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    hi, my name is Mrpro also known as MrPROHACKER113 and MrPROGAMER113
    so I started using GBATEMP a few days ago, like probably 4 or 5 days ago. I liked it,
    anyway, what I like to do, I personally like to play sport (cricket, is my favorite sport), hacking, coding, and gaming, of course, everyone plays,
    also I am from India but I am in Australia now. how did I get into hacking/coding, I started having an interested in hacking because I thought it was fun, after a few weeks, learning the basics of haking, I kind of got bored of it, days past, it was like the 3rd week of not hacking or coding, but then suddenly, I don't know what happened to me, I just felt like I need to start hacking and coding again, so I did, I really liked it this time. It has probably been a year, and know I know a lot.
    this is me.
    hopefully, you liked it:)