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    Looigi's Emulation Story

    So I'm sure none of you were wondering, but here's how I got into emulation. A story of your favorite cat, going from an incompitent fool, to a compooter nerd.
    The beginning:
    I grew up with a Wii and a DS Lite.
    One day when I was a younger and more annoying person, I was arguing with my dad (A very nostalgia-loving kitty) about which version of SM64 controlled better. (I thought the DS version was better, he thought the original was better. Keep in mind that this was back when I was still a stupid kid.)
    At that point, I hadn't ever played the original version. So he had me try it on the Wii's Virtual Console. That didn't work out, because his classic controller had drifting worse than some switch controllers after like 20 years. I mean, just selecting the game file was a huge challenge. So I searched online for a different way to play it, and saw some guide saying how to play SM64 on PC. So I got a potato laptop some time later (The CPU was less than 2 GHZ). And then the weirdest thing happened. A copy of SM64 just magically appeared on my laptop. Crazy, am I right?
    So then I got Project 64. I followed the guide in setting it up, and after awhile it worked! That guide also led to the discovery of the ROM hack Super Mario Star Road. It took me an extremely long time to get this working. Mostly because no guides specify that you're supposed to change certain settings for ROM hacks.
    But I figured it out eventually! I also stumbled upon some SM64 speedruns. And I gained a huge interest in speedrunning.
    Then there was just one last problem. I didn't have a controller. But I managed to get my hands on one a few months later because I wasn't willing to use a keyboard at the time.
    This was all because of a little disagreement between a stupid kid, and a guy who had actually played both versions.
    Not sure if I need to say, but I loved the original version so much better that I pretty much right away looked at the DS port as the inferior version (Controls wise)
    And after Star Road, I started finding a whole bunch of ROM hacks (Which didn't exactly used to be what they are now). And I played SM64 every single day for such a long time. I learned all of the hardest speedrun tricks, and I was still so young. (I can't do most of them anymore for some reason-)
    ...And then a whole mess of consoles:
    So after quite some time later, I was living with a Wii U, a 3DS, and still my Wii (But I never used it because the Wii U upscaled Wii games). The switch was coming soon, and I didn't realize how much I loved my Wii U at the time, so I sold it to be able to afford the upcoming Nintendo Switch. I regretted it, but I mean Breath of the Wild was cool. Then I didn't care about my switch again until Mario Odyssey came out. (I still played SM64 pretty much daily). But one day, I found a Wii U emulator: Cemu. At the time, it was on version 1.11.0, and I was amazed by the thought of having Super Mario 3D World and Breath of the Wild on my laptop. And I thought, "Well SM64 runs at full speed. Shouldn't Wii U games run pretty decent?" (Spoiler: ...No. Just no.) I still had my old lapto0p at the time. And guess what? After some time and many issues, I set up Breath of the Wild and launched it. It was just a wee bit slow. In fact, I had checked my clock at the end of the intro cutscene, Link was standing in the chamber, and it had only been a total of two hours! Isn't that just amazing? :3c
    I also discovered this website called GBAtemp. Ever heard of it? I kept making threads and asking questions that were more noob-ish than you could imagine.
    A little later, I found out about a brand new~ish emulator called Citra. Long story short, performance was downright terrible as well. But at this point I was just kind of humiliated that my laptop couldn't emulate the 3DS. Mostly because I knew the specs of an actual 3DS.
    Around that time, I had also found Dolphin. And I wanted to try this game I had hardly ever heard of my entire life. (Actually, I thought it was a Wii U game at first, and never even bothered to look into it. Then a long time later, I actually found out it was a gamecube game. So I tried Sunshine, and um... I mean, at least the cutscenes were fullspeed :D (...;-;)
    ... So that was when I decided to try and get a new laptop.
    Half a year later (or something like that), I had my new laptop. I didn't play SM64 for over a year after that. I started Mario Sunshine, and it worked perfectly! Cemu worked absolutely horrible (And it took me about 7 months to realize I just had to reinstall it. Good job me.) So I only really played emulated Gamecube and Wii games for awhile.
    But eventually Cemu did start working. And then I kind of only used that all the time. I didn't really start using dolphin again until a few weeks ago.
    Over time, I just kept having too many issues. So fixing them all, I started looking for their causes as well as their fixes. Naturally after that, I started getting a much better understanding of how emulators work. Now I can solve a majority of the issues myself. (But I'm still incompetent when it comes to emulating non-nintendo games)
    I feel as if I should start wrapping this up.
    In conclusion:
    1. If you get into emulation, be ready for the games to never run perfectly.
    And 2. SM64 controls way better than the DS port.
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    Rainbow time >:3


