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    moriczgergo When I launched amibac, I was thinking that people will need help using it because the kind-of-complicated usage, so I was mentally preparing for the launch. But... everyone kinda got the hang of it. There were a lot less problems that I was expecting. I was suprised with myself that I didn't mess up the whole launch. In fact, I was suprised with how less I messed up. And... that was frustrating.

    I was happy. But also I was so angry. I was angry for myself for not going for a beautiful UI from the beginning. I was angry that I put out a piece of shit for people to use. And I was angry that I wasn't as much frustrated that I thought I would be. I was angry at myself for underestimating my capabalities. And I was angry at myself for not pushing for the best.

    But I'm glad that I released amibac. If amibac wouldn't have been released, ami2 would have never existed, and wouldn't be in such a good state as it is (at least in development).
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