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    List of "Muh Systems"

    Going to be listing all of my consoles in a blog entry to later condense into a signature. No pictures cause I'm lazy.

    Sega Genesis

    Model 1 Genesis "High Definition Graphics" with no TMSS. Loaded with a knock off EverDrive MD.

    Sony PlayStation

    Early-ish model with all back ports and a mod chip.

    Nintendo 64 X2
    Basic black models. Daily driver loaded with an ED64Plus

    Sega Dreamcast X2
    Daily driver has a knock off GDEMU with 128GB SD card installed.

    Sony PlayStation 2

    Fat model with Free MCboot and 500GB HDD installed.

    Nintendo Gamecube X3
    1 Black later model with no digital port, 2 Silver both with digital ports, 1 silver has a matching GameBoy player attached.

    Microsoft Xbox X7
    My bread and butter console. Daily driver is a soft modded 1.6 with 300GB HDD installed. Got three other basic black consoles as well as 1 green, 1 crystal and 1 smoke black with a mod chip. All consoles have been modded, HDD keys nulled and clock caps removed.

    Sony Playstaion 3
    Daily Drive a soft modded late model fat with 500GB HDD. Have a launch 60GB Japanese fat that is modded as well as a early model slim that is also soft modded.

    Microsoft Xbox 360
    Gloss slim trinity model that has been RGH'd. 500GB HDD. Don't use it very much :\

    Nintendo Wii
    First model white Wii. It's a Wii...

    Nintendo Wii U X2
    One was an open box that has never been used. Daily driver is soft modded and has a 500GB external HDD and USB ethernet adapter attached. Both Wii U's are black 32GB models.

    Sony PlayStation TV
    Modded with a 128GB SD2Vita. Have a really nice DS4 with back button attachment to play it.

    Microsoft Xbox One
    500GB 1st model matte black. Has a 3TB external and 480GB SSD attached. As well as a USB Turtle Beach stream mic.

    Why not handhelds as well!

    Nintendo Gameboy Color
    Originally was a teal model swapped it for a Pokemon yellow bundle knock off case. Also have a yellow GB Boy Colour that has the EDGB in it at the moment that I won't add to this list as it is not an "official console".

    Nintendo Gameboy Advanced X2
    One basic clear purple that I use as a Gameboy player controller and second clear purple that I modded with a 101 screen, it is loaded with the EZ-Flash IV and a 32GB sd card.

    Nintendo DS(i) X3
    1 Silver fat DS that is beat up and only 1 speaker works, 1 black DS lite and a modded dark red DSi XL.

    PlayStation Portable
    1 2000 in black with a 32GB sd card adapter, 1X black 3000 with a stuck pixel on the bottom left and a purple 3000 with a broken UMD player.

    Nintendo 3DS(and 2DS)
    2DS has the super hard to find PDP trigger grip attached and the 3DS is a New 3DS XL with top IPS screen and Monster Hunter grip. both modded of course.

    Nintendo Switch
    Putting the Switch with the handhelds as that's what it is, Is a older grey joy-con model with 128GB sd card installed.

    Feel free to comment if you have any questions or want more details.
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    Opening My Skeleton Black Xbox

    Hello GBAtemp, I got super lucky recently and found a holy grail of Xbox.
    20200116_174851.jpg 20200116_174904.jpg
    Yes a Skeleton Black Xbox with its controller! Apparently this was sold as a special launch Xbox with only 10000 ever being sold. So what better to do then open her up and see what is inside?
    OOOooooOOoo Konichiwa! (someone already had opened this Xbox up before and broke the sticker)
    Yuck a Thompson DVD Drive!
    Yep she's a 1.0 look at the pretty GPU fan.
    20200116_215042.jpg 20200116_215056.jpg
    OH NO, the clock capacitor ran away when I opened her up. Always keep an eye on those buggers!
    Nice a modchip! This will help with not having to source a Japanese copy of Splinter Cell or similar.

    Well let's boot her up and see what we have to work with.

    What a cute theme.

    And finally I let it play with it's friends.
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