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    I have got few of the emails claiming that he knows my password at time of the hack hehe because the password is old and claim they recorded me while watching porn or whatever and they will send the video to my family if I didnt pay hehe.

    I dont and never used webcam on pc and it is very difficult to access phones cameras right? Hehe

    I found it in the junk folder on my gmail.

    did any of you get these email before?
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    Jealous gamer

    Are you a jealous gamer ?

    let say that you are an rpg player your whole life and your friends play different types of games but someday ..... a dam game named super smash ultimate made your friend interested in a character of your rpg game ..... he bought it and finished it better and before you ...... even though you call your self rpg expert.

    would you get mad ?
    would like to finish your games before your friends?
    Are you mad because he got more trophies than you ?

    that game should have been yours only, so would you give him tips or make it harder for him ? Hehe
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    No Connections


    My name is Mohammed and i am 30 years old from Kuwait. I have social anxiety, stammering and high level of shyness. I never comfortable around people, I feel that I don’t belong in the place i am in.

    unfortunately my parents don’t have friends too so being at home in the house playing games and being safe is very normal to them so they didn’t fix me. I also feel that i gained Zero social skills due to this.

    they thought that over time and after being a teenager i would change, well I didn’t.

    I never made friends at school because I am shy and I stammer so I didn’t talk to anyone.

    I thought that everybody else is perfect so I want to be one, how?

    by becoming 1 perfect frame ..... which is silents (no talking) (photo)

    However sometimes I want to be a friend but I feel that I cant connect with anyone.