    (Next is my Xbox controller :tpi:)
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    Who is this Looigi? (≧∇≦)ノ

    Hiya people!
    For those who are interested. here's just more stuff about me and who I am :3
    Y'all already know I'm a cat.
    For starters: A lot of my friends think I'm a "Crazy cat lady without the lady part"
    Looking across my entire desk just now, I counted over 10 cat-related items XD

    And some more
    I currently live on the american West Coast, and some kid from the other side of the planet knows my own state better than I do. (I can't geography.exe)

    I'm male (at least for now ;p), at 5'9.

    I listen to a LOT of different kinds of music, but I don't like pop of any kind, and hip hop. I'm pretty picky with rap music. I rarely ever like it. I'm old -0- bleh X3

    You know how sometimes people in movies see something shiny and bright, and they can't stop staring at it/have to boop it? I'm one of those people :3
    This also happens anytime I see the moon. My brain kinda just dies and I stare at it for hours, or until someone makes me stop looking. It's really dangerous for me x~x

    Speaking of dangerous, I suffer from two mental sicknesses that don't exactly go too well together. The first one is Borderline Personality Disorder, also known as BSD. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Borderline_personality_disorder
    The second, bipolar depression. Which a lot of people seem to think is just on and off depression. (It isn't :P it's quite a bit more than that) Isn't that just FUN? {{{(>_<)}}}

    What else?

    My birthday is the 17 of August. I'm a Leo (star sign thingss)

    My favorite color is purple. Pretty much every color is my second favorite.

    And I love cold dark places.

    That's pretty much it for now ^^
    Thankiessss for reading!
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    So how’s Mr. Kitty been lately?

    Hewwo cuties, how are you? :3
    Anyway I’m just gonna be talking about how things have been for me lately. Including:
    •Aftermath of da fire
    •Sexuality (Lil surprise)
    •Things I just need to get out of my system
    •And a little bit more

    Let’s start off continuing my previous blog post about the fire :P
    I have a home now. I was somehow able to salvage quite a few things, and my doggos (again don’t ask why cats keep pet dogs) are okie!
    It’s the weirdest thing, when really bad things like that happen, I automatically stop feeling emotions for the next several days. It’s not depression though, it’s just my uhh strange brain.
    Enough on that :P just know that I’m alright.

    Another thing I want to talk about. I’m bisexual. I’m a special kitty ;P
    I needed to tell someone about that. And I think this is my only community that won’t judge me for it. Humans are cruel :(

    (Negativity warning)
    I just wanna help. But everyone wore me down so much. Now I don’t have the energy to help prevent suicide and spread happiness nearly as much as I used to. In fact I myself um...
    attempted it recently.
    I’m really ashamed. Disappointed in myself.
    But I didn’t because I couldn’t put my friends through that. I know how it felt because in the last year I’ve lost so many friends. And I feel like been my fault every single time.

    (Back to neutral/positive stuff! ^^)
    First things first, you guys have probably noticed that I’m on the temp way more now. I’m back from wherever I was! Woo!

    Y’all might know that I’m a VR speedrunner. But recently I actually really messed up my shoulder (cats have those right?) from doing it way too much. And I just uploaded my first VR video this week! ;O;
    So I’m trying to figure out how to fix that. Cuz honestly speedrunning is my passion, not just a hobby.

