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    mrfatso Well, if u guys didnt know, i was out of the army last wednesday.

    During the time in between, i have been taking my time resting and instructing my understudy on what needs to be done and in the meantime, i was building gundam :)

    Anyway, well, what can i say?? Time really does flies especially when you stop counting the weeks. But my view still remains the same, 2 years of NS is still a waste of time, 2 years isnt alot of time, nevertheless that was time that we could have used to find a job, to further our studies and do other stuff, instead, due to our gender and obligation to our country, those 2 years or less(depending on how fit we are) have been stolen from us by our country for their cheap labour.

    Well, on the bright side, i have to say that NS has given me quite a few items... namely:

    - Driving experiences -> after all, learning to drive isnt cheap and at least it's free and i get to have a feel of driving cars and lorries. Still, maybe it's the negative experiences that i had... that somehow i have been convincing myself that i suck at driving even though that might not be true.

    - Shooting real bullets and tossing grenades -> How many of us have played fps? In real life, shooting isnt that easy even if we are fighting against stationary targets. Imagine our foreign counterpart who are hitting moving targets?

    - Learning new swear words -> It's always good to know more words even if they are of the wrong type :)

    - Unlocking anger as an emotion -> it was something that i had sealed up back in 1999/2000 , sometime during that period of my life, i told myself that no matter what happens, i will never get angry at all. Since then, anger has been replaced by just mild annoyance but it resurfaced during my course.

    - Learn somethings about office politics -> I guess it's something good to know even though i dont really get what's the point of doing that, after all, in the army, backstabbing doesnt get u promotions, so what's the point?

    Still, rather than dwell on the negative part, at least they had a forum with cheap stuff, so ya, thanks to them, i got 2 gundam for 50 dollars, i bought an ipod for a 100 bucks, i managed to score some decent ps3 games from them for 20-30 bucks..

    Also, i did get to experience higher responsibilty once again. Not that i mind, but the last time i experienced that, was 5-6 years ago when i was still in sec school during scout activites.

    So, now that NS is over, what am i doing now? Mostly slacking, but i am stll searching for a job. That's all.

    Still, like i said 2 years back, if there's anything that u like to ask for NS, feel free to ask and i will try to answer them based on what i know?

    Also, our chief of army is a retard.
    mrfatso What else can i say?

    Other than to start celebrating the release of me from this 2 year bond with the government.

    Before anyone ask, i am blocking those future 10 years from my memories so dont ask me when will be my ICT or my high/low key events :D

    Probably after that day that i am gone, i will write up a small note on what the past 2 years in the army has been for me, how much i think i have changed and etc and etc.
    mrfatso Finally, my first oversea trip in a long while, the last one was 2 years ago when i went to taiwan, even till now i still remember this trip fondly :D

    Still, i am not sure what to expect when i get here, from what i know, this is an island, and ppl usually come here to just drink, swim and that's it.

    Guess i will find out more about the place once i reach there and just wander around..

    What about u guys? What do u remember most of ur oversea vacations?

    As for me, even till now, i regret having stomachache on that trip and i was forced to missed out on alot of the foodies over there..
    mrfatso That's right, only 60 days to go including public holidays, weekends and what-nots before i am finally out of national service :D

    To the others who might be wondering, why haven u update us in a long while? Didnt u used to post like weekly updates of your time in NS?
    Well, that's because i have been swamped with work lately, esp this month where we are having events after events, military exercise after one and another.

    Also, there wasnt anything much that i could say again and again without making u guys read and say... *snooze* boring *snore loudly*

    I guess since the last 2 months or so, from what i can recall( i hope i am allowed to write past exercise names or event names without compromising anything)

    We had the following events:
    L&OD Programme
    Army Workplan Seminar
    Training Hub Seminar

    Exercise Tsunami
    Exercise Crackerjack
    Exercise Steadfast Lion
    Exercise Suman Warrior (if i remember correctly)

    Minister Visit
    Royal Prince Visit
    Indian Army Visit
    US Army Visit

    There might be more but i cant recall.

    I guess only good news would be finally, that perverted old man has finally retired, i guess i can no longer use priest jokes, or pedobear jokes anymore as they are now irrelevant.

    Also, i have 3 new storeguys to help me out.

