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    You've Got Mail!

    (parts got wildly censored by evil staff. send your complains to the admins!)

    Anyway, I'm quitting work tomorrow. I was gonna hold out for another week or so, but I really can't take customers anymore. Every last one of those loathsome creatures (OK, maybe not all of 'em. Some of 'em are actually pretty nice...but the vast majority...), can go burn in hell. "Oh, I charged you 0.00 for a magazine that we ran out of that I'm required to scan anyway, lest I listen to my RSD bitch and moan for an hour? Sorry! Let me just undo that. Your total's the same, asswipe."

    I was supposed to quit three weeks ago. My manager kept asking me to stay, and as a favor to him, being indebted to him for hiring me a year ago, I obliged. Many times. Not to mention the many hours that I've left him clocked in while he was gone. Not to mention the duties of his that I've done, the hours I've worked unpaid, the disgruntled customers I've had to deal with because he, for some inexplicable reason, can't give correct information about refunds or products to the customers. I've paid my dues, in my opinion. I owe him nothing anymore, and he's known for a long time that I've been wanting to quit.


    Away from that, I've been reading (and completed) this really amazing book, The Stories of Ibis. While I certainly don't agree with much of the overlying messages, it's definitely a unique perspective in what a man is. What our responsibilities are. What separates one life-form from another, and what life really is. I don't mean to give anything away, so with brevity I'll describe what the book is about. In a seemingly not-so-bright future, man-kind has dwindled to around 25-million globally, across scattered camps, while robots rule in large areas, seemingly non-violently. A storyteller is captured by one of the robots and is "forced" to listen to the stories that one robot, Ibis, has to tell, all being complete fiction at the storyteller's request, not wanting to be subject to "robot propaganda". It's roughly 420 pages, and is definitely monkat-approved.

    Been replaying Persona 3 Portable, grinding a lot more this time, because last time I just kept getting my ass handed to me for seemingly no reason. Now, I feel completely overleveled. Still a good game over-all, though. Much better than "3rd Birthday", that piece of crap. I can't progress in the game because I need to wait for a body to transfer into, but he doesn't appear until I'm dead. Fantastic.



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    Large Male Organ


    ...long time no blog. While I'm logged in (see the Shitake thread in the eof as for why), I figured I'd give you guys a head's up with my life, since I know you all love it OH SO MUCH. (even though you've seen me on that horrid and terrible podcast that Terminator02 does....)

    For those that don't know, I was accepted into my uni. I'm moving in less than a month :O! Quitting my job...in about two weeks. Can't wait! In fact, I was supposed to quit like...today....but my manager requested that I stay until the end of the month because that's when the new guy can start, and being the nice guy I am, I said OK.

    ....everything else is the same, to be honest. My life is still a pile of work. Playing Tales of Innocence. Waiting for Solatorobo. I love Other M. Planning to import Xenoblade.

    Follow me on twitter! @anfilfriff

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    Monkat Hates Sales


    Also, let me tell you an adorable story to compensate for such a boring video.

    My girlfriend was playing New Super Mario Bros. (DS), and it was her first Mario game.

    I told her that she should get all the mushrooms.

    A minute later, she yells at me about how I lied to her, and she keeps dying. I ask what mushrooms she's been grabbing that are bad. She responds, "The brown ones!"

    Confused, I look at the screen - she's been running into goombas.

    Anyway, it turns out that Goombas actually ARE fungi....so, yeah.
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    If you strike monkat down...

    ....he will return more powerful than you could possibly imagine!

    ...but 4srs, was suspended for a day. Really messed up my 'open-new-tabs-rapidly' thing, but it wasn't bad.

    In other news, I'm sick. Feel like death.

    Nausea, light-headedness, headache, diarrhea, fatigue, insomnia, yeah. Hopefully I'll have tomorrow/today/whatever.your.time.zone.says off.


    Best blog evar.
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    Monkat Angry (VLOG)



    NOTE: I have not listened to this after recording it, so I have no idea how diva-ish this sounds.

    On another note, I did get an email back after recording this, and my professor is allowing me one week to take the exam, since I emailed him beforehand.
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    Best. Title. Ever.

    So, I was in pain this morning. For the first three or so hours of me being awake this morning, I was in so much pain, it was crazy. I vomited, I had a fever, I was in pain --- it was kidney stones. Again.

    Luckily, I had some Vicodin (hydrocodone APAP 5/100 in this case) left over. I took two pills, and I did not feel a difference at all, and took a nausea pill with it. I also took a tylenol as well (I know, I know - way too much acetimenophen, whatever.), since I had a fever, and didn't realize that it was just one active ingredient for removing fever and pain...which was in the vicodin :P

    So for a while I was so bad.

    Then they kicked in. And I feel like this entire day was a dream. It's fucking weird.

    Then I played minecraft. That game is so much more fun now that I know what I'm doing.
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    Monkat's Time Off Is Nice

    Third day off in a row.

    I haven't had this since ... I got my job.

    Granted, one of those days was five hours of class, but still.

