much say "Oh you're just bored" or "his waifu came to him in a dream and told him to install corbenik". I can't even ask help for setting up a cfw other than Luma without being ridiculed for it. The scene has pretty much devolved into a bunch of people who think any cfw other than Luma is inferior which honestly disappoints me

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    MsMidnight https://github.com/44670/BootNTR/pull/95
    this is not ok. its one thing to pressure a dev to make the code open source and then have them leave the scene for 5 or 6 months. but when they decide to come back, and then restart what caused them to leave ? @TheKingy34 and piorrro33, now thats just a dick move. are you two really wanting Cell9 to leave the scene, maybe permanently ? maybe cell is deciding whether to open source it or not, but you cant just apply that sort of pressure do you ? you could back off of Cell9's back with the stupid ass pulls (which shouldnt even be one. It should be in issues.) or just have him leave the scene permanently. your choice
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    MsMidnight On a bright and chilly Christmas Eve, a 16 year old girl who went by the name of AuroraWright was filled with happiness on that day, especially because her friend her friend Reisyukaku was coming over tomorrow. The reason that AuroraWright was so excited for her best friend to come was because she had been in love with her ever since that time a few months ago, when they were spending some time alone studying during study hall. But little did AuroraWright know was that Reisyukaku returned the same affectionate feelings.

    As for Reisyukaku however, things weren’t going as well because unlike AuroraWright, who has been able to hide these feelings, Reisyukaku was not. Due to this, her family found out about her feelings for AuroraWright but promised to keep it a promise until she was ready to reveal her feelings to her friend. Just yesterday Reisyukaku was doing the classic “She loves me, She loves me not” with a flower. By the time she finished off the poor flower, she then realized just how late it was. “Damn, its 11:55 PM “she said in a surprised way. “Time sure goes by fast once you’re lost in thought, I guess.” and she then went to bed.

    The next day was Christmas morning and AuroraWright was excited because, like every other average teenager, she loved Christmas. She ran down the stairs to her living room to see her family already down, opening their presents. AuroraWright’s mother spotted her and said “Hey AuroraWright! Merry Christmas!” and she handed her a small box that was in the shape of a rectangle. At first AuroraWright was a bit disappointed due to the size of the box, but once AuroraWright opened the box, her jaw dropped. It was Luma3DS! AuroraWright hugged her mother tightly and said “oh thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!”

    As the day went by, friends and family started coming over and so did Reisyukaku. Once she arrived AuroraWright walked over to the doorway and greeted her. “Hi Reisyukaku!” she chirped as she hugged her friend, causing the both of them to blush a deep crimson red. The Christmas party was a joyful one for them. There was eggnog, a turkey, macaroni, rice and much more varieties of food. But as the time of leaving was drawing near family and friends started to leave. And once it was time to go and Reisyukaku went to kitchen for a glass of milk she bumped into AuroraWright under a little green plant attached on the doorway that led to the kitchen. And then AuroraWright asked “Reisyukaku, do you have a minute? “ Reisyukaku nodded, unable to speak. “Well, I don’t know how to start this but, I’ve started to have these weird feelings for you ever since that time during study hall, so I was wondering if.. You felt the same way about me?” Reisyukaku was a bit surprised by how her friend confessed her feelings, but she went ahead anyway. “Yes AuroraWright I’ve been having the same feelings ever since that time.” They stared at each other for a few minutes until AuroraWright closed her eyes and started to get closer to Reisyukaku, and she did the same. As their lips were about to connect, they both knew this would be a Christmas they would never forget.
    MsMidnight Well, this could also go to "Code Generator" sites as well.

    They seem to love to waste our time with their "2016 FOOLPROOF 100%WORKING"tags which some of us sadly fall for. Don't know why they even put themselves up because 99% of time they're just gonna lead you to stupid surveys for downloads which already is disappointing. Then this comes up:http://www.gameeel.com

    Claiming to be a Nintendo Switch Emulator when the console isn't even up nor roms have been dumped, which is basically already giving themselves away. Instead of making fake shit they could use their time to do something more productive. Like "3ds Emulator" sites could contribute to citra since that's literally the only legitimate 3ds emulator except XDS.

    Code generators in general are cancer. Unless they actually spent their time to buy millions of codes (which they can't, with their low quality sites) should be disregarded or taken down

    tl;dr: just ignore them, especially with "2016/17!!!! 100% working!!!!"
    MsMidnight I wrote some note as a joke at school and it earned me about 4 days in there, and let me tell you IT IS NOT good in there. First of all its cold as fuck in there and i was practically shivering in there. And the food was fucking gross and made me want to puke. Not to also say we were required to do the same shit every day, "Introduction to CSU" (Not the 3ds one). And they didnt allow us to use electronics besides the TV, and all that was on was the Rio Olympics. I hated it there. I got out this morning and I was glad to be out.
    MsMidnight As most of you would know, I'm Mako on 3dsthem.es and well, most of my themes are nsfw. Should stop where I am or continue ? I'm asking this because I do not mind stopping or anything, but I just want the personal opinions of my great downloaders
    MsMidnight My mother keeps blaming me for shit I didn't do and then badmouths me to her friends when it was my brother. Then she asks why I always look so unhappy. God I just want to move out already to see who she will blame next when I'm not here. inb4 she calls me then blames me. She even says I act like my Dad so if she thinks so I'll sure act that way. -_-

    I can actually see why my dad hates her
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    MsMidnight So I've fallen for this girl that I know and she's bi. Although she is bi she already likes a guy and I dont want to interfere with it but at the same time it would make me sad to see them together. Any advice ?
    MsMidnight So me and my fiancée went to this graduation party (woo) and we got a little fun there, drinks food and all. Then I see her kissing some guy in front me and said I was just placeholder which hurt me a lot because I gave her a second chance so now I'm on the verge of killing myself. Please help
    MsMidnight Yes, I was engaged with my girlfriend (ex-fiancee) until she took a joke the wrong way and ended the engagement Which left me depressed for two weeks. Now her boyfriend broke up with her and she wants to get back together. What should I do ?
    MsMidnight Sure, you guys know me as the well loved hentai addict of gbatemp, but before that I had a, let's say a rather interesting past.

    It started when I was around 14 years old that I've found out I've been getting "romantic vibes" for girls. At first I did not know what being a lesbian is so idiotic 14 year old me thought it was normal...Until I made the mistake of revealing my feelings to a girl I liked. Once I did she called me disgusting and spread it to the whole school. In no less than a week I started getting excluded out of groups and tables getting labels such as freak and other shit. I was on the verge of suicide, ready to kill
    myself until my now best friend who shall be unnamed, pulled me out of it. Without her I would'nt be alive to this date. She even helped me admit to my parents in which they were in denial at first (would not talk to me for 2 months) until they slowly started to accept me, which I was grateful for. I do not reveal personal things often, So I hope for ladies out there like me, this at least gives some hope in your heart. (Despite our century, Homophobes are still around bullying and making the LGBT community commit suicide which saddens me.)
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