    My understudy has arrived and currently he is on course, by the time he return, we will meet for 2 more days before saying good bye forever,

    Also, my brother has just received his enlistment paper, he will enter the army in sept, hopefully by then i would have been able to find a job.

    edit: woah, i didnt realized that those 3 have been around since feb.. i always felt that they were still kinda pretty new :|
    mrfatso or if u want to be technical about it, it's only the eve, but i just better say this before i disappear or something like that happened...

    Well, so i just gonna say the same old stuff to u guys out there: Gong Xi Fai Cai


    As for my army life?

    I guess the only new thing to add would be that my understudy has arrived, so far, he's a pretty hardworking guy and my storeman replacement has arrived as well, so i guess when he is back from his vacation.. let the hating begin :D

    In the meantime, just gonna try my luck at this company, hopefully i can find a job :D
    mrfatso Thus far, nothing much to add on about my army life...

    It's still the same old things going on, as usual the chief of army comes to our camp every month or so for no bloody reason other than some secret meeting...

    Pretty much, just gonna say bye to my peaceful nights and well...

    To be honest, i am hoping that when my bro return from the states, i hope he bang a chick or 2 and at least return as a guy...

    Still, somehow i doubt that, if i know him any better, i say he probably spent the entire 3 months just studying instead of going out there, looking at the sites, acting like a visitor/tourist should!! Still, it's his life i guess, if he choose to spend 3 month studying instead of playing around, it's his choice.

    I know myself well enough that if it's me, i be playing all day and probably keep studying to a bare min.

    Next week will be hell for us, but whatever... we should be able to survive ..
    mrfatso I am just gonna put it as an omen :D But o well, guess we will find out this friday if i live or do i die? Either way, i still wont be able to reload and start from a save file.

    Also, crap, now i know why my pay is still stucked as a PTE pay, it's cos mine is just a local rank, my mdm just ask me to wear it so that it looks nice, So, instead of a guy with nth on his uniform walking around, now it's still the same, just that i got one extra crap to take care of .... and to think that i was proud that i got it and @ anyone from my side reading this: I am not gonna pass my physical test, to hell with it...!!

    Also, it's week 64 or around there if anyone is counting.

    Didnt really post much lately, because well, nothing much to talk around..

    2 weeks ago, we were arrowed to set up a stage for some event... Unfortunately, my boss wasnt around to say fk you to them nor am i capable of saying that to them, so we just do it. Of cos, i delay and omitted the tentage part as well, but that bastard raja just go around telling everyone that he see:"We are gonna have a tent for the event, we are going to have a tent for the event..."

    Anyway, in the end, thanks to loudspeaker retard over here, we endured and set it up, Pain in the ase, and as usual, loudspeaker raja just stand there, cry father cry mother (or to singaporeans out there: standard kpkb lor)

    In the end, did we get any reward for that? well, u guys should have figure it out, the loudest guys get all the credit, us? Not even a day off...

    Anyway, last thursday, i brought my logistic guys out to dinner at coco ichibanaya.
    You can look at their menu here:

    Anyway, next week, we will be having our audit, so far, we should be okay, however, the one thing that pisses me off is that for some reason, another unit decided to just toss their vehicle, weapons into our account... Whatever.. If auditors wants to make noise, i will bring them to the camp to question those units... Fk those bastards...

    That's pretty much it for now. Anyway, have fun guys and enjoy your weekend.
    mrfatso Mostly thanks to my bro, who is now in Washington for his 3 month course.

    Nothing much to comment on it, other than hopefully he return as a more mature person, that's all.

    In other news, nothing much has happened to me at work i guess....

    Other than more last min work...If u want to organize a farewell dinner, u dont tell u the logistic side 2 days in advance only... Fk... there are plaque, medals, booking to be made... Heck, as per procedure, there supposed to be a video/photo by our media department..
    So, how the fk is 2 days enuf to get everything done.
    For us, it's fine, we can do that, but well, the end result was that my superior was scolded by our finance officer for doing last min work and for doing work first and raising purchase report later which is totally illegal...

    In other news, HI bitches at Tr@d0c, seriously... there was a meeting on tuesday where someone mentioned a blog + warrant pay and i knew that they are talking about me. In case anyone of them was wondering who is the one talking about confi stuff, the 1st line should give u enuf proof who i am.

    Still gonna hide behind my computer though...