    Just kinda derped the whole day. Decided to wipe my laptop and install Fedora. Previously, I was running Kubuntu, but the thing is so damn buggy, really. I've been meaning to do this for a while actually, it's just that Ubuntu comes packed with broadcom-wl, whereas Fedora doesn't even have it in the official repos. Which, of course, creates a few problems. Luckily, I can tether my phone, so problem solved.

    Also, I've decided that I'm going to try and wean off using the closed-protocol that Skype uses. I'll still be on Skype for a while, but if anyone wants to talk to me, you'll always be able to reach me at [email protected] That's compatible with any XMPP IM Messenger. (Jabber, Google Talk, I believe Yahoo also uses it now). For voice chat, I'm also considering using Ekiga. There is a Windows client, and a few OS/X clients also support the protocol.

    We'll see.

    In other news, my everything is sore. I went to the gym yesterday, for the first time since like....December, and wow. I can't sit up without using my arms.

    So yeah. There you go.

    Penis. I think I'm going to add "Monkat" to the title of all of my blogs from now on.
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    Monkat, Monkat, Monkat

    Hey peeps.


    So I got today off, and I get tomorrow off because I have already hit my maximum hours limit at work.

    I had my long class today, so it didn't really feel like a day off, but you know how that goes. Speaking of which, I had my first organic chemistry exam. I thought it went really well, honestly.

    Then I get home. Everything is dandy, until now. My landlord's wife is throwing a shit-storm right now because the tenants' bathroom isn't cleanly enough for her liking. I just cleaned it on Monday. With bleach. All of the hair, dirt, shit, toothpaste, piss, etc. is gone. All of it. The only thing that I didn't do was take out the trash (which, as a side-note, I didn't contribute at all to filling), because it is way over the top of the bag, and I have no bags available to empty the top into.

    Honestly, not sure what she wants. The bathroom is used exclusively by three busy men. This is the cleanest it has been in months.

    Go to hell.

    EDIT: Added pictures of the bathroom.

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    Monkat Made A Vlog

    WOAH NO WAY!!!!


    ALSO: trying out the new youtube taags.
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    Video Web Log!


    Anyway, off the topic of the video, I think that after so much time, I'm finally starting to understand and appreciate how great of a man my father was, and that looking in the mirror, I'm a lot like him. Frankly, I'm proud to wear that badge, but at the same time, I vow to surpass him.

    Also, my YouTube account has just been approved for videos longer than 15min. Yay.
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    Long, long work day.

    I get a text at 8am telling me to open the store (at 10am). My manager is lucky as all hell that I was woken up by the text.

    I get to work, there's a note.

    "Sweep & Mop, go to the bank, change some light bulbs, and unload the shipment."

    That doesn't sound so bad, but a shipment is 50-60 boxes with a rough average of 20 product each.

    He forgot to mention that he didn't make a cycle count sheet, make a deposit envelope, or fill out any of the paperwork that he was supposed to yesterday.

    So I got to do it today.

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    The Monkast 5: International Edition

    Tonight joining me are the returning geoflcl, our musical [m]Ace Faith[/m], and the Awesome Aussie, Coreyfrog7! Enjoy our random rants and delicious deserts! Wait, there's no deserts...

    Geo and Ace really love grapefruits, though. Freaks.

    Download: Here
    RSS Feed: Subscribe

    Feeds should be updated within an hour or so of this post. Maybe sooner.

    Bah. Well, anyway, if I can't show my sexy bod, I'll just say that Twiffles made the awesome album art! So awesome! [m]Ace Faith[/m] is responsible for the intro and outro themes.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE: Send in emails to [email protected] !
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    Hyenas and Stuff

    First off. Hyenas. I found out quite a few interesting things, and had some queries that I would like resolved. You can find them below.

    So, apparently, female hyenas have clitorises (plural? never used it before...clitori?) so large, that they are often called psuedo-penises, and their vulvas are joined and filled with fatty tissue that resemble a scrotum....with balls, of course. They can also, like males, erect their organ at will.

    They also tend to have more testosterone than the males, and are often larger.

    So. How is the lesbian sex?

    Also, if a female furry was really into hyenas, would she wear a strap-on over her costume?

    Anyway. Monkast tomorrow - I have no guests lined up, and no questions received. Oh well, I guess. I'll throw somethin' together.

    Katsucon. Anime convention. Might be going.

    Need Gurren Lagann models. If anyone wants to buy them for me, I'm more than willing to accept them.


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    U Jelly?

    Ya. U jelly. Video is horrible quality for several reasons. Give me a break. Pics below.









    Yeah. You got it right, bitches. You are all nothing compared to me.
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    Gagaga Gagaga GAOGAIGAR

    God damn that song is catchy.

    Anyway, I'm happy - the snow is finally melting - it took me forever to get to work yesterday...

    In other news, volume 5 of Gurren Lagann (manga) arrived! ...but I still don't have volumes 3 or 4. :cry: Such torture...

    In case you guys didn't read it under the video in my blog post, my girlfriend and I may be going to Katsucon 2011 this February.

    ..Yeah. Don't have much to say.