    And for those who were wondering why I’ve been asking a few Windows questions lately, I started having this problem where plugging in my headset would give me a Windows BSOD instantly. Turns out it was just from the new NVIDIA drivers -.- so I downgraded.
    And because I fixed it, I now don’t have an excuse to buy a new PC ;O;

    Last thing I wanna say today is that I’m planning on learning German :3
    Thanks to a few friends of mine, such as our amazing Alexander who can be found here on the temp.
    That’s all for now
    Byeeeee! <3
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    So I was sitting around playing with a ball of yarn or something, and then I went outside and saw some smoke in the distance.
    Fast forward a few hours
    My entire neighborhood burned down, and I have no cloth- uhh hats or food. Happy Halloween to me.
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    Suspicions about me?

    This isn’t exactly a real “blog post”, like AMA wasn’t. But if anyone has anything they want me to confirm or deny about myself, then ask. Don’t worry, I won’t get offended.
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    ‘‘Tis a sad day everyone

    As today, today’s the day I retire as a shitposter.
    I’m out of the game.

    However, I do still have the same jobs I do every single day:
    I prevent people from committing suicide,
    Develop games,
    Starting a YouTube channel,
    Con artist,
    Tech expert (but I don't know shit compared to people like BSOD about Cemu),
    I “adopted” like 40 people,
    I’m a professional Speedrunner,
    A public entertainer,
    Heavy weight lifter (I help people move stuff),
    I take care of people’s pools and aquariums,
    I help faint hearted people with pets,
    I’m raising wonderful garlic bread family,
    I’m active in 22 discord servers,
    And I’m a hacker,
    Plus a retired pirate,
    Virtual Therapist,
    Meme machine,
    And novice actor

    I had a lot of fun being a shitposter, but it’s probably for the best :)
    That’s all for today, folks
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    Amazing art, the most beautiful I’ve ever seen

    I’m keeping this forever:
    It’s a GIF, but it doesn’t work here for some reason
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    Ask me anything you want :)
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    So I’m having my friend draw on cat pictures for me...

    And I sent her a selfie at some point. She then did this:
    Whaddaya think?
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    Full Face reveal

    I know y’all only see me with my hat on all the time, so I thought I’d do me without the hat. Don’t get too turned on by my cat ears, now
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    So, my laptop battery

    I was letting the battery drain because I always have it plugged in 24/7, and I got it down to about 22%
    Then my laptop turned off automatically again to save power. But I turned it on again, and now it says it’s stuck at 100%
    Keep in mind I didn’t charge it again
    So, I think I fucked my battery. Probably time to start looking for a new one
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    Bye bye 3DS D:

    My beautiful baby...
    But not in a weird way
    Anyway, this 3DS was a huge milestone for me, my first homebrewed console. I have to start everything all over again, because I screwed up the system majorly by doing nothing. This is why you back up your entire SD card kids.
    For some reason I never learn my lesson with this stuff
    Anyway, while I was formatting my card and stuff, it brought back a lot of memories. I remembered the countless hours of hard work I put into it, the days I spent waiting impatiently to get Captain Toad Treasure Tracker 3DS. And the day it came out, I realized it actually came out next month... I was so pissed :rofl:
    Anyway, I’m starting everything all over. Except for my cartridge games
    See y’all next time
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    Being a happier person ^^

    So, this is the sequel or something to my earlier blog post: Trying to be a happier person. The difference here is that this one is actually positive and not a train wreck :)
    We’ll just be going over a few things that changed since then.
    When I first joined GBAtemp, I was a loser. A shitposter. Then all of those unfortunate things happened, and I started being nicer and happier all the time.
    Now that I’m all nice and such, I’m constantly making hundreds of new friends, and they all love me :D
    But the only problem is I’m now on suicide watch, as in I’m watching them, as a lot of my friends are suicidal people for no reason. Without me, they’d be gone :)
    I’m also apparently an idol to some now, people respect me, look up to me, and want to be like me.
    It’s nice, doing all these great things. And i never ask for anything in return.
    I’m also the leader of a squad now, a squad full of idiots with a steel bond :D
    Being a good person was one of the best decisions I ever made, and perhaps some of you should try it :D
    In other news, my back has also gotten a lot better. In fact, quite a few issues that were plaguing me before are now far less of a problem.
    All in all, life is much better ^^
    And I hope y’all have a great day
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    I found my twin :D

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