    On thursday, our chief of staff decided that he has no life... i was duty clerk on that day and as per protocol, i have to wait for him to go home, but in the end, fuck it.... 10.15pm and he is still at work, so i did what anyone will do at that situation, just off the lights and just fk it, esp since i seriously doubt that he will drive me all the way back to amk area....

    That's all folks, other than that, nth has happened...


    Hurray, new kamen rider should be out in a few days time [​IMG]
    mrfatso A few days ago, my mdm just told me that i have been promoted to LCP (Lance Corporal) rank, which means i get to have an additional 20 bucks to my current allowance... Hurray?? [​IMG]

    Anyway, so far, there hasnt been much stuff to talk about... I mean who wants to listen to a clerk talk about office life, it's boring ... You know it... I know it...

    Recent Events:

    - Learnt how to indent a commerical vehicle ( strange how even till now i am still learning things in the army, just when u think u learn them all....)
    - Our Sergeant Major has retired and now a new guy has taken over... (guess i see how it goes, if he's an anything guy, i return back to not polishing my boots)
    - Bought a new pair of shoe
    - Enjoyed my long weekend
    - Went home extra early today
    - Disappearing on sunday

    -Pretty much that's it i guess.

    Now, i am just hoping that my rank do get reflected and i get my backpay [​IMG]
    mrfatso This is confi info, but still, i believe that u guys should know about it.

    Every year, SAF has this event called the "Army Half-maranthon" and the "Army Donation Drive". Unfortunately, there is no such thing as donation in the army. Every year, NSF and Regulars are forced to contribute to the event by a one time salary reduction. For NSF, at the very least, 10 dollars will be deducted from their bank account. For regular, at the very least 50 dollars will be stolen away.

    There, now u know one more secret about the army, and unforunately, yes!! this is supposed to be something that has to be kept from the public. But _|_ ...

    This week, nothing much happened, i guess. It's the same old stuff.

    - 3 Star generals visiting our area.
    - Scott still AWOL
    - Playing maplestory
    - Giving away as many bundles as i can at a possible pricing.
    - Buying some steam games [​IMG]
    mrfatso Sorry guys about not posting about the previous week, but there just isnt much to type about, Exercise Tigerbalm was still ongoing and sorry guys but i have no bloody idea what the exercise is about, all i know is that, thanks to them, arghhh, I am Freezing over here!!


    ---Week 56---


    As usual, in camp, staring at space, waiting for the days to go on by.
    I guess the only thing extra was that we had to set up the event area for the generals tomorrow.

    Some generals came over for a visit, so we just prepared the guestbook for them to sign. They had a nibble before disappearing.

    My superior went on leave in the afternoon to attend to a court case dragged from the grave... Bleedy hell 09 case, 11 bring back....

    =====================Topic of the week=====================

    ---------------FYI (For your info)---------------
    For officer, their rank would be.
    2LT->LTA->CPT->MAJ->LTC->(Possible endpoint: SLTC)->COL->BG->MG->LG

    For Specialist:
    3SG->2SG->1SG->SSG->MSG->3WO->2WO->1WO-> (not sure about this) MWO -> SWO

    Today, there was an warrant officer or Enrick (malay for uncle) in the office and somehow along the way, we were talking about signing on aka joing the army and we were talking about the salary.

    He was telling me how signing on isnt as good as what they have been saying. He even gave me a list of why you should and shouldnt sign on.

    Sign on IF You are an officer

    Reason(s) being:

    Once you are a major. Your pay can't be found outside in the working world. It will be around $4000 or so. When you retired, you will have around half a mill to spend.

    For BG, their pay will be at least $9000 (if what i remember from the directive is right)

    You will be able to get men to help you with your task/responsibility.

    By the age of 30, officer will be desk-bounded, no need to go outfield.

    -------------What about specialist/warrant officers??----------

    SWO (the highest you can be....)
    Your pay will be less than 4000.
    When you retired, you will only have 100-120k to spend.
    Your task? Your job, Cant ask someone to help you out. They will just heckcare you...


    So, then why do you sign on??
    I asked the enrick and he told me, simple, because he didnt study well, so hard to find a job outside. For others or the current trend. People sign on just so that they can work and earn money to further their studies, once they have done that, they would have quit the service, after all, a spec just isnt worth it at all, you take forever to rank up, and even if you reach the max rank, your pay still suck, you cant do crap.

