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    My beautiful baby...
    But not in a weird way
    Anyway, this 3DS was a huge milestone for me, my first homebrewed console. I have to start everything all over again, because I screwed up the system majorly by doing nothing. This is why you back up your entire SD card kids.
    For some reason I never learn my lesson with this stuff
    Anyway, while I was formatting my card and stuff, it brought back a lot of memories. I remembered the countless hours of hard work I put into it, the days I spent waiting impatiently to get Captain Toad Treasure Tracker 3DS. And the day it came out, I realized it actually came out next month... I was so pissed :rofl:
    Anyway, I’m starting everything all over. Except for my cartridge games
    See y’all next time
    Mr. Looigi So, this is the sequel or something to my earlier blog post: Trying to be a happier person. The difference here is that this one is actually positive and not a train wreck :)
    We’ll just be going over a few things that changed since then.
    When I first joined GBAtemp, I was a loser. A shitposter. Then all of those unfortunate things happened, and I started being nicer and happier all the time.
    Now that I’m all nice and such, I’m constantly making hundreds of new friends, and they all love me :D
    But the only problem is I’m now on suicide watch, as in I’m watching them, as a lot of my friends are suicidal people for no reason. Without me, they’d be gone :)
    I’m also apparently an idol to some now, people respect me, look up to me, and want to be like me.
    It’s nice, doing all these great things. And i never ask for anything in return.
    I’m also the leader of a squad now, a squad full of idiots with a steel bond :D
    Being a good person was one of the best decisions I ever made, and perhaps some of you should try it :D
    In other news, my back has also gotten a lot better. In fact, quite a few issues that were plaguing me before are now far less of a problem.
    All in all, life is much better ^^
    And I hope y’all have a great day
    Mr. Looigi 3B3F985D-D8B3-49A6-AC1E-F6D90B89CB7A.
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    Mr. Looigi So... I just cleaned out my fan (I know what I’m doing, it’s not the first time), and the fan blades shattered. Luckily, it’s been less than a year since I got my laptop, and I do have a warranty. But I’m guessing it’s best that I don’t even turn it on without a cooling system. And to think, just yesterday I made a few very important friends. I’m not going to explain what that means, but uhh yeah I guess I’m revisiting my Nintendo consoles until I get a replacement :)
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    Mr. Looigi I used to have extreme anger issues due to everyone I met growing up, so I abandoned them all and life was way better for the longest time. Then, I rescued a dog, (Don’t ask why cats adopt dogs) she’s the greatest pet I’ve ever had. So I rescued another one. One day (very recently, about a week or two ago), I unfortunately had to get rid of him for legal issues, but I still have the first dog at least :)
    The day after, my neighbor that I was closest to, died. I knew him for years, he had drinking problems which gave him cancer, but he had just quit. Soon after, I met two different people who were so nice that they turned my life around. They helped me realize how great it is to be nice and happy. And then I met someone new, I was captivated by her beauty, but I slowly realized we’re not meant to be. Due to all the events that had happened in a period of a few days, I started having a slow onset of insanity, and my happiness is slowly wearing away as I realize I can never find true love or have an unbreakable friendship bond. All I’ve ever wanted was to help people, but no one ever wanted help (even though they clearly needed it)
    I thought my purpose in life was to help people, but that purpose, that dream as a matter of fact, is completely false. I’ve never truly helped anyone in a way that would change the world, and I’m now probably depressed. But as I was watching those two special people interact with others, I realized something everyone should figure out themselves.
    Well, that’s it, folks (:

    I left out a few things that happened and a bunch of details, because I didn’t want to bore you. I wanted to make an actual blog post to see what it’s like. I’d like to thank you if you’re still reading this. Sorry if you started crying reading this, just know that I’m fine at the moment, and I hope you all are, too
    Until next time
    Mr. Looigi AC6AEA15-B256-44D2-80D4-B75712173135. I want to know if you guys have noticed anything different about me ever since I was new, because I haven’t. Also, I don’t mean things like my name change, (no one shall mention my old username) nothing profile related, just changes in my posts overall. I’m definitely over explaining this so I’ll shut up now.
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    Mr. Looigi I don’t know...
    Mr. Looigi Hello :3
    So I was wondering, does anyone actually know my real first name? Obviously, my last name is Looigi (tee hee) and everyone knows I’m a cat, so guess cat names
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    Mr. Looigi not sure if I already made this thread, but what do you think about me as a kitt- erm, a user?
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