    Just so you know, my superior has been in service for 20 years and his pay is only $2400, not including tax and all. You tell me, if you really wish to have a job that pays only 2.4k and it comes with so many red tape and restriction and crap??? If you say yes, the singapore army wants you.

    I have no idea if this applies to other country military so, please just treat this with a pinch of salt with regards to other country.

    Gotten fk by my finance officer for being sotong. It's my fault anyway, my superior gave me this quotation and i just blindly placed it as a non-catalog item. In the time, i wasted some time checking out the catalog and ya, it's still a non-catalog item, but now with justification on why is that.

    Chased after a 2 month old purchase, thanks to my superior for raising that up... Anyway, according to the supplier, there was a problem with the system that placed their product as cheaper than it should be. So, instead of 15.50, it listed their product as 13.30, haha.

    Finally, settled on a 3 month old request, this one was in hitaus, mostly because previously i was unable to explain to my finance officer on why we have to buy this expensive projector compared to this projector that cost $1280. Our projector cost $1550 at that time.

    Finally after being lazy for so long and calling the company, i found out that they had an extra installation charge at $480 min.

    In that case, ours which has installation inside, it's cheaper overrall.


    Going to carry our MOS (Minister of State) stuff from office to his car. I refused to call him BG Tan, after all, he is now a minister, and not a general, after all....

    Do you see people calling each other Private John, Coporeal Jack, and _rank_ ___name___ on the streets? Heck NO!! So, why should he be given special treatment??

    ...upcoming events...

    Chasing for commander tradoc chair.. fk this is irritating.. and he only gave me 3 days to settle... fk!!!

    edit: Hmm, didnt know that the sales rep was on leave and no1 was taking over her... Kinda sad but at least she's back [​IMG] Gonna have to find some chair, but arghh, it's so expensive...

    Today was another slack day, in the end, the only extra thing that i did was to help my boss carry his stuff from Jurong Camp back to base, that's all.

    Also, fk... seems one of the retarded-ups decided that it's a good idea to waste a friday night visiting night safari. In the morning, we will be visiting old folks home which is fine, earn some karma while we are at it, but going to night safari, what for? It's dark and you cant see shit, so basically i will be wasting money going to an place to see glowing pair of eyes... If i want to do that, i just have to shine a torchlight beneath my chin will do... Waste my time... I think i will fall sick on that day.. #$%^&*


    Damn, i should have gone for the east coast run, then i can fall out from there... But as it stands, okay la, be in camp do nothing but read forums and slack around.. In the end, my mdm and boss are chasing me for the chair, arghh, so irritating lor... Find a nice nice chair for me at 530, dont want, say too expensive, but hello!! You think leather chair are that cheap ar??!! Basket, now i am trying to find a cheap chair for him, but damn sian lor

    Anyway, i guess only good news was that we were allowed to go home 1 hour earlier, so i managed to find some time and visit this ice cream shop that i saw in the paper. It's a small shop called "Frostbite" . Seems like this was the only shop that i have seen that sells premium popicle.

    They are quite expensive though, they cost either 2.50 or 3.50, but on the bright side, they are quite big [​IMG]


    You can read this person review on the place, it will probably do justice to this store [​IMG]
    mrfatso Week 52 & 53 missing.

    Mostly Week 52 is just too rage inducing for me to talk about. Basically in a nut-shell, the transport side are just hiding behind their standard operating procedures(SOP) and directive and telling me that i have to inform them 2 weeks in advance of any vehicle indent... Like hell i can predict the future .... Bastards.... So, now i cant do my job and as a result, a department is unable to function....

    Week 53, i was celebrating my birthday and just enjoying a nice Jim Carrey Movie [​IMG] Still, it feels like he has lost a bit of his touch. At least he is still making films [​IMG]

    Week 54....
    Nothing much to write about i guess? Yesterday a few of my friends and i went over to Sentosa, or more specifically to visit the Universal Studio Singapore. Pity though then when we were there, it started to rain, so instead, we just spend our time walking around and looking at the shops. I cant believe how much it has changed in 11 years.... Now, there's a casino and a theme park side by side... But still, damn are those places expensive.
    For singaporeans, just entering the casino and we would have started with a net loss of 100 bucks...
    For the theme park, entering it would have cost us 72 dollars..

    Anyway, i had a great time just looking at all the different restaurants and just soaking in the sights. It's been a while since i took up a tourist mentality, but still some of those price still frightened me away. Esp since some of those exhibits just doesnt look exciting enough to warrant a 10-20 dollars entry fee..
    Still, in the end, we just visited the candy store and purchase some candies [​IMG]
    and we ate in a few restuarants [​IMG]

    Had some xiao long bao and some duck cepe at Din Tai Fung(a chinese restaurant renowned for their xiao long bao)
    Here's a pic of the xiao long bao along with a plate of beancurd thing.
    and a pic of the duck [​IMG]

    Hope those of u guys reading this have a nice day [​IMG] Going to see harry potter final part 2 at night i guess.
    mrfatso Pretty much, the previous week, i was stuck in camp, going through CAT ( Combined Arms Term) . So, what did i do there? Pretty much, just physical education in the morning, followed by dialog sessions and end it with another sports games. This went on for 5 days. Well, it's true that thanks to them, i do have a better understanding of what those guys gone through but still... the course did left a sour taste in my mouth..

    After all, wouldnt u be feeling pissed or annoyed if someone just insulted your job, or in my case, my vocation and that someone just happened to be the COA (Chief of Army). Maybe i am just too sensitive to matters relating to money but basically he was asked a few questions, one of them was from one of my friends, asking why is it that, even though we have such a huge responsibility, we are still bounded by our IPPT requirement and why we cant be raised to our SGT rank on the spot??

    This ans was that basically in the army, we are just not that important, the important guys are the infantry, not the recces, not the medics, not the signallers but just the infantry and that's why those guys will be given their combat bonus and why they will be able to be promoted to SGT regardless of their PES status.

    Next, someone was asking if combatants are given risk bonus, why dont drivers get them as well, after all, getting into an accident is serious crap. Again, he gave the same answer..

    Basically, throughout the whole session with him, he's just doing what PAP do best... Talk without thinking... Of all the things he can learn from Singapore GOD, he had to learn that....

    Fine, but seriously? You as the chief of army and even you are looking down on us? The backbone of the army?? I guess we see if you will change your tune if we were in a war and OH LOOK... i am unable to process your request, so no food, no water, no ration, no tentage for you .... You want vehicles??? I am sorry, but since we are that unimportant to u, i guess you could always ask the combatants to just walk to their spot. Oh shit? you need intel on your enemies?? Sorry, i guess since we are not that important at all in the first place, we are just gonna let u do it... Ass...
    mrfatso The previous 4 weeks were kinda boring, nothing much happened i guess?

    Pretty much the usual stuff happened, order stuff, get threaten by my storeman, buy stuff, went out with a gal, the usual stuff..

    Well, 2 more weeks left before i have officially spent 1 year in the army [​IMG]

    For now, i have been forced to join this course to so-called get my sergeant promotion but i know as well as other people do, that us privates are not gonna get our promotion and this is gonna be just a waste of time, more of a reunion with our course mates than anything though.

    Pretty much, i wont get my upgraded paycheck because of the following reasons:

    1.) The mdm in charge is on maternally leave
    2.) Failed my physical test and i don't planned to give it another shot [​IMG]

    Pretty much, i am just playing dungeon siege 3 and duke nukem forever, and i guess i have to say, thank god i didnt buy them, not my cup of tea...

    Bought a few games. 2 for PC and 1 for my PS3. [​IMG]
    mrfatso ------------------
    -- Wednesday--

    HA!! I knew it... i always knew that that fked up storeman of mine will punch me one of these days, so u can imagine me not being surprised when he decided to threaten me and gave me a punch... Pfff, what a loser and he wants to be a nurse, pfff, if he can be a nurse, i can be prime minster of singapore...
    Not possible and for a totally different reason, for him, let's see now...
    What quality do nurse need?
    - Be Patient ?
    - Be kind ?
    - Willing to go the extra mile ?
    - Able to endure insults, after all, who's to say that they are in the right mind?
    - and etc
    ^ and is he able to fullfill even one of these? NO!

    From what i observed, he might go the extra mile but only for people that he like, for anyone else, to hell with u, he doesnt give a shit if you are god or LKY, pissed him off, and he probably let mr knife say hello to u.

    Other than that, life is still peaceful, our eraser has arrived and some dude asked me to order a book for him. At least now i know kinokoniya is one of our supplier [​IMG]


    Nothing much to do other than slack around till afternoon. After that, my boss is on vacation and i am free to just slack around [